SK Classic Episode Podcast #103: Man of Steel Spoiler Episode

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Kristian and Mark welcomed back the FIRST LADY of Schmoeville, our first co-host ever Catherine Reitman and we talk all things Man of Steel. Comedian Steve Byrne drops in to be part of the convo as well. Enjoy!!


Brett Getz says:

I loved Man of Steel. It is one of my favorite comic book movies. It
certainly doesn’t deserve all the hate it got.

Mare4621 says:

Man of Steel was amazing, she is shitting about David S fucking Goyer,
bitch do you even know who he is?

DamnFineCupOfCoffee says:

Love this movie. So much soul and character compared to the average fare.

Definitely not as accessible though, and if the story and characters didnt
connect with you, I can understand why one wouldnt enjoy it. 

Miguel Lemos says:

Really gui’s I like you but, please, this episode, it seem’s you’re a bunch
of marvel fan boys, and there’s one thing that ruins the Internet in
general and Youtube in particular is FAN F**IN BOYS, please stop with
stupid propaganda.

SK Podcast says:

Kristian and Mark welcomed back the FIRST LADY of Schmoeville, our first
co-host ever Catherine Reitman and we talk all things Man of Steel.
Comedian Steve Byrne drops in to be part of the convo as well. Enjoy!!

Landry Miller says:

Lol love when Catherine gets dissed on the high five. Love all the co host
but she’s my least favorite. To me she tries to bring the attitude like
Katee sackhoff but it falls flat. Almost a gross kinda thing since she’s a
mother. But I still enjoy her. Its like picking my favorite pie 

Joey Henderson says:

Man of Steel is not badly written, it’s just different from what you’re
used to in a Superman movie. As for the Lois and Clark romance, I never
felt like they should fall in love in this movie, I felt like it should be
an introduction, they did share a kiss but honestly who wouldn’t in these
circumstances. Also, I like the fact that Lois Lane is pro-active and
smart, not whiney and boring like Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, and I
like the fact they let her know that Clark Kent is Superman.

TheVideoInvader says:

Goyer was the only problem. Louis didn’t need to be in Man Of Steel. That
was his biggest mistake. Precious screen time wasted.

Jeremy Rivera says:

Yeah this is one of my favorite episode.Its basically a big Movie Fights
episode on Man Of Steel. Plus Catherine Reitman, and Steve Byrne was funny.

47bloodhound says:

hated Man of Steel for a lot of reasons, but the main one was when Zod
throws a tanker truck at Superman and he runs away, letting it hit a
building killing how many? the Superman i know would have caught it, put it
down and flown off, with Zod in chase, away from Metropalis and fought it
out on the moon or mars, not in the middle of the city. and david s. goyer
blows because he f***ed this up and insulted She-Hulk. this dude wrote the
Blade trilogy, which are awesome films, and then insults an awesome
character and comic book fans in a ill-conceived “rant”. that is a man that
has latched onto comic books early, made a career of it and then insulted
those who he claimed to cater for…in other words, dudes an a**hole

DragonLandlord says:

i agree with Catherine’s nostalgia comment but alot of people are coming
from the 90’s cartoon mythos instead of the movies, especially the whole
‘Superman doesn’t kill’ comment.

drizzydrew98 says:

You guys are wearing boomphones haeadphones.

Alameen Rahman says:

“subtle, yet powerful” aww man i wish i saw this show live in 2013

Joshua Volkers says:

I still remember how much of a shit-storm you guys stirred up when you put
this episode online originally. I will say this: while I think that there
are fair and unfair criticisms and praise coming from both sides of the
debate, none of you deserved to be attacked for your feelings on the movie.
No one should be accused of being a moron or idiot just because of their
taste in film. But like the pros you are, you took it all in stride and
moved forward. So well done Schmoes, not just for that, but for sticking
around for all of these years.

Borat69able says:

Man of Steel was a good movie that had flaws, but what movie doesn’t?
Any movie that is completely serious has everything going up against it. I
can bet if this movie had a few jokes and was light-hearted, it wouldn’t
have gotten as much hate and would have been more accessible.

Most marvel (MCU) movies are very flawed but it’s flaws are overlooked due
to the light-heartedness of those movies. 

Nicky Thompson says:

This is actually my favourite SK show next to the Lexi Alexander one.

Couch Tomato says:

this is the show where I officially became a fan! Great stuff Schmoes!

Kevin Ducharme says:

it’s interesting to get back and see how unsure we all were about guardians
of the galaxy before we knew anything about it. it really puts into
perspective how much of a plan marvel has set up and they aren’t afraid to
execute it. I mean I know nothing about the inhumans but at this point I’ll
be surprised if that doesn’t become a big hit aswell.

Alameen Rahman says:

lmao steve was hilarious

PatrickG4444 says:

is this movie from like a year ago

Luke Beard says:

This is also one of my favorite episodes. Catherine Reitman was fantastic
as always, and Steve Byrne was a great guest. 

MrHeatfan9 says:

you guys got to get Steve Byrne back on the show, he was hilarious here. 

DavidGerlach says:

It’s funny because I just re-watched Man of Steel again today.

TMNT2190 says:

Great entertainment Schmoes great job

ultrajayy says:


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