The Boy Next Door movie review

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A super hot teacher screws a 20 year old High School student…then we get a sloppier version of “Fatal Attraction”. Woof! Jeremy reviews “The Boy Next Door”!

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Luke Pike says:

Honestly, I’ve never heard ANYTHING about this movie until 4 minutes ago.
Can’t believe you watched this, Jeremy. Haha

ShinbrigTV says:

Jeremy prepare yourself, there’s going to be a Michael Bay produced movie
the last week of January I believe. May God protect you and your sanity. 

Zer01 says:

Let me guess the ending. The stalker dies? 

lethallady says:

I could already tell how he felt about this movie by the thumbnail :D

Signore Betancourt says:

Somehow I don’t consider Jennifer Lopez that attractive. I guess she’s just
not my type.

Mariah Macklin says:

“Hey you wanna come over and help me cook a turkey?”
Am I the only one who laughed really hard at that.
Did he seriously say that in the movie

Jake Mitchell says:

You ever see a trailer or commercials for a movie and tell yourself, “yeah
that movie is gonna suck.” That’s what I said about The Boy Next Door, and
I was right.

Kyle Williams says:

From the words of Nostalgia Critic, and me just looking at the trailer, I
can tell this was a “FETISH MOVIE”.

ArdentFilmGeek says:

Fear!! Marky Mark as a psycho. “Hey whatcha doin over there, wanna come
over and we could watch Transformers or somethin?” (in John Flickter’s

Paul Allen says:

God dammit…this is one of those “my gf wants to see it and if I want her
to come see all the amazing shit coming out this summer with me i have to
see it” movies.

Last year it was Malevolence and….Tammy. Looks like another year of
paying top dollar for hollywood to rape all my senses.

watvid1 says:

I thought you’d say “not worth seeing” or something then you go dogshit…
I just lost it! Lmao. Been subscribed a long time, never seen that rating
before. Really must be dogshit 

Mizzah Tee says:

“Run folks… run for thy Life.” LOL.

dragonfly6908 says:

I think some film critics can be biased. So what if the critics don’t like
“The Boy Next door”, Jennifer wasn’t aiming to make some multi Oscar
winning film. What some film critics fail to recognise is that sometimes
people just want to be entertained when they go to the Cinema. I remember
when the film critics raved about “Lord of the rings” and i went to the
Cinema to see it and i was bored out of my mind watching it.

JeremyJahns says:
Lightspeed says:

If they showed skin would you rate it better or worse? 

Luke 'Firestorm' S-C says:

The best January movie I’ve ever seen is Big Hero 6. I know it came out in
October or something, but that was in the US, the UK (where I live) got it
in January.

TheNightshade43 says:

I like the Prom Night remake *dodges projectiles*.
I know it’s not good, but the actor who played the killer really did a good
job I think. The guy’s zealous conviction to get the girl creeped me out
and fascinated me at the same time. I’m a sucker for stalker type villains
because many of them think they’re in love, and their determination makes
me almost feel bad for them. Of course what they’re doing is wrong and the
victim needs as much help as they can get, so I don’t believe the stalker
should get what they want.
I haven’t heard of Boy Next Door, but it sounds like a lazy movie.
Why couldn’t the guy be the one hassled by the teacher? I’ve met a few
disabled guys who were stalked and groped by a teacher; that prospect would
make a great movie if handled carefully, and it hopefully get rid of the
“she’s hot, what, are you a fag?” belief guys seem to have.

Anthony Wayner says:

This sounds so bad it might be funny.

hunterkiller1440 says:

The title already sounds like a porno. But from Jeremy’s review, this is a
porno, with all the shitty writing, crappy dialogues, horrible editing, and
minus the tits.

Lisa Galarza says:

What did u expect? Like, seriously?! I can’t believe you even bothered
watching this crap! Lol Just from the trailers I could tell you it was
dogshit, that, and J Lo is always in crappy-ass movies.

(She’s THAT hot…??? Really? Hmmm. Maybe it’s cuz I’m a girl, but I just
don’t see it. Guess she has a nice body, idk. Always thought she looked
kinda avarage. ) :/


A lot of the reason I went to this movie was because I was hoping to see
Jennifer Lopez naked, and just as you said, we don’t. If the movie was
PG-13, I wouldn’t be expecting it, but it was R, and they tricked us. I’m
mad at you J-Lo!

Animerick: The Fluffy Reviewer says:

For some reason I always love FEAR with Mark Wahlberg I just like that
movie so I guess favorite Stalker movie would be FEAR

greekfreak1980 says:

So to sum up,they wanted to make a reverse version of ”Fatal
Attraction”,where the guy is the psycho stalker but forgot to hire good
actors,a director and have a decent script,plus JLO doesn’t take her
clothes off.

Shanoriya Robinson says:

Hahha I’ve never seen you rate a movie dogshit but I believe u

Gabriel Clark says:

Do you think a Five nights at Freddys’ movie could be real scary if done
right or be b.s. with jump scares and who do you think should star in it, I
would like to see Dane DeHaan in FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS’ 2 since thats
really the first game, and i would like to see Jared Leto in main FIVE

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