Sean Bean Interview – LEGENDS

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Chris Stuckmann interviews Sean Bean and Howard Gordon for the new TNT show LEGENDS.

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Crichjo32 says:

Most men wish they could be half the man Sean Bean is.

dmurrdock24 says:

I can absolutely never meet Sean Bean. I cannot anticipate how high my
voice will go, how much I’ll be hit with uncontrollable giddy laughter or
how uncomfortably long I’ll bear hug him. Too much. 

Earth Linger says:

I’m surprised he didn’t die in this interview. 

Phil Hubbs says:

He’s still the Sheffield lad eh hehe never dumped that South Yorkshire
accent, how does he get work haha (I jest).

Not sure how he is your childhood hero Mr Stuckmann seeing as he was only
famous from the early 90’s. Unless of course you are from the UK.

Tom Erik says:

It’s a gift !

unstopableguy1 says:

Cant wait to see him die in that movie as well ;)

Attila theHun says:

It kinda seems like Sean Bean was more nervous than you.

jkrfan7 says:

Was he nice?

ericcartmansh says:

Great interview and very thoughtful questions

Chris Stuckmann says:
WarriorofSparta says:

Nice interview Chris, Sean Bean is just awesome!

Bjorn Bouterse says:

Great interview Chris :) Must say if you’re looking for constructive
criticism about your new lighting and camera, I think it looks a bit dull
and dark. I much preferred it when it was more light and colourful. 

Pamela Ash says:

Thank you for saying “purposefully.” I am kinky about words. Don’t ask. Or
if you do, do it by private message ;P
Sorry. It’s Sean Bean’s fault. Ask him.

MarkDeMort says:

Yeah Ned Stark is awesome

Jakub K says:

Great interview Chris! Sean Bean seems like such a humble guy I’m looking
forward to seeing him in The Martian. 

RandomU5erName says:

Question: if you’re a part of the Sean Bean fandom are you called a Beaner?

CRBASF2 says:

SPOILERS: Sean Bean’s character dies in the end. 

I Am Dave says:

Great interview chris…Sean Bean is from my part of the world God’s Own
Country Yorkshire.

Jonathan Evans says:

Good job, Chris Stuckmann! You are a natural at it, bud.

How tough was it to not ask Sean Bean anything about being Ned Stark??

daniel bargil says:

To bad Sean’s character is going to day after the first season 

JdMc1996 says:

You should have asked Sean Bean to say “Get Stuckmannized!” haha

yanxtar says:

Such boring questions (similar to FLickPick), I can imagine the both of
them were bored out of their skull by the end of the day. Jake Hamilton
does very good interviews with unique and interesting questions, the cast
is always excited to answer his questions.

Such a disappointment, because I enjoy and respect Chris’ videos and
opinions, I genuinely went into this anticipating some good, interesting
questions from Chris, yet it’s the same run of the mill, standard questions
“What attracted you to the role”, “How did you like playing your character”

*For the upcoming haters on my opinion; as previously stated, I’m only
disappointed because I hold Chris to a high esteem, so it’s more of a
compliment on my opinion of him and my respect for his work. I’m hoping
it’s down to nerves and the fact it’s one of his first “big” interviews,
and that it will only improve. Congratulations on landing this YouTube
promo for Legends, hope you get more of these deals.

Teresa Bailey says:

Well done interview! You obviously asked them questions that were different
from what everyone else was asking. You also got me interested in a show I
wouldn’t otherwise have looked for.

Michael Andrews says:

It isn’t until now that I realised how soothing Bean’s voice can be xD
Sound’s strange but when people say that they like people’s voices they say
Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Michael Caine, Benedict Cumberbatch,
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, Charles Dance… Why not more Bean eh ?!

SquareOne says:

I love Sean Bean. Not really a fan of this channel but that’s fucking
awesome you got to sit down with him.

predatorsander says:

sean seemed more nerves than chris lol

Skeletonpack says:

Is it just me, or did Sean Bean seem a little uncomfortable when Chris
asked him what he looks for in a director?

Kyle Schneid says:

Sean Bean is a way too big of an actor to care whether or not someone is a
fan of him. Sorry to say it though 

Gene L. says:

From youtube to interviewing Ned Stark.


Kazuo Taoka says:

I’m just glad Sean Bean was’t killed during the interview.

ConsoleCrashersShow says:

This looks like an interesting show, but I don’t have TNT. Are there any
other places I can watch it that anyone can tell me about?

Ricky Teague says:

Spoiler: Sean Bean dies.

Tunaboy45 says:

Sean is such a nice person.

MrLonewolfozz says:

beat that maise Williams, chris stuckmann isn’t desperate enough for fame
that he’ll visit someones bedroom for views, ha

LegionaryWithAGladius says:

Seaaaaaaaaan beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

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