The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Enemies Unite trailer review

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A new trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ has hit the web! There’s a lot to talk about, so Jeremy’s here to give you his thoughts!

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JeremyJahns says:
Eric Coldfire says:

Dude, you gotta talk about the final ASM2 trailer.

Zag Broo says:

I saw This movie today it was fucking awesome!

Nike Jusdoit says:

OR the very END,….(btw Rhino was actually INcredible! My expectations
lept the freakin MOON! Loved the cgi-MEETS-practical effects & the way his
bodily movements made the mech-suits body movements kinda work! I coulda
visually “gateway-drugged” a good ten more mins of that as Long as it DIDnt
end in some b-move butt way of Spidey taking him Down; most likely in a way
that leaves him put out of commission & either trapped in his suit or
Hanging from his suit as the fans roar in Letterman-last-Show cheers while
the useless NYPD black-killing cops approach him to facilitate an easy
arrest while one of them in an extra cheese-O way waves to Spidey & or
shoots him a thumbs up/web-sign or some other goofy
‘cop-thanks-vigilante-superhero-way’ that film has never quite successfully
pulled off since Batman Beyond; Return of the Joker an that was animation
lol! Thanks J.J! Your top Jahn-Son, Cubb! Suppose I’m the black
guy/like-Elektro that keeps a man cave dedicated to You in My Parents
lower-level? Ok ok, I’m visually creeped out too! It was only a play on
Your Own joke! I’m gone!! MAN I can’t w8(!!!) till Ur BV.S main trailer
review, can U imagine doohde!?!! All Your JAHN’Sons will be in full Force

immortalbeast84 says:

the guy at the end is doc ock 

Zag Broo says:

Hi guys i made a really quick movie review on The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Please check it out. Thank you :)

Tomás Jaramillo says:

who else wants a Venom Carnage spiderman movie?

Gibskee says:

The guy in the shadows is Norman Osborn!

Back in the Fridge says:

Maybe I’m wrong but I think batman forever is NOT worse than the amazing
Spider-Man 2

Josh Patterson says:

I can already tell whats going to happen:
1. Like Jeremy said rhino is only going to be there in the beginning
2. Electro is going to be some tragic villain like doc oc or sandman who is
going to end up sacrificing himself to save spiderman
3. spider man is going to save Harry Osborn from himself and the green
goblin thus starting their friendship

Riki Kage says:

ok thr first 45 minutes of the first TASM was good, then it just gor stupid
and boring. i feel the spiderman franchise didnt need to be rebooted as it
was unnecessary. but hey they did it and made some money off of it. i grew
up watching sam raimis trilogy so you cant really top a childhood favorite.
HOWEVER im liking the look of this movie and looking forward to seeing it

renoloverxoxo says:

If a guy in a comic book falls into an electric eel vat, he becomes a super
villain. If a girl falls into a vat of electric eels, she dies….

Demetri J says:

SPOILERS – Spider-Man stops Rhino (who is a regular human in the beginning)
saves Max Dillon’s life and he begins to idolize him and become Electro as
seen in the trailer. Then Electro runs rampant for a bit, meanwhile Harry
comes back suspecting Peter is Spider-Man, and shows to him Oscorp’s plans
to use cross-species genetics and experiment on humans, Peter disapproves
causing a rift between them. Harry experiments on himself, turning him into
the Goblin, Oscorp teams up with Electro to help him harness his powers and
take out Spidey, somewhere between this they break Rhino out of jail (We’d
have forgotten about him by this point) and turn him into the robot we saw
in the trailer. Then in the ensuing climax Spidey fights all three major
villains, defeats both Electro and Rhino but in the process of fighting
Harry Gwen Stacy is killed. Sad scenes, then credits. After credits roll
and we see the next Oscorp experiment, a mysterious seemingly alive black
gooey substance marked ‘Symbiote’

Esteusuarioteparece says:

Dude! Review the movie!!

YogaFlame24 says:

Don’t forget the Incredible’s hero worship lets little boy down becomes the

Mr Popo says:

You also described the incredibles

lilpinkbunny says:

I have a theory on who the mystery guy is
I think it is Doc Oc
Now bare with me this guy is a villain you can just tell because of the end
of the first movie, he is kind of big like Doc Oc is and he walks through
the room with ocs arms
Now its not much but that’s my guess 

mathew fox says:

come on jeremy you HAVE to talk about the final trailer for TASM2

mathew fox says:

aldrich killian iron man 3

Apostol407 says:

That is also the plot of The Incredibles. In a way, it is rather lame. I
mean, killing thousands just because your biggest hero found your fanboyism
annoying (or creepy)? I mean, is this thing even something in real life?
Nobody would try to kill anyone because a football player let them down. I
sure as hell wouldn’t kill anyone if Scott Ian tells me to screw off after
showing I’m a huge fan of him and Anthrax. So really, it’s not that good of
a plot. But whatever, the villain can still work.

THEJAKE5766 says:

Hope Jeremy gives actual movie a “Blu Ray” not good time no Alcohol
required it just looks promising to me 

xtiine ybanez says:

9/11 part two!!!

Esteusuarioteparece says:

The dude in the shadows is Misterio

Jondi Dongola says:

you haven’t seen the movie yet??? its really friggin good :)

rafael torres jr says:

It has become so cartoonish the movie should be rated G I wont waste my
money or time to see this movie and I hope people feel the same the way to
make this movie more interesting is to finally have spider man vs HULK

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