Tammy movie review

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Melissa McCarthy is once again Melissa McCarthy in a Melissa McCarthy movie…you know what that means by now. Jeremy reviews “Tammy”!

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Ekejiuba Ogbuagu says:

She didn’t look funny at all to me when I saw the trailers. She looked like
one of those fat girls that only get pity laughs. :l

Kolbe Howard says:

The trailer was one of those painfully unfunny trailers. It’s that kind of
unfunny where you feel awkward for the people involved.

I mean the actors are trying so hard but nothing is working and you are
just praying that they will either get better or shut up before they
embarrass themselves further.

It was that bad, so I have no hope that this movie will be any good.

Kodi Harvill says:

This was the first movie ive ever walked out on.

Alex The Kaiser says:

Melissa McCarthy can be defined as shitty comedian. She’s not a good
actress, she’s not talented, she’s not funny, she’s absolutely nothing. I
don’t know why so many people like it (not her, it) because she’s not even
that simple humor that some people might like. Not even that.

As for my favorite road trip film aside Planes, Trains and Automobiles?
Dumb and Dumber, if it counts.

itsddashrock says:

I’d rather wipe my ass with the 12 dollars it costs to see this film.

SuperSamStuff says:

Best road trip? Ever heard of a little film called *Lord of the Rings?*

GrayTimber says:

I’m kind of getting sick of these movies. The comedy is cringe-worthy, in
my opinion. My mom loves Melissa McCarthy, but her characters kinda just…
Well, make me cringe. I mean I get a laugh sometimes but really I’d rather
a well-written comedy that doesn’t rely on the most disgusting thing a
person can do/say in *__* situation.

Sucrose says:

i said the same thing myself when i first heard about this movie, shes
doing the same role in all her movies.

Niels Lauridsen says:

Am I the only one who hate both Melissa McCarthy and her movies?

Harri927 says:

Tommy Boy

Brent Z says:

I cannot stand Melissa McCarthy. She always plays the most obnoxiously
unfunny annoying characters. When you can only watch like 10 minutes of
anything she has been in before changing the channel due to boredom there
is a MAJOR problem somewhere. Either she is just a bad actress, typecast
in awful roles, or an unfortunate mix of the two.

mike doyle says:

His name is Pete and he plays fantasy football

Samuel Raycraft Cat Levy says:

Mark Duplass is “that guy”. From The League, & Safety Not Guaranteed. 

ThatGuyYouKnow says:

I saw Tammy yesterday and thought it was funny, i thought this movie would
get a good review, but i guess not according to Rotten Tomatoes, jeez
rotten tomatoes seems to give movies i like awful reviews :(

clouds5 says:

Due Date. Best Ever.

ThePieAndFighter says:

I really don’t like the movies that try to be funny, but just end up being
awkward and/or overdone. You know those types of movies, the ones that just
embarrass the main character and try to pass that as comedy. The ones that
have a stupid saying on the DVD box, like this one with “she hit the road,
the road hit back”. Or on the other hand of it, they try way too hard to be
funny, to the point that its just stupid. Like a radio commercial, that’s
the best way to describe it, like one of those stupid radio commercials
that you listen to in between songs, that has something to do with a fast
food chain, or a dry cleaners, or something you don’t care about, and it
tries to have some sort of stupid punchline that has to do with the way the
guy is talking, or something that is random (not funny random, just stupid
random, like “why did you bring that up” kinda random.) that its just
illogical, and ends up making you want to go there even less. That’s what
this movie here is. Its a stupid radio commercial, that just embarrasses
its main character. 

MsRandomnotes1 says:

Okay, so I’ve listened to you complain about Melissa McCarthy’s movies
being “the same”,but judging from all the thumbnails of YOUR videos,you
wear the same dark blazer w/a purple shirt….so isn’t that the pot calling
the kettle black?

Matthew Tears says:

Best road trip movie is DUE DATE!

