Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Review @SWCA

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Schmoes Channel:


Chris Stuckmann reviews the new Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer with special guests, Schmoes Know!


Ninaofthe90s says:

Suddenly I forgot about the Avengers…

Marvin 777 says:

Either Chris is tall or the SchmoesKnow are really short. Either way I’m

José Ferreira says:

Holy shit, kristian just made me realize, han is saying were home because
they are back in the falcon, could someone have stolen it or something?

digitalblasphemy1100 says:

I guess I need to look into this star war thing. Sounds pretty neat

Chris Stuckmann says:
Charlie Oliver says:

You need to get outside in the sun more Chris. Maybe try a drive-by Cinema.

Classic Flix says:

I totally Sithed myself when I saw it.

juandeldiablo696 says:

Daredevil !!!! Review

iCrackediTTv says:

Why tha hell is nobody reviewing mad max. It’s all theses pew pew pew types
of moves that get attention. Why not review mad max. 

Bryanne Peguero says:

Damn you are white af

Spencer McVey says:

Jesus Christ Chris, you’re so pale… and I’m a ginger I know about pale

peterthesneakybastar says:

Star wars is better than BvS and Avengers combined

Oisín McMahon says:

That thumbnail 

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

Can someone tell me why is the black stormtrooper ALWAYS sweating and
ALWYWAS breathing heavily? lol He was sweating and breathing heavily in the
first trailer. And now the TWO TIMES they shwed him in this trailer, he was
sweating and breathing heavily like crazy. What’s the matter with him? Does
he suffers asthma?

Equalitas says:

OMG it is going to be the most disappointing thing in years. Waiting for
the Man of Steel effect.

Miguel Simpson says:

I prefer The Avengers than Star Wars…

Zivko says:

I suggest you change the thumbnail Chris because I was just scrolling
through my subscription box then I saw the thumbnail and title and if you
ask me that’s a pretty big spoiler.
P.S Ain’t hating just letting you know.

Garrick Groover says:

I think any memories of the prequels were wiped cleaned when I saw this

MrHero17 says:

Hold your breath . Batman v superman might just be the best trailer you’ve
ever seen.

stolipuff7 says:

Review batman v Superman trailer

Kris Metall says:

Luke Skywalker dies!

Albert Torre says:

Omg Chris your so White!!

Terry Silvester says:

Got a feeling Chris is going to go into his fan boy mode and give it an A+,
just like he did with TDKR.

Eoinster says:

You said that it was the first full trailer and you’re glad they didn’t
spoil anything, well sorry but this was teaser #2. Full trailer is yet to
come, and I’m guessing there’ll be more spoiled in that. I’m ready for this
right now, I don’t need any more foptage, so I’m ignoring all further

RoflSilvers says:

Chris so pale in this video.

egodrive says:

I actually cringed at the “Chewie, we’re home.”-line. In one line they
threw the prequels under the bus and pandered to the purists. It was like
hearing Arnold saying “I’ll be back” in the new Terminator trailer.

This is why you don’t get original stories. Because you just love the old
shit too much.

Vault of the Future says:

Is it bad that I haven’t seen Star Wars since I was a very young child? I
really wanna watch the Original Trilogy before The Force Awakens.

Christine McKenzie says:

I definitely want to be a part of the Star Wars world.

Jose Romero says:

As a non Star Wars fan and someone who is only mildly interested in the
series, I thought the teaser was pretty boring.

UrAvg MovieReviews says:

Batman vs Superman Trailer Review and Fantastic Four Trailer Review when
you get back from your Star War Convention.. Please. Big Fan of the
Channel! Thanks In advance 

JustReggie NoBush says:

If you noticed luke said my father “has” it. Does that mean that vader
lives!? #vaderlives 

knumzy says:

In that shot with Kylo Ren, to me it looks like the cross guard is up. I
think it’s just at an angle that blends the cross guard with the rest of
the lightsaber.

Also, I read on a forum that someone wondered about who he is. Because he
doesn’t have the “Darth” title yet. Someone said he hasn’t earned it yet,
but if he’s about to be a Darth, he has to be a Lord first.. Or maybe Kylo
Ren is his real name, like Anakin is Vader’s. And he has a Lord or Darth
title, we just don’t know it yet..

And that shot with R2 and what most people say is Luke, could be Kylo as
well. Although it probably is Luke, the hand looks a lot like Kylo’s hand
in the concept art of him holding Vader’s helmet. Probably wrong, but a
cool thought :)

Anyways, he’s probably the one I’m most hyped for out of the new characters
we know about so far.

André Muricy says:

I wish I loved Star Wars as the rest of humankind. Seriously,
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is so special about it?? Dear god

wewyllenium says:

Chewey hasn’t aged a bit… WHY?

S&S Pictures says:

First full trailer? Umm… no… it’s just another teaser.

ThatGothGamer Daven says:

Hey Chris where’s out mall cop 2 review it has a 0% on run tomatoes gosh I
would love to hear some thoughts on it 

michael mattice says:

Han could’ve taken a dump on Chewy’s back and they would’ve loved it!:)

Phumelela Mavundla says:

Damn bruh!!! You looking kinda pale man

Cameron Babb says:

In that shot of Kylo Ren turning around and using the force, he still has
the cross guard, his lightsaber is just turned, if you look at the bottom
you can slightly see it.

Victor Bastos says:

hey chris you should try working out a little, not hating! its cause
apparently youre really tall and you have a very handsome face, with the
right body you could be the best looking youtuber around

Daniel X says:

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ you have to go see that when it comes out
dub and review it too.

Kris Russell says:

Sheesh. Too many people are too optimistic for this film. Whilst I can
agree a trailer shouldn’t spoil the movie, I at least wanted to know what
the hell the story is supposed to be about — something that a trailer out
to quickly communicate to sell the premise. Like other Abrams Mystery Box
Theater gigs, this provided nothing of note; smoke and mirrors and nerdbait
to have rapid fans too excited for something that doesn’t really look that

I get it, I do — I want Star Wars back as much as everybody else. Loved
the original trilogy, generally despise the prequels on principle; but all
roads up to this point suggests the film is, quite tragically, setting
itself up to massive disappointment — perhaps not to Phantom Menace
levels, but nowhere close to apex of it’s former glory, at least as long as
Abrams is at the helm.

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