The Boy Next Door – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Boy Next Door, starring Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Guzman, John Corbett, Ian Nelson, Kristin Chenoweth. Directed by Rob Cohen.


Evan Paluch says:

The girl next door is better. 

ShinbrigTV says:

The Boy Next Door sounds like a porn parody. 

RCurtis777 says:

In the words of Jeremy jahns. “The boy next door is……. DOGSHIT 

Juan Perez says:

Hey Chris, can you review A Clockwork Orange someday, I’d like to hear your
thoughts on it.

kurvos says:

+Chris Stuckmann I’d just like to correct a common misconception you seem
to share with people. The guy in this movie isn’t a psychopath, but a
sociopath. A psychopath is incapable of being this structured and plan
things so well out to be specifically targeted at fucking up a person’s
A sociopath is just incapable of connecting to how humans work, and finds
it fun and fascinating to play around with human emotions and don’t mind
them suffering because of it. Psychopaths and sociopaths share many
similarities though, but there are differences between the two.

Super Saiyan God Jared - The Dragon Ball Z Collector (And Other Anime) says:

if i could go back in time i’d tell myself to go to college after high
school and not wait for 5 years. and to do well (which i am) so I won’t be
living at home without a job and car at 27 years old.

XRJ92 says:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this junk made 20 million this weekend.

BBR1394 says:

I thought J-Lo only picked quality scripts, considering she did that
masterpiece Gigli. xD

Nexus2Eden says:

…and yet every female reviewer who got wet between the legs watching the
hunky guy from Step Up 2 thinks this movie is awesome. lol

Transformersguy1000 says:

Rob Cohen is a awful director. I was very happy with the first 2 Mummy
movies. And then he ruined Tomb of The Dragon Emperor!! The Mummy films
could have been a great trilogy, but the studio (bleep)ed up by hiring this
I haven’t seen the 1st Fast And The Furious fully so I can’t judge him on
that. Though I heard it’s pretty good.
XXX from what I saw was really cheesy.
Heard Alex Cross & Stealth were complete messes. So never saw those.
Only redeemable film he’s made is DragonHeart. But that was at the
beginning of his career!

Damon C says:

Wasn’t this The Crush, with Alicia Silverstone?

Chris Stuckmann says:
MelodyEmeraldCross says:

It’s Steven Blum right?
Or Sean Schemmel?
I hope it is at least one of them. Or both!

Oh yeah, the movie.
… Haha no.

delon a says:

This movie is rated R and she doesn’t even have the curtesy to show some
tits and ass. Come on!

roarshach13 says:

Spoiler Alet. If you even care. The climax was one of the most cliche,
laughable, and infuriating things I’ve seen in a long time. Every single
time they hit this guy with something that should kill him, HE KEEPS
It got so ridiculous that when he finally did die I was totally expecting
him to still be alive. “Oh, what? You got crushed by an engine block?
PFFFF. Dude if you could survive an adrenaline needle to the eye I
seriously doubt- oh. What? He’s down? ….FINALLY”

Vrotdogi Pronin - Fish Expert says:

Don’t know why people keep complaining about january, this year so far
we’ve had Whiplash, Birdman, Ex_Machina and I am hoping to dear god
Inherent vice is good because I have been hyped for that for months

Lunafish says:

Lol there is a point in the movie where The boy gives j-lo a first edition
copy of the odyssey. What! 

kworthington24 says:

Honestly oe of my favorite movies to come out this year so far my best
friend and I went to this opening night no one was in the theater it was a
blast. Funny as hell.

Double- Jay says:

Good review, Chris. I probably wouldn’t waste my time with this stinker,
and you just confirmed it. By the way, Terry Gilliam’s name is pronounced
GILLiam, like a fish has GILLS, not JILLiam. Just FYI…

PewPewGrrr says:

You should be on Movie Fights.

