Super Smash Bros. Wii U game review

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The true next gen Super Smash bros has hit homeon the Wii U! Does it live up to the legacy? Jeremy reviews “Super Smash Bros. Wii U”!

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Edward Elric says:

Jeremy, there is a difference between “graphics” and “resolution”.
Something that are in 1080p doesn’t mean it has better graphics compared to
a game that is only in 720p

The Vicious Chicken of Bristol says:

1080p? No way! That’s completely crazy! 1080p on the Wii-U but not on the
XB1?!?!? Unbelievable!!
One question – what is 1080p?

Henry Zhou says:

I hate people who ONLY play Final Destination. I like myself Final
Destination, but some of my friends only do it, and can’t play other stages
like Hyrule Temple, Corneria, etc.

Aaron Irving says:

People must suck to say Little Mac is overpowered he isn’t he has the worst
recovery jump in the game. Once you knock him out the arena he isn’t
coming back. Top tier characters are Diddy Kong, Rosalina, Lucario, Yoshi,
Zero Suit, Sonic, Greninja and Captain Falcon

ShinbrigTV says:

FINE FINE!!! I’ll go buy a WII U!!!! YOU HAPPY NINTENDO!????? I WILL

Suleman Saleem says:

You don’t have friends? You have 660,000+ subscribers that would love to
meet you in real life. If you were to ever host an event where all your
subscribers came. It would fill out at least 6 to 7 stadiums. Hah! Imagine

Hub Hikari says:

This is my Game of the Year. I love this game so fucking much, I consider
it (and the 3DS version) to be one of my favorite games of all time. This
truly IS awesometacular. :)

Aura says:

This is my first smash and having some trouble getting into it . I play sf4
alot and it all seems weird to me. I play samus mostly because i bought the
samus amiibo but i dont know. Can anyone recommend me anything? Beginner
characters, guides?

TylerGDU says:

Jeremy can you please check out The Nezzy Channel as he is stealing your
content, not by one thing but all, the way you do your thumbnails, the way
you do your intros and outros, the way you talk and move in your videos and
last but not least, your rating system. I want him reported and his channel
taken down as he has no right to literally copy you and steal what we love
about you(no homo).

Brandon Blevins says:

It’s 1080p because it has graphics from 2005

Dialectical Materialism says:

It’s just another casual-fest for people who liked Brawl.

TronPowerNode says:

Jeremy, your PS4 fan-isms are showing. You only called out the Xbone on
failing at the 1080p benchmark…. when the PS4 fails to meet it quite
often as well. Not here to start a stupid war, but it is annoying (I am a
Wii U and PCer for disclosure).

LordMatt48 says:

More consoles need the capaciylty for 5+ players, not to mention more
awesome local co-op stuff

Teddy Bear says:

I actually felt the game was a downgrade from the previous Smash titles.
The little features are great and I enjoy the stages they put in but there
are things that could’ve been that never happened. The roster is big but
take out the clone characters and it’s pretty small. Oh don’t lie to me;
the majority of the roster is clone characters or the exact same character
split into different slots (Samus). If you’re going to add new characters,
add NEW characters. Mii fighters were a good add on but they’re clones in
themselves plus you can’t really use them online. I am glade that they put
in some good characters such as Palutena, Megaman, and Little Mac. I
absolutely miss Subspace Emissary from Brawl, the little adventure mode
with brilliant cutscenes were the most enjoyable part of Brawl and now it’s
gone. Speaking of gone, no Ice Climbers. And why does the entire top row of
the roster consist of Mario franchise characters? We get it Nintendo! You
love Mario, not everyone does! The art style they went with is vibrant and
pleasing to the eye if a bit cartoonish which I would say is a refresher
from Brawl’s realistic look. As for gameplay… it’s a Smash game, they all
play pretty much the same however the 3DS has this lack of frame rate that
causes a big problem when playing. Controls are customizable so there’s
zero complaints there. It’s a good Smash game but there is way too much
Should’ve/Could’ve that leaves you feeling disappointed.

Smash Bros 4 is a must buy that you’ll enjoy in your spare time.

Gehab says:

Love the game! Can’t stop playing it! :D

ReviewCucumbersUSA says:

Good review mate, though you could of added abit more with custom fighters
and amiibo’s nice features that should be mentioned, other then that loved
the review.

J.R. Lockhart says:

Shoulda shouted “FALCON PUNCH!!” when you normally punch out at the end,
Jeremy. This review was setup perfectly for that!

Israel Flores says:

WTF 969 likes and 301 visualizaciones?

Riketz says:

The last Super Smash Bros I played was on the N64. Best I ever played.. but
man I really really really don’t want to buy an entire system just for this
one game… is it worth it?

Brendan Brown says:

I hate online in this game, its impossible to have fun. When you “play for
fun” there are too many items to be fun. When you “play for glory” the game
is only played by no lives with gamecube controllers and a dream to be

Harel Mustang says:

This game looks amazing! 1080p yes, but 60 fps all the time! That’s the
key! Is there any game on Xbox One or PS4 running at 60fps?? I remember the
Nintendo Gamecube, running games at 60fps too, and ps2 sucking… I prefer
720p and 60fps against 1080p and 30fps or even less. But in Super Smash
bros you’ve got everything! 1080p and 60fps! This is glorious!! Amazing!

megachromer says:

Jeremy! The new Suicide Squad movie cast has been revealed. You seriously
have to make a video on it! 

QU67 says:

… I must resist buying a WiiU just for this game… but I know it would
be totally worth it…

Gene Glagolev says:

Dammit youre making me want this so much but i just know i will binge away
what little mental and social health i have on this game. 

yellowcard8100 says:

I just want Solid Snake to come back. 

Mike Williams says:

Can someone help me please. I bought this game but… How do you crouch
without accidentally falling through the floor? How do you turn around
(which is ESSENTIAL) without dashing? I honestly don’t get it. The only way
to avoid doing the quick movements (falling thru floor, dashing) is to tilt
the stick slowly. How on Earth can I tilt a stick slowly in a fast paced
fighting game. I honestly don’t get it. I can’t do it. Is there an option I
am not seeing. An option to have a SEPARATED button for doing those quick
movements? Why do they not just make it so that dashing and falling thru
the floor don’t happen unless you’re holding a trigger button while making
the movement? A run button so to speak. This would be easy since there are
three redundancies within the control setup. Grabbing, shielding and
jumping have are each on two buttons. If I can’t resolve this, this game
may go back to the store. This is weird. A major flaw and no one talks
about it. Am I not seeing something? To me, this is game-breaking. I’m
facing the wrong way right next to the opponent so I tilt the right way
only to get dashed so far as to now be facing the wrong way but in the
other direction. What’s the answer?

TheMightyMio says:

8 person smash is freaking chaos. Not a fan.

dibils89 says:

lol that was a weird attack on X1.. resolution is game specific, this game
would run 4k on X1. its all about how demanding a game is

Antwon Mianus says:

Ok let’s get something straight… smash bros is NOT a fighting game. And
it doesn’t deserve to be called one

Shane Ballesteros says:

Is this the first game that actually got an awesomatacular? 

Cade Thumann says:

Am I the only one who plays both the Wii U version and 3DS version? (for
me, I play both of them for their different stages and exclusive modes. I
mainly play the Wii U version as it is basically the definitive version
while I still play the 3DS version for its portability)

xxbizk1txx says:

Wii U has 1080p yeah… But you can scale SNES games to 1080p but they
still look shit. So does the Wii U games. 

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