SK Quest to Vanguard Ep.11 – Contemplation

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In which Latisan farms while talking about his thoughts on the Gunner Update. We back, boyz!

0:00 We back, boyzzz!
1:56 Assault on Machine Shop 13: Assembly Floor
7:37 Assault on Machine Shop 13: Munitions Storage
16:03 Blast Furnace: Mechanized Mile
22:17 Blast Furnace: Wild Path
28:51 ???

The talk will be continued next episode… with Serjinxable!

Join in the journey of free-to-play knight Maximus-Efficiency as he quests on Elite difficulty from a Proto n00b to an honorable Vanguard! …at least, that’s the optimistic hope.
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TheOblomoff says:

That was my first winterfest and OH MY GOD the mount crampus is insane!
Made it to the room-before-the-boss without sparks once. I’ll prepare
better for the next winterfest :) Also, the grind for the reskins is
Oh, and I feel that the pickups that are of the same theme as the level you
play on, are more common. To prove that I would need a wide-scale research

(13:21 – you got poison barrier before going into the elevator)

Thurderwing SK says:

the first gun I got was the gilded griffin; I am currently working on
getting the winter grave. as for winter fest, I didn’t log on for the
duration of that event. I also looking to get the grim repeater because
that gun just straight up looks like a death machine. :]

DisHarmony _ says:

i got the wildfire first now im working on the griffen 

[______] GeMini says:

I enjoyed the winterfest but spent meant my time doing other things

[______] GeMini says:

Griffin to get all damage type Antiguas

The Arsenal Podcast says:
Judith Augustin says:


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