David Haetty says:

This sounds like a rejected version of 50 Shades of Grey, which is weird
because 50 Shades of Grey isn’t like a fucking masterpiece

ValkyrieOey says:

The title reminds me of that show I used to watch Code Name Kids Next Door,
anyone else? And even that shit was better than shit bigger pile of shit. 

mary ann says:

Rofl ,, it will bring in the most $$$ all the ladies are standing in a
line out to the highway , hehe

Aniruddha Sharma says:

+Chris Stuckmann Chris, may I ask you something? Where do you get your

Ashley Franklin says:

I knew going in this movie wouldn’t be that good it’s Jennifer Lopez she’s
not the best actress

MrGamer07100 says:

Honestly the title alone tells me it’s going to be bad. I knew this was
going to be a negative review.

TheMetalGaia says:

Chris….CHRIS. You’re doing a Toonami video….DID YOU GET STEVE FUCKING
BLUM TO BE IN YOUR VIDEO? I SWEAR TO GOD. Please let it be true :D

Alejandro Esparza says:

Review Pink Floyd’s The Wall maybe?

darthbriboy says:

Movies i’m happy i saw in January over this trash.
Battle Royale
A clockwork orange
Spider-man 3

Tissan Young says:

Chris: English Teacher who teaches classical literature.
That honestly sounds like school in real life. 

ryan flippin says:

Hahahaha ok, not gonna see it. Wasnt gonna watch it anyway though.

cloudedjourney says:

Imagine what the real Coens would have done with this concept.

Daniel Catallo says:

Really? Why the double standard. All of Tom Cruise’s film are made to make
him look beautiful and wonderful.

the winterassassin999 says:

will this be number 1 on chris
worst movie 2015 list?

UnkeptMoss328 says:

Why does it say that there is only 6 comments?

GundamMeister007 says:

Wow you continue to proved what a cunt you are. You do know that there are
many good movies out there that have small budgets right? No cause all you
like to do is look at the bad side of movie making just so you can take
shots at Hollywood. Take a page from John Campea of AMC Theatres but you
won’t cause then you will realize what an idiot you are and you can stand
that. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor and fuck off.

Armando De La Cruz says:

i knew it was garbage when i saw JLO’s name on it. Name one movie that she
has done thats her best..smh

nirolf luap utihc says:

Can some one here, name a good at least movie in which Jennyfatass Lopez
played in!?
The first movie she’ll be playing at her true potential will be on the day
her sex-tapes will be released!
I, mean common… she’s terrible at singing and dancing but what the fuuuck
is she fucking doing in trying to act in movies? She’s fake as a fucking
Barbie doll!
LOL. I had too much fun with my comment! I’d be writing more but i don’t
want to turn this into something else…

Lawrence Newman says:

Am I the only one to love Jennifer Lopez movies? I’ve never seen anything
she’s in I didn’t like. And not because she’s gorgeous, though she is. 

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

Great review as usual.

Omar Gardner says:

It’s Really Bad. But It’s That Type Of Bad Where I Can Sit And Laugh At It.
LOL. Fucking Terrible Though. 

Maria Torres says:

He was a sociopath . because a a psychopath is born evil so is nature and
sociopath is by enviroment by going through something traumatic like he did
his dad cheated on his mom and she killed herself . Also a psychopath
doesnt feel love for noone and a sociopath can feel love for one person or
a just a group of people .

cn78356 says:

I love your tea shirt

rodrigo madera pool says:

Can´t wait for your toonami video dude!. Btw, you should star reviewing
some classic or old movies, for example it would be awesome to see you
talking about movies like Casablanca, Blade Runner, Pulp fiction, Rear
Window etc. 

Bob Adragna says:

Love your honesty..

Achillez says:

A few weeks ago, if my phone was connected to Wi-Fi, the trailer for this
movie would play constantly and I was sick of it. I’m guessing its another
one of those movies where the only scene probably worth a damn is the sex

bluecaffeine says:

I don’t know, I liked it because this movie was something I did expect.
Trailer said it all and I loved how the movie wasn’t an ‘Interstellar’
trailer, in that ‘Oh we will show you a 30 second bit of a movie that
really hasn’t even been made yet.’ I mean it was a movie that was just a
J.Lo movie with a hot guy. I really did like it because it was a movie that
was bad but a movie so bad I could watch it again. I’m not sure if movie
fans will understand but I liked it because it was bad.

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