Suicide Squad OFFICIALLY Revealed!

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Everyone had an opinion on the Jared Leto Joker reveal pic, now let’s talk about the reveal photo for the rest of the characters in “Suicide Squad”!

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Pooltastic says:

But who the bloody hell is the dude on the far left?

Viper Joe says:

I never doubted that Margot Robbie was going to look amazing as Harley, but
I wish her costume was more red/black than red/white/blue. Also, the makeup
on her eyes looks kinda off to me — I think it should be a little darker.

Sourav Dutta says:

I like jeremy jahns….

Thirdy Summer says:

Okay, I’m sold. I’ll watch it in theaters.

The Cryptarch says:

Am I the only one that actually LIKES how Killer Croc looks?

Ric Ancira says:

Harley is hot in this pic. She rockin’ those Adidas. 

Kelly Davis says:

I seriously can’t wait to see Margot as Harley Quinn.. Harley is my
favourite DC character and seeing her on the big screen for the first time
is gonna be awesome

Marvin 777 says:

What this picture tells me along with the Joker picture that this universe
or at least side of the DCCU is going to be very dark, different but also
stylish. Its a unique take. My body is ready.

TheMrSealclubber says:

Like it, Margot looks banging.

But my only concern is how many are in the squad.

I thought it was only gonna be five characters, not an entire legion of

Will end up being like the hobbit for anyone who isn’t hardcore into the
source material….many will be left out and forgotten 

Aaron Duke says:

Ok I am going to call it, to many people so lots of deaths hopefully. I say
El Diablo will died probably first.

Tyler French says:

KILLER CROC LOOKS LIKE SHIT!!!!!!!! Am I doing this right?

Connor Veenstra says:

Sherlock season 3 review?

m best says:

THERE IS NO PLOT,. They didn’t give us anything,.. They need to show me
more and it’s too DARK

Screen junkies 2015
And their squad of retar……special people*

JeremyJahns says:
Kerorofan says:

…I did not know Will Smith was gonna be Deadshot until just now.

AndroidM4ngo says:

It all looks like Cosplay

Gamerforever says:

Waiting for screen junkies to rant on this photo

Louis Bilverstone says:

1:06 If will smith is black then why does he have white fingers

fantasyfeak999 says:

You actually like Harley’s look? She looks more like a random party girl
here than she does an actual villain. I think they should have gone a bit
more over the top with her.

musicmakespeace says:


OhAeroHD says:

Kind of wish they featured Deathstroke in a movie :(

Cason Celious says:

I once ate a human liver…

Pickle Tickler says:

Jeremy, not sure if you know or not, but I read an article the other week
that said the tattoos on the Joker were only for the anniversary of the
Joker and will not be on him in the actual film.

Eric Coldfire says:

This looks like DC went out and rounded up a bunch of cosplayers and asked
them to be in a photo op for Suicide Squad. This doesn’t look like costumes
made with the budget on a blockbuster movie.

These all look fucking terrible. The only one that looks decent is Deadshot
and they fucked up his mask and eye piece.

Unshaved Stuff says:

I can’t believe people actually like this…
Maybe DC fans are just really desperate. Jeremy, um, I dunno.

Milly Millz says:

Will Smith helmet looks like Jason X, his costume looks like Atom from The
Flash/Arrow. Killer Croc looks like Spawn mixed with The Thing. 

Teawithgrief says:

wana know whos the woman you didnt mention…

riyuma1990ri says:

It looks like cosplay from the gang from Batman and Robin biker gang. DC
has the rights to all their characters; why not do traditional costumes? I
am worried about DC; please dont rush it. :(

GunsmithCat says:

0:13 – guess who’s my favorite lol

FolkLordll says:

DC has better villains, and Marvel has better heroes. 

BoB n fishy says:

I literally know nothing about the suicide squad. NOTHING I SAY!!

Midnight Overlord says:

Are you fucking kidding me? People actually like this shit? This looks like
a group of emo teens dressing up for halloween. None of them are
intimidating, this looks fucking stupid.