Googin Hiem says:

This guy is such a douche…

frank ponds says:

It was hard to like her character. She was just always yelling or crying
lol. And cussing people out. The only part I laughed was when she was
interacting with the people from the fast food place. And that was me just
laughing at the cashier lol.

Ian Borton says:

After two minutes of Tammy, I walked out and watched Lucy. Much better

JeremyJahns says:
Braxton Wise says:

Damnit! Plains, Trains and Automobiles was what I was going to say before
you said that I couldn’t say Plains, Trains and Automobiles! 

Renzy Wenzy says:

Damn it Jeremy I was gonna put Planes, Trains and Automobiles right before
you banned it :( if not that then i guess Little Miss Sunshine.

polysom says:

I JUST finished watching this on HBO. I like MM, but this movie was
horribly unfunny. It felt disjointed and awkward. I didn’t feel like there
was any type of chemistry with any of the characters. I feel like it could
have had a lot more potential, but something was really off. 

NikIvRu says:

There was this movie “Without A Paddle” barerly got noticed, but it is my
favorite trip movie. Its not exactly road trip, but its awesome and
deserves a mention.

Sara Samaletdin says:

I am that nice guy (well I am a girl) that is always in the background and
nobody remembers. I have often have stuff happen when somebody I have know
for years asks who I am like they have never seen me before or somebody is
surprised that I mention I was in that event where they were since they do
not remember me. But everyone is like oh you are so nice, I do not know why
you do not have more friends. 

skrinkleladeda says:

Tammy was funny in the first 15 min… the preview they let you see on
cable.. Well Boy was I taken! WOW this was just awful! Susan was terrible!
WTF happened??? I know she’s a great actress.. its the writing. Just
awkward .. soooo damn awkward. Don’t waste your money!!!!! I felt robbed..
I’m not even kidding. 

Chris Rod says:

Rather give my 8 bucks to charity than to spend it on this movie

Paden Gentry says:

What I like about Melissa McCarthy movies is that the character is still
original. I think she’s the most talented version of her character. I know
women like her and I love those women. They’re the most fun women. They’re
not “cute fun” or “lovable dork” women, they’re people that you want to be
a part of your life, and that’s why Melissa shines here. I remember seeing
the scene where her and Susan’s character are doing donuts in a field and
it’s just simple fun. And picturing your aunt, or sister, or mom doing that
stuff with your grandma really make it something I’ve never seen film
go. Rebel Wilson is another woman doing this character that is
under-represented. I want to see these two women in the same movie, it’ll
top off the cake that already is the bulk of these two actresses’ careers.

TheViciousMoob says:

I had to pee during this movie, but I didn’t leave because I thought:
“Maybe this is where it gets really good.”
I was wrong. 

Dawson Fox says:

Worst Melissa McCarthy movie ever. Heat-great. Bridesmaids-great. Identity
thief-great. This-boring, bland not funny. I like McCarthy but I sincerely
hope she make better movies from here on out.

Chris Ash says:

Almost walked out but had nothing else to do so I stayed 

Willie Martin says:

Funny!! but my favorite road trip movie would be…Road Trip lol.

dabes29 says:

Favorite road trip movie: Zombieland 

Taylor Bloom says:

The Darjeeling Limited if that counts as a “road trip movie”. 

Walter White says:

That chick on the cover reminds me of DJ from “Full House”. XD

Lloyd Edgar says:

We’re the Millers is my favourite Road Trip movie.

James O'Brien says:

how dare you compare jim carey to this fat cow !

delores emeagi says:

I think this movie should have received a rating of dog shit, my opinion.
And my favorite road trip movie would have to be “Are We There Yet?”

Wayne Cox says:

Vacation and Tommy Boy are my personal favorite road trip movies.

hardecorelpfan4ever says:

it was a ok movie but i thought it was going to be funnier 

dudeisboy says:

To sum up the movie in 2 words ITS SHIT

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