Singing & Badass Intros! (Behind-the-Scenes)

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The Wildman & Cobbster sing their hearts out while the Pitboss gives an incredible intro!

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Nadheeran's Deep Space says:

The Pit Boss is the greatest. Been listening to the Napzok files, recently,
and they’re so fucking good!
P.S. Can we get a full cover of Maguga and Cobbster, singing “Schmoes

JIPunisherIL says:

Ken is the fucking best.

Jonathan Flores says:

One day Cody it will all be yours. One day. Muahahaha! Muahahaha!
MUAHAHAHA!!! Cough! Cough! Oh sorry! That hurt my comment throat. 

SK Podcast says:

Me & @joshmacuga sing our hearts out, @kennapzok gives a killer intro &
@therealcodyhall gets mad… Enjoy!

Ash Liz says:

omg that behind the scenes was amazing. I wondered what you were talking
about when you said he dropped to his knees haha… Ken is so awesome!

foorocker says:

YES getting to see Ken’s awesome intro fuck yeah! Plus Kristian’s De Niro
face at 0:37 made this video the best thing I have watched all week haha.

moviebuzzrocks says:

Ken is God


Pitboss the best!

kian mokler says:

Good video guys.

Wilks363 says:

Hahaha Kristians right Cobster does seem happier now he aint a intern..!

MrSlagle8706 says:

So happy that was recorded hahaha

MrAngryRetard says:

man ken is brilliant i love this man!

kingsportcal says:

Ken’s intro was tits!!

Wilks363 says:

“In ken we Trust..!” (To make us laugh)

Josiah Ward says:

Brilliant lol

NarutoRasengan says:

man i didnt know the studio was that small! i mean it looks soo tiny, when
u can see how far the table is in relation to the couch and podium.

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