The Equalizer – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington, Marton Csokas, Chloë Grace Moretz, David Harbour, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo. Directed by Antoine Fuqua.

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Alex Rodriguez says:

That intro fucking killed me LMAO

Angry Brazilian Fanboy says:

Damn Chris, your impression of Denzel is spot on. You looked just
like him at one point. 

Icebears4ever says:

I really hated this movie, I thought it was one of the worst movies off
2014. I’m really sorry, but it has such a poor storyline, incredibly much
unnecessary violent and just another step towards Denzel Washington’s end.
Why are people praising him for this role? It’s funny that his fans haven’t
seen The Great Debaters, Flight, Inside Man, Glory and American Gangster.
They’ve just seen the bad films he’s in (which Denzel even admits are bad
films, like The Book of Eli, Safe House and more). 

JWUniverse says:

Awesome review Chris. I loved this movie so much fun and entertaining
action Denzel’s great as usual. A+

neske7 says:

The Equalizer very shitty movie was very good til the third and then it
became rambo which is bad

clo hussle says:

i liked this movie…. very entertaining…. 

D Vass says:

If they ever decide to adapt Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns into
live action, they should get Chloe Grace Moretz to play Carrie Kelley
because I honestly can’t picture anyone else playing that role.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Sharath SH says:

This movie clearly deserved B+ or A-… Well, for one thing, It’s Denzel…
He can make a boring character into a very interesting one… The whole
hunting the mafia thing was awesome… Only problem was that there were
some unnecessary scenes.. But overall, this movie was very enjoyable.

GarioTheRock says:

This was such a bad movie…

Miguel Simpson says:

I liked the movie for fun and Washington is fantastic (as always…), of
course is nothing really different and the movie has a lot of holes but
overall, just like you said, it’s watchable…

nana nao says:

I wanted to watch your review to solidify my opinion of you as a shitty
reviewer. Unfortunately, my opinion of you as a shitty reviewer is now
solidified. You are completely negative person. No matter how a movie is
good, you will always find a way to bash it. It’s like it hurts you to
praise a good movie. I knew that reviewers have to talk about the good and
the bad things in movies, but you took this to a completely another level.
Your negativities always completely outweighs the positivities of the
movies you review. The best reviewer is “beyond the trailer” you and
“JeremyJahns” are the worst reviewers ever. You come up with extremely
stupid ideas and you both are extremely old fashioned.

Camden1313 says:

I finally saw The Equalizer tonight. Absolutely loved it, although I did
feel this script could easily have been handed over to Liam Neeson and no
one would have bat an eyelid. So I feel the role is replaceable that way.
Having said that I’m incredibly glad it was Denzel Washington, because to
be honest I’m getting sick of Liam Neeson’s Taken # 124 type roles, despite
my fondness for him.

BD Concert Videos says:

I felt u underrated the movie a bit. its an easy B

JoL™ says:

The scene when he stops his stopwatch and you get to see the time for the
second time…the time stops at 5:17’44 which is a Gene ID: 51744 for CD244
molecule, natural killer cell receptor

Tamer Han says:

I didn’t enjoy this film very much. Although I like Denzel Washington, I’m
starting to see the same character in almost all of his films. Also, it
seems to me that this film should have been included in your ‘The problems
with Action Movies’ video. The scene with the bad guys tattoo seemed too
much like the one in Eastern Promises. Plus the good guy helping the poor
little girl is also too cliche. 

Alan Bilbao says:

I really liked the violence in this movie. I could have done with more of
it. Too many sideplots? Completely agree. I didn’t give a shit about his
friend who wanted to be a security guard, I wanted to see more of Denzel’s
character interacting with Chloe Moretz’s character. I liked the Bill
Pullman and Melissa Leo scene, but I wish it had come sooner. Also the main
villain disappointed me. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by The Raid or something,
but after seeing him beat a guy to death early in the film I wanted to see
him go one on one with Denzel’s character. I thought that’s what it was
building up to, but alas it wasn’t. So I walked away disappointed. Overall
its not bad, but its not as good as other action movies like John Wick or
The Raid. 

Cowboy DEE says:

A- great movie very good directing so Chris a crazy stunt driver made more
sense then a man who obviously was a ex spy or military smh and from the
looks of it he good at whatever one it was foh Chris you and pmi are really
close to getting unfollowed 

Jaren C says:

The characters do tie in. And it might be because of the tv show where the
equalizer helps different people so that’s what Denzel’s character does. I
think the characters tie in not only because they know Denzel but because
all of the bad guys are in the same circles so Denzel basically has to take
down the very core of it if he wants all of that crime ring to end. And he
probably doesn’t know any other way to get the job done than to be quick
and not just tote a gun the whole time. I think it gets an A. The Equalizer
and John Wick were my favorites for 2014.

Tristan Tully says:

Flavor of the week action flick. Honestly just not a good movie, even with
Denzel. Girl gets BEAT UP…..time to blow up an oil rig and destroy a sex
trafficking ring from the inside out. C’mon guys. Forgettable, unjustified
and unnecessary action, and actually kind of stupid. Sorry to wreck your
guys fun. Go watch a good movie like Training Day. Not this trash!!!

Radu Blanc says:

And Antoine fuqua needs to stop copy from the professional with Jean reno ,
natalie portman and Gary oldman nobody cant touch that masterpiece

Sam says:

Denzel Washington as black Lex Luthor.

MaffmanJones says:

Bill Pullman got so old! 

Haris Karvounis says:

this movie is epic and one of my top 10
seriusly what b-
im am desapointed

Christian Koch says:

unnecessary movie violence does not exist:-)

brooksdanielgary says:

The movie is 10 times better if you interperet Denzel’s character as a
spirit of vengeance a la The Pale Rider (staring Clint Eastwood in an
homage to the movie Shane) or DC’s the Spectre..

Victor Cortez says:

I liked this movie :) And Drive is overrated

Everybody Hates Us says:

Chris what’s better taken or the equalizer

Logan Roberts says:

holy crap!!! u hung out with all those people in la?!?!?! WHO THE FUCK R
THEY!!!!???? dont answer that…..but i like ur videos, i guess that
counts as something……i just got done with a week long vacation hanging
out with peter, mark, vanessa, hannah, marcus, frank, tina, brittany,
beetlejuice, high pitch eric, stuttering jon, jack, pedro, lisa, and gonzo.

Legaciez says:

I thought this deserved a B+ or an A-. You should watch it again and
reconsider Chris!

zdenk999 says:

first review where I dont agree with you , I think it shoud have a higher


There was nothing sane about the violence in Drive. It was just frickin’
stupid and unnecessary. I mean, the elevator scene….wtf?! The Equalizer
on the other hand, had every reason for the insane violence and you’re
talking about how nothing about Denzel’s past in the film comes to the
forefront….Sounds a lot like Ryan Gosling’s character in drive to me.

Lion Heart says:

The movie was awesome and would certainly get into my list of all time
class action movies. Not really sure what made you to give it a B- , A
brilliant actor , awesome pace , excellent dialogues , mind blowing action
and indisputable camera work.. what more you want. Also, personally I did
not expect you using the P word for the young lady who acted in the movie
opposite Denzel , i would rather use the word forced sex worker. 

Alex Langer says:

1:00 to skip bullshit 

Bradley J. Timm says:

I suppose this would make a Saturday night rental, much like that runaway
train movie…. what was that again? Oh yeah Unstoppable. 

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