Taken 3 – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Taken 3, starring Liam Neeson, Forest Whitaker, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell, Leland Orser. Directed by Olivier Megaton.


crimson bolt says:

This movie should clone itself so it can go fuck itself

Clovie says:

Taken 2
Taken 6
Taken: The Final Time
Taken Reboot

Thats how i see this going down.

Toure Franklin says:

After Taken 1, all that made this a great franchise was TAK3N away!

Superscrull says:

*Whispers* January…

HyperSole says:

Olivier Megaton is such a shit director.

kalsolarUK says:

January…the movie graveyard where dead on arrival movies are sent to be

The Unusual Suspect says:

I totally agree with your point Chris on Megaton taking actors who can do
action and making them look awful at it. Neeson is competent, just watch
Rob Roy or even The Phantom Menace, he’s really good.

TheHardMode says:

January is the month for movies that suck. I guess this is one of them.

BoatsNHoes says:

Chris where is your review for American Sniper? 

KnightofDuroch says:

Why does Olivier Megaton keep getting work? His sole trademark as director
is he only directs action movies with shitty action in them. Whatever
happened to Pierre Morel, the guy who directed the first TAKEN? Seemed like
he was going places, then he just kinda wasn’t.

Daryl Moore says:

Am I the only one to realize this is basically the same review as Jeremy
Jahn’s review? Who’s copying who? I’ve watched enough of these guys
reviews and I’ve been suspicious for awhile. Nobody has the same review
and opinion on every film. Different opinions on films give people insight
on movies from several points of view. You know somebody’s copying the
others reviews when they reference the same source material when performing
their review. I’ve got alot of respect for both guys, but these reviews
are more than coincidence. I’m basically watching the same review by two
different guys.

HeyItsMike says:

Still waiting for the first decent film this year. 

Godson - Clash of Clans says:

Dissagree with sum of this review. Especially the priority statement.
But agree the biggest flaw of the movie was the action scenes and extreme
close up shaky cam. 

Chris Stuckmann says:
jigsawkid95 says:

Haha the thumbnail sums up the movie pretty well!

L i z z L o v e r says:

I’m 13 and realized the major negatives to this movie. Unrealistic
conversations, too many cuts, and unbelievable sequences.

ED Aceves Nonvul Vahlok says:

And when he crashes the plane, the Porsche doesnt have a scratch on
it…same thing with the police car he hijacks where he gets slammed by at
least 3 cars and on the next take when he is running away the car is
spotless. This bothered me a lot for the inconsistency…

Carver Chaney says:

Tips for Taken 3: if you didn’t like the first one you have no chance of
liking it, might like it you liked the first one, have low expectations, DO
NOT watch The Fugitive at least 2 weeks before watching, don’t expect
blood,don’t expect anything but a poorly-directed The Fugitive with Liam
Neeson who has a particular set of skills.

Kherubhm says:

I saw the film myself yesterday and I agree that it was truly awful. Apart
from the gripes already mentioned, the main issues I had for starters was
the villains. In the second one, Marco’s father mentioned that he had two
other sons who I assumed would have been the main antagonists in the third
one. Instead, we got the cliche Russian mobsters that has basically been
done to death with so many Hollywood movies and the even more dumb evil
sleazy businessman character-trope which has also been used so many times.
To make it worst, the Russian villain Malankov was shown as some badass
army guy but we shot a shitty and anti-climatic fight between him and Bryan
which was more comical than anything-if they had at least made Malankov go
toe to toe with Bryan it wouldn’t have been a complete waste. The thing
that made no sense in the least was how Stuart went from being a middle
aged man who was shown as a caring husband and step-father into this much
younger moustache twirling villain in the third installment. If they were
going to conclude the Taken franchise, the third and final one should have
been about the final confrontation between the Albanians mobsters who were
being led by Marco’s siblings who wanted to avenge their brother and their
father rather than this Fugitive knockoff we got. 

Erik Orehek says:

It was terrible, you pretty but summed it all up Sir!! I pray they make no

The Brotherhood of Gaming.com says:

we really liked the movie

Ninten Guy says:

Actually this was a pretty good popcorn action movie! Very entertaining!

Gaming0verdose says:

Great review, Chris! This movie was stupid in every sense of the word, not
because of it’s cliched story but because the action itself (the only
reason you’d want to be watching these in the first place) is so horribly
put together.
I think the absolute dumbest part for me in this movie was the part where
Bryan Mills is looking at the corpse of his loved one in the morgue. The
persons throat has been slashed yet the wound itself is not an open wound
but rather a scar. A freaking SCAR! How in the hell would a dead person be
able to heal a wound?! And yes, I know this was obviously done to preserve
a PG-13 rating but please, the director could easily just obscure the wound
in it’s entirety instead of making it look like the person is falsely
presumed dead and in a later scene therefore being buried alive.

jabbathehutton says:


That one idiot says:

I didn’t watch it. I thought if there’s Taken 3, Liam Neeson should stop
letting his wife and daughter out of the house.

Parker Meeks says:

Taken 3 was hard to follow. Very confusing plot. Action scenes were too
fast. If megaton didn’t use shaky cam and kept the camera angle changes to
only 2 cuts then the fights would have been awesome. I think it is
important to have a full view on the characters that are fighting. Not 1
inch away from them. I thought the camera quality was amazing. It was
crystal clear. 

Daniel Bringmann says:

For a Taken movie there is surprisingly little action in Taken 3… i
remember sitting and waiting for the action to start, that is what your are
watching Taken movies for, and loads of time passed by before you got some
action…and then it went back to eh…well ‘Drama’….and then some more
action followed by more ..eh ‘Story’ and ‘Character development’, before
you get some more action….i think Mr Mills kills more bad guys in a
single scene from Taken 1 than he dos in the entire Taken 3 movie… ill
bet that Mills kills more bad guys on the boat(taken 1) than he dos in
whole of Taken 3

Ramsay Bolton says:

I love it how you gave Taken 3 a lot of crap for advertising itself as
“Tak3n,” yet Seven didn’t get any crap for being advertised as “Se7en.” Not
that I’m comparing the quality of Seven to Taken 3, it’s just that I think
giving the film crap for it’s marketing gimmicks is overdoing it in a film
that is obviously going to be less than standard, and it just shows that
you had a preconceived notion of negativity toward this film that you did
not have toward Seven.

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