Star Wars episode VII Official Cast Announced!

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The first wave of casting confirmation for “Star Wars Episode VII” has hit the web! From John Boyega to Max Von Sydow, we are heading back to a galaxy far, far away! Fan reactions range from run of the mill Star Wars fanboyism, to claims that the pole to hole & white to black ratio speaks to the movie being both sexist AND racist. In any case, Jeremy gives you his thoughts on this new Star Wars news!
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Star Wars Episode VII casting confirmations:


Rick Grimes says:

I think episode 3 was good but the other two weren’t 

Darth Jaulce says:

Can someone explain to me his “Obi Wan was evil” theory?

Daniel Holland says:

You see Jeremy, it is racist because white people.
No other reason is never required.

batfan9 says:

All I know is I wanna see a shit ton of Jedi vs a shit ton of Sith in the
final movie of the trilogy. 

MrMoneyInTheBank says:

Racism and sexism is the belief that a race and gender respectively is
superior to another. So how casting a female and a black person is
discriminatory in anyway I’ll never know. Political correctness is the
death of civilization as we know it.

JWUniverse says:

I Agreed with everything you said I’m happy we’re getting a new Star Wars
but since the Prequels I’m holding my judgment until I see the movie.

B0ssGaming1 says:

I thought Episode III was good. But the other 2 prequals were shit

TybrosionMojito says:

Stop using logic against the people crying “racism and sexism!’ because
they don’t think on a logical level. 

TheThirdPew says:

Dude your impressions are always ON POINT. You got me yet again with the
Jar-Jar one.

TheUnstoppableScythe says:

Revenge of the sith was great but the other 2 were ok

TheGCritic says:

I’m sick of everyone saying that this and that is racist just because
there’s one black guy among white people. That happened in the original
trilogy (not counting James Earl Jones). Also…. JAR JAR IS NOT RACIST!
I’m sick of people saying that! Who and what is he offending? Gungans?

cmurphylife says:

Would have been funnier if you changed your look for the flashback. Like
had 90’s style clothes, a weird haircut like a mullet or something, clean
shaven and nerdy glasses. ;)

elcap22 says:

The cast of episode I was so good, because oftarg demographics. Lucas
wanted the movie to appeal to as many movie-goers as possible.

samuel Jackson was cast to make sure the black community would go see the

the story and script be damned; episode I, like the other prequels, and
like many other movies, I was all about money making.

the star wars prequels are the best example of ho hollow the process of
movie making can really be.

LathanMedia says:

I’m gonna call it: SW7 will make a shit load of money yet be mediocre.
Meanwhile, the Warcraft movie will bomb, yet be actually good.

NerdyGuyRanting says:

That comment about sexism and racism made me want to high five the screen.

cannabiscorpsefan says:

this “oh it’s so good because nostalgia and TIE fighters and stormtroopers”
is exactly why people love REBELS so much and I hate it!!!!!

HelenaeCat says:

Oh god more SJW far left bs seeping into the world. So glad I don’t live in
America anymore. Place is going to shit when people only judge on your damn
skin color. I thought the dream of civil rights movement was to live in a
world where we didn’t judge by the pigment of one’s skin. Oh well, not
gonna care. Don’t live there anymore. Thank god. 

Tempest8 says:

I actually liked the prequels…..

Skiddo4withchin says:

I must be the only person on the internet who liked the prequels a lot,
they were good!

3in1 gamer says:

What about Henry Ford? He is Solo,Jones and the LucasArts man.

Dante Briefs says:

You know what is the fun part about the Cast List. Hoping they`ll use
characters from the Extended Universe and then trying to guess who would
play who. Currently I would only pin-point Daisy Ridley as Jaina Solo
(Daughter of Han and Leia) cause she just looks like how Jaina is portrait
in the books. Kinda missing a guy that would fit the looks of Jaina`s
Twinbrother Jacen, cause the only one I would consider is Pip Andersen and
he looks too bulky to be Jacen (cause Jacen is kinda like that good looking
model type of guy, not that strong broad shoulders kind). In the end all
guessing is in vain, I am just hoping I get to see some of my favorite Star
Wars characters on the big screen. I would freakin` LOVE Kyle Katarn,
Corran Horn and Kyp Durron to be there, but I don`t think they will be
there. Maybe Kyle, cause he is a little bit more known than Corran and Kyp,
but I don`t think so. I just really really hope they are gonna use some
established characters, instead of trying to make them all new, since they
would make some of the “real” Star Wars fans shit their pants if we get to
finally see our beloved Jedis and or Sith on the Screen. COME ON, BRING ME

MJ Alejo says:

Please Jeremy do that Jar Jar Binks action again..that’s the first time i
laughed on Jar Jar..hahaha

David Balduino says:

Obi wan Kenobi is NOT A SITH LORD where did you come up with that?

clouds5 says:

Didn’t expect one of the best comments i’ve seen about racism in this :) If
you have to present a certain quota of races to not appear racist, there is
still way too much racism going on. There is no racism involved when the
topic doesn’t come up in the first place. When it is completely a
non-issue. As a European (yeah we have our own problems) it’s so weird to
see this black and white thing still happening in America. I mean MJ wrote
Black&White in 1991. Thats over 20 years ago. And “a raisin in the sun” was
written in 1959. Thats over 50 years ago! We really should get over that
black/white thing. And I mean all the parties. We are all human and our
shit looks the same no matter what color your face has. So we have that
going for us – which is nice. I guess.

