Schmoes Know Movie Show #181: Jeremy Jahns returns to Schmoeville!

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Tonight’s episode, we welcome back Jeremy Jahns to Schmoeville! We talk Star Wars, westerns,
Indiana Jones and is the found footage genre dead? AND we announce next week’s HUGE guest!!


Alicia Malone says:

Where were YOU in 2007??

oooSKYLIGHTooo says:

shit and unleashes the dark side 1:12:55. Never go full Wookiee!
#epicrant #lukeskywalker

John Costa says:

Brad Pitt should not be fucking Indiana Jones you suck

Álvaro A. says:

I think Bradley Cooper is the better choice for Indiana Jones

TheVideoInvader says:

It would be awesome if you guys would ask Mr Hamill about his involvement
in Regular Show. Easily Cartoon Networks best show since Ed, Edd n Eddy.

Kadafi69 says:

lol why does he keep saying Joppie? Its Chappie right???

Chris R says:

what if you “Grand Budapest hotel” india jones and its harrison ford
telling a story, and chris pratt is main character in the story. and it
keeps flashing back to the present so Harrison can do a zinger or maybe
there’s a small on-going story in the present that completes by the end of
the movie. doesnt have to be chris pratt, that would just be my choice, but
i think it would be nice for Harrison to go out on a good note……ughhh
crystal skull……..LOVE THE SHOW!

oisin mcmahon says:

I’d love to see Lee Pace do a Star Wars movie. Mostly a sith, because when
I saw him in GOTG, when he spoke, something just clicked in my head. 

The Cheez says:

Sometimes you have to ask yourself, where were YOU, in 2007.

CybertechWKUK says:

I recommend watching a very underrated and under the radar found footage
film called Trollhunter. It is a Norwegian dark fantasy film released in
2010. It is subtitled and has pretty good special effects.

Dakotaen says:

I want to see Alicia and Macuga review 50 Shades of Grey. That would be

David Howse says:

Shout out to the shawshank theme played at the break!!! I fucking love that

The Wilfred says:

Great show guys, that announcement killed me, I’m not even a star Wars Fan
and I find myself excited!!

I want to be super honest about the 50 Shades of Grey review, I don’t care,
and I’m sure the mayority of Schmoeville doesn’t care about this movie too,
I know you guys are gonna review this one because is gonna be a hit at the
box office, ergo more views and all that stuff…. but I just don’t care, I
would love to see you guys review What We Do in the Shadows next week, a
movie so fantastic that I think is the Shaun of the Dead of the vampire
genre, and for me, the funniest movie of last year (it came out last year
in Europe), a gem of a film.

TheSilverstang66 says:

I somewhat like this better than AMC movie talk

gunguy999 says:

Brad Pitt has got to be the worst recommendation for the character of
Indiana Jones; are you out of your mind!?

iñigo Santacana says:

I acually liked Cloud Atlas from the Wachowski brothers Have you guys seen
that one? What do you think about it? Because you never mention it when you
talk about the works of the Wachowskies and I believe is their best work
after the matrix, better than Vendetta in my opinion. What do you guys

Mr. GMAN's Channel says:

I think the last found footage movie I thought was decent was that As Above
So Below movie about the Paris catacombs. While not being very good, I
thought it delivered on atmosphere and claustrophobia. But yeah, found
footage movies are right now in critical condition. With every Cloverfield
and Chronicle, you get 5 more shitty ones like the last two Paranormal
Activities, Devil’s Due, Earth To Echo, or even Project Almanac.

The Narrator says:

Why doesn’t Hollywood reboot bad stuff like they did with dredd

TheTrophyMunchers says:

Great episode :) love all of you!

oisin mcmahon says:