SK Quest to Vanguard Ep.10 – Unleash the Hounds

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In which Latisan hunts some Beasts in attempt to find particular materials, finds Slimes in Beasty areas, and makes a new toy!

What’s with the “Demo Mode” on the screen?
Due to unexpected and unrepairable circumstances, my video recording software reverted to the free “Demo” version rather than my paid version. This video is late (intended to be uploaded Saturday) as I’ve been trying to fix the problem, but there’s nothing I can do.
Sorry, and it shouldn’t happen again.

0:00 SKN stream recap
1:43 Dealing with Axia
3:17 Wolver Den: Pack Brutality
8:00 Power Complex: Wild Path
12:55 Aurora Isles: The Low Gardens
21:11 Iron Edge Arena: Beastly Brawl
27:48 Clockworks Terminal
29:31 Doing Business at the Bazaar
33:06 Making a new thing

Join in the journey of free-to-play knight Maximus-Efficiency as he quests on Elite difficulty from a Proto n00b to an honorable Vanguard! …at least, that’s the optimistic hope.
Start from the beginning!

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Judith Augustin says:

When is he gonna get back to this?

razvan batca says:

you can buy triknets from brinks with tokens and sell them for cr.

ClockWorkDrachronos says:

Looks like I’ve got a heck of a lot of catching up to do…
The ‘pure bomber’ alt is a good idea, however you should get some friends
to go with you most of the time. Bombs are ridiculously good if everyone is
using them.

I might try making a pure ‘guardian’ gear alt for the lulz.

UbererSK says:

Oh, and do you play hearthstone? Because that dog is the unleash the hounds
card. (Kinda in a hurry so didnt watch the video so idk if you talked about
that in this episode)

Andy Nguyen says:

When i serched spiral knights in game serch for spiralknights searched

UbererSK says:

Its wierd that i cant watch your stream on iPad. I can see ppl chat but it
says you are offline :/

chocky block says:

what do you use to record?

Ghasnain SK says:

Nice one

Noobazoidss SK says:

screenflow demo :P

Yeoj7 says:

I was at the Stream and had a blast love you guys

TheChompingSnorlax says:

Why does it say demo mode

The Arsenal Podcast says:
Blazing Solo says:

When is a new video of Quest to Vanguard?

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