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The Schmoes welcome Eddie Redmayne from The Theory of Everything to the show as well as Youtube movie reviewer Chis Stuckmann. We talk Best Worst and Anticipated movies of 2015. Thanks for joining us for show 1 of 2015!

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KillerZeli says:

Guardians is a crowdpleaser, but probably the best crowdpleaser you can ask
for and that is why it is not overrated. The best movie of the year? No.
One of the best blockbuster in a long time? Yes. 

Jake Armstrong says:

First time I’ve seen finstock with no mask he’s so ugly lmfao

TheVideoInvader says:

Can’t blame Ayer for Sabotage. It was written by Skip Woods A.K.A The
Cartoon Cat. Not much you do there.

foorocker says:

Another great episode everyone! Great way to start the year. Finstock needs
to co-host more often.

Will Penner says:

Maskless Finstock should co-host the main show more often.


I love chris’s description of how left behind seemed like it could’ve been
“Nicolas cage, the rapture, a plane!”

Everything Except Shoes says:

I like how Finstock says his body is always at 70 degrees, that would make
him a corpse.

Max Palombella says:

You guys really dropped the ball on the Ghost in the Shell conversation.
Why did nobody mentioned that the character is Japanese?! I know if you
haven’t seen it you probably will have less of an interest in the topic but
maybe a little research would produce a conversation worth having, like you
did when Lexi Alexander dropped by (by the way that was the best episode

Having said that Happy New year guys. Hope its a great one for the

SK Podcast says:

The Schmoes welcome Eddie Redmayne from The Theory of Everything to the
show as well as Youtube movie reviewer Chis Stuckmann. We talk Best Worst
and Anticipated movies of 2015. Thanks for joining us for show 1 of 2015!

JustReggie NoBush says:

What happened to Jeremy Jahns ? 

Jesse Pinkman says:


Isaac Ruthen says:

For best actor, I would have….

Michael Keaton
Benedict Cumberbatch
Eddie Redmayne
Jake Gyllenhaal
David Oyelowo

(Outside chance of Ralph Fiennes getting nominated)

And I think they should move Carell to supporting. Channing Tatum was
definitely the lead in that movie. So I’d have these for Supporting

J.K. Simmons
Ethan Hawke
Edward Norton
Mark Ruffalo
Steve Carell

Starshine Frost says:

Can you believe Oyelowo wasn’t nominated for a best actor Oscar? Stunning.
Went from the early buzz to win it, to not even nominated.

Tala Mayumi says:

Suggestion guys: Can you please include in the description the time stamp
of the sections of the show? If that’s not too much of a bother. Thank you!

mmmtunes says:

It was like having sexual relations with an amputee… Genius 

David Jordao says:

The fact that some people didn’t like X-Men: Days Of Future Past or Captain
America: The Winter Soldier, blows my mind…

Movie Muscle says:

It’s stupid how more people don’t mention Foxcatcher. It’s actually
daringly dark and tells an incredibly fascinating true story, etc.–much
better than a lot of these overrated Oscar players like Boyhood, Selma, and
The Theory of Everything.

The T-800 says:

The Ant Man trailer was ok but it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already
know plus it was serious then had a comedic twist at the end which I don’t
think worked .


JTE finally gets the respect he deserves, that little weasel!

Movie Master says:

Great show guys #allhailchrisstuckman

Niki Dimitrov says:

I think that Chris Stuckmann is one of the best guests that you could ever
have in a podcast or any other movie discussion live stream.

Benjamin Workman says:

I had a question about the schmoes know show live. I have no issues
watching all the other popcorn talk shows live, but I couldn’t find the
live stream of schmoes know on YouTube Thursday? I’m using a tablet, so any
info on how I can watch live? Great show!

TheGreatOne313 says:

I think Suicide Squad will be like the recent animated movie. Maybe they
are breaking into prison to do something and Joker is already there. Harley
and him already had the relationship and maybe she breaks him out

themaker151 says:

Fury was more of a Logan Lerman movie for me really, only problem was that
when people shot from tanks, or guns, it looks like they’re shooting lasers
from Star Wars, with all the red, and green, distracted me

Jim Mills says:

That improv comedy from Finstock about being 6999 of the youtube hits on
tiffanys nymphomaniac video was classic. Perfect timing man.

Kadafi69 says:

btw who the heck was that incoming call the entire time?!?! lol tell the

BenJ55554 says:

I thought The Babadook was a good movie, I enjoyed all of it except for how
she defeats the monster, she gives it a good talking to and it defeats it,
you wouldn’t find Michael Myers backing down after getting a scolding 

TheGamerGirl2330 says:

I have a feeling that Hydra is that number that keeps trying to call in!

matt G says:

Why does Tiffany always seems annoyed, upset whenever Finstock shows up ?

TheTrophyMunchers says:

I love Chris, just love hearing his opinions to be honest

Ken Reels says:

My favorite movie of the year goes to Automata. It was a movie that didn’t
get much love from audiences and critics (see it Rotten Tomato score for
that). But I totally loved this movie from beginning to end. The direction
on this movie I thought rivaled Ridley Scott in terms of scope.

For anticipated stuff there’s the go to with Ultron and Star Wars but after
watching the trailer I’m really looking forward to Pan and Terminator
Genysis. I know alot has been said about Genysis but the more I see the
trailer the more I get hyped. Pan just looks really cool and imaginative.
Hugh Jackman looks like he’s gonna play the villain super over the top and
it will be a joy to watch him on screen even if it turns out to stoink.

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