EcllipsE2510 says:

Looks even worse then the Arkham Harley. Why dont they do something with
the original costume, the punk and edgy ponytail Harley is garbage!

Callum vs Games says:

Why isn’t king shark in it :'(

Fgha199 says:

Killer Croc would’ve looked cooler if he were CGI

Lewis Rees says:

In the Arkam games, at the end of Origins, isn’t Deathstroke recruited for
suicide squad. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m not exactly a comic book guy.

Stefan Krstic says:

What if I told you Warner Bros. aren’t rushing the ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ movie?
What if I told you that they are simply taking an alternate approach at
their cinematic universe than Marvel’s?
What if I told you they realize people have grown tired of origin stories
at this point in the Golden Age of Superhero Movies and have decided to
unite their heroes with a common threat to later develop and explore them
individually in their solo movies as pre-existing heroes?
What if I told you Warner Bros. doesn’t want to create a DC version of the
Marvel formula?
What if told you that the same people who claim that this new approach is
just DC’s way to rush their version of The Avengers are the same people who
would call DC unoriginal had they went with the Marvel formula?
What if I told you that ‘BATMAN V SUPERMAN’ will help set up ‘JUSTICE
LEAGUE’ as teased in its ‘DAWN OF JUSTICE’ subtitle?
What if I told you that DC has already used this unique formula for their
shared animated universe starting with ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR’?
What if I told you to pick up a comic book?
That’s all I have to say.

Nathan Levy says:

the legend of zelda twilight princess review!!!
Please jermy! Please!!

Nick Cabrera says:

Shit I watched the Suicide Squad animation made by D.C. and I don’t even
remember half their names. Let’s see… I know Captain Boomerang, Harley
Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Shark (Who doesn’t seem to appear in the

I can’t seem to remember the name of the girl with the ice powers and the
guy (SPOILER WARNING) that batman disguised himself as.
If someone could remind me I would very much appreciate it :)

ryann45 says:

I think Deadshot looks GREAT. As for the rest, meh. Harley rocking red
white and blue? Its supposed to be red green and white. I do think Margot
was a great choice, and I am sure she will be great playing Quinn, I just
think whoever designed her costume should have stuck with the source
material a bit more.

Michael Brown says:

I was really looking forward to this movie, and I still can’t wait but this
first look. I wasn’t impressed. Deadshots mask looks generic to me. Killer
croc looks like a goomba from Mario bros. Movie from the 90s. I think would
had preferred cgi for him. Harley looks sexy as she should be but, just
looks kinda lazy. Like they rushed her. And everyone else looks like they
went to their local Halloween costume store and went shopping. This the
doesn’t look like its for a movie, more like a new show for the CW. I still
have high hopes. Jared Leto as joker. His look is growing on me.

Jeremy muccllar says:

why does Harley look like a cheap hooker and not a clown this is bullshit

McCaffery says:

Harley Quinn looks f*****g, AWFUL !!

Raj Vaidya says:

Killer croc sucks man he’s supposed to be a fucking giant monster 

bremex says:

I just want Margot to deliver a fucking amazing portrayal of Harley Quinn,
so far the best one has been from Batman: The Animated series. I love
Michael Rowe’s Deathshot’s portrayal [Arrow] I doubt Will Smith is going to
top that, so I’m all about Margot’s Harleyyy!! I hope she delivers, since
she’s my favorite comic female character of all time. I mean, isn’t Harley
the most insane, most complicated and unstable character of all comics? I
really, really hope they keep this crazy, fucked-up personality of hers in
this movie, and don’t go for the hollywood formula and try to make her all
seductive or make-believe there’s a good person deep down in her, because
there fucking isn’t! Harley Quinn is mental, and she would do anything for
The Joker, even kill herself, they better don’t ruin her just for da

Omelette Du Fromage says:

How come armoured Will smith has white guy hands?

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