Se7en – My Favorite Movies

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Se7en, starring Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow. Directed by David Fincher.


Evan Hanson says:

Hey you should do the same thing for all the Christopher Nolan movies
before Interstellar comes out!

Chris Stuckmann says:
TacticalBlackCats says:


iReece4498 says:

Please do the same for Quentin Tarantino in the lead up to the Hateful

reid hawkins says:

This, silence of the lambs, and american psycho are my favorite freaking
serial killer movies ever!!!! 

C. Pasta says:

David is one of my favorite directors as well…just the way he makes his
movies are all so…unique?? And are just oscar-worthy films. Girl with the
dragon tattoo has be my favorite movie made by him but Se7en was great as
well. Nice video Chris :)

tomhulcelover says:

what i found interesting about this movie was that i never noticed that it
really looked like it was based in the 70s until i’d seen it a few several
times lol

ShinbrigTV says:

Not a huge fan of David Fincher, but I will give this movie a chance. 

The Marauder says:

SPOILERS Se7en should have ended with the helicopter shot of Brad Pitt’s
character walking away. It was supposed to until the studio forced them to
tack on the “epilogue”. If you ever show this movie to your friends, turn
the TV at that moment, because it’s pretty much the real ending.

Josef Hautala says:

Critics said this relied on blood and gore?!?!? There is basically no blood
and gore! The film relies on the audience using their imagination.

Xiu Greyson says:

you know I watched the movie it didn’t draw me in at first but it never
given me a reason to turn away and its pretty good. however I was pretty
spoiled of the ending so um…yeah…


i wanted to see what happened with the lust.

Atticus Omundson says:

The city in Se7en is like if you dropped New York City on top of Reno.

Poppy M says:

This movie was so novel and so gory for its time, but sadly, with all the
Saw films and other gory stuff, it has lost some of it’s impact. For me,
anyway. It’s still a really good movie though! But not so shocking anymore
now, which is sad as it just means we are desencitized to such violence and

jigsawkid95 says:

Agreed! One of the best of all time 

Ongaku says:

I just watched this movie, and it was one of the most predictable cynical
movie ever. Wasn’t a slight bit impressed. It in fact pissed me off more
than entertained me, lol.

samy mucho says:

Cant get over that dildo from the lust scene, god that was fucked up

dmcdarkknight says:

I just saw this movie and i really enjoyed, allthough I for some reason
said to myself, once the package arrived “I bet Tracy`s head is in there”
anyone else who could sense that?

Robert Wadsley says:

Give us FIGHT CLUB Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NewoandMe says:

Please, oh please review Memento. I can tell, just by this review that you
love it and i do too.
I also feel like Se7en to David Fincher is like Memento to Christopher
Nolan. Their first film wasn’t that amazing, (But Following is a trillion
times better than Alien 3) then these directors got to make their own film
with a better budget and better actors, to show their true potential.
Now they are both among the Top 5 directors working today.

Miguel Pabello says:

The “city” could possibly be Gotham without Batman. Haha!

iBigMacPT says:

just saw it. I didn’t really get that feeling Chris, it just seemed too
predictable :S 

Abu Lewally says:

It was Gotham 

Jim Messer says:

If you didn’t like alien 3, watch the assembly cut. It’s a lot better than
the theatrical version 

anthony mohamed says:

how gory is this movie on a scale of 1-10?

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