Jordan Gehl says:

While, the original trilogy is by FAAAAAAAAR, the superior movie’s, I still
think the prequels had good moment’s in them. And that’s coming from
someone who grew up with the original trilogy on VHS.

Joao Cardisus says:

Awesome video.

GANMU says:

J.J. Abrams made me like star trek, so i have complete confidence in him. 

Jedidavie0804 says:

Why do people take the most exciting pop culture news and find something to
complain about it?

This is why I’m looking forward to Star Wars: Rebels than the new trilogy,
because people can’t complain that much about the show, but with the movies
people will complain about every exciting piece of news that’s thrown at

JackysonLikeDonkeyKong says:

My list in order:
Episode 3: Revenge of The Sith
Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
Episode 6: Return of the Jedi
Episode 4: A New Hope
Episode 2: Attack of The Clones
Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 

Flufux says:

When you said “the prequels were not…” I answered “Not as bad as everyone
claims they are”

NinjaOnion says:

imo It is sexist and racist if they intentionally cast a black guy or some
mixed-race chick.

Terez Williamson says:

Sorry, but J.J. Abrams involvement doesn’t assure me of the quality of
these films. I will have to see the final product. However, I am
disappointed that Hamill, Fisher, and Ford are back, but not Billy Dee
Williams as Lando. That is disappointing.

lady09giggles says:

I understand your racist and sexist statement, but 1) whoever they cast
after this will never be in that famous picture that is being circulated
everywhere and 2) so many movies do this (your quota of a 1-2 females
and 1 minority), it gets old.

JeremyJahns says:
KingLink95 says:

3:47 That doesn’t prove anything. Phantom Menace was awesome. 

Ramiro Quevedo says:

Am i the only one who liked the prequels?

Vic Vinegar says:

They don’t have Africa in their galaxy so how can black people exist?

silentwolfSW97 says:

Jesus people, you speak of all three prequels as if they are equal. Revenge
Of The Sith was epiiiiic and worthy of the original trilogy. 

Joshua Barron says:

The cast looks cool. The “racism” and “sexist” thing about the movie is
stupid. I’m positive that they did not sit there like, “Oh, females aren’t
that strong so we’ll have one girl.” Or “Oh, black people are nothing,
we’ll put one African American guy.” Seriously? 

The DJ Gamer says:

i really hope that the new movie wont pull a age of extinction where its a
sequel,but the previous movies are forgoten and the characters that were
there before( chewey R2D2 and C3PO) arent just there to say” this is the
same universe”

McKethan Campbell says:

Am I the only one who like the 3 prequels? 

Jakob m8 says:

People are still not done whining about the prequels… sigh, time to move

Molly Briscoe says:

Also Harrison ford is in as Han Solo so is Carrie fisher as Leia and the
guy who played Luke

Woodrow George says:

It’s just a movie……….. and that’s all of it.

Clarence Tuurngait says:

Jeremy jeneric

Shaf Hussain says:

Star Wars sucks balls

Michael Costa says:

How about they cast based off whos most qualified not on who fucking black,
white, asian, male , female, gay, straight blah blah blah blah blah 

Pauline Joy Salgado says:

That lavender shirt pops out when you use the red background.

dmravi13 says:

Star Wars is racist? Obviously those people haven’t watched Lord of the
Rings hahaha lol

Spartan111 says:

So, my take on J.J. Abrams: If you had asked me what I thought of him a
year ago, I would tell you he sucked. I did not like his first Star Trek
movie, and his second one was OK. And I actually had not heard of this guy
before that, since I never really followed directors, just movies.

But when I looked up out of curiosity who was directing Star Wars, and saw
it was J.J. for whatever reason I felt like it was a good choice. It took
me a bit to realize why. The reason I hated his Star Trek films? They
felt like STAR WARS! They had that kind of pacing! Far more action and
suspense than old school Star Trek, but just perfect for Star Wars.

From this, I am convinced that this movie has hope. A good cast, J.J. at
the helm, the writer from the greatest Star Wars film of all time behind
him, and backed by Disney’s limitless budget, I think they have a shot…

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