SK Quest to Vanguard Ep.13 – Video Game Network?!, ft. Serjinx, Glacies, Quote

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In which we continue the search for Advanced Orbs, “How are you?”s are exchanged, the future of this Youtube channel is discussed, and the podcast hosts theorize about what meeting IRL would be like…

Remember to answer two things for us in the comments!!
1. Do you want to see us playing other games besides SK?
2. Do you want to see us goofing around, or would you rather have informative content?

0:00 Latisan is getting a bit sleepy…
1:14 Blast Furnace: Haunted Passage
7:30 ???
9:37 Solotron joins the fight!
10:32 Deconstruction Zone: Molten Mayhem
14:16 Charred Compound: Ravenous Warrens
22:33 Glacies and Quote join the fight!
22:44 Clockworks Terminal: The Crossroads of Adventure
23:43 ???
32:04 Dark City: Sinful Steps
39:20 Dark City: Plazamonium

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Jakob Krakob says:

I’d love to see things other than SK, just don’t abandon it.
Goofing around is great, but I guess maybe that’s mostly because I’m
already familiar with 90% of SK.

OfficialQuantumNova says:

I would like yall to play a multiplayer game together. like maybe Super
Smash Bros., QWOP, league is alright(but no 1hr matches). Minecraft
survival together. stuff like that

Goldblaze SK says:

Maybe if you could, would you be able to play some old games from the PS1
or Xbox, you could even call it something such as ‘Vintage Week’ depending
on how you want to upload them to YouTube.

Dipperpines 725 says:

I like your SK videos but I also think it would be fun if you did some
videos on Team Fortress 2.
Can u do both?

Matthew M. says:

I love these nonsense videos

OfficialQuantumNova says:

yes longer videos of chit chat!

TheOblomoff says:

Oh, can you please play some Happy Wars, Star Conflict and Tome for me?

DisHarmony _ says:

its nice to hear all the guys back together and i do like the random talks 

[______] GeMini says:

More sarcasm XD and talking 

OfficialQuantumNova says:

Yeah Solotron!

DisHarmony _ says:

i would like to see more games sounds like fun 

EnderNecro says:

Why not both?

Yoshistudios says:

Mario Party

barnbas lin says:


WordenraL - Game Channel says:


Anguschow127 says:

1. yes
2. a bit of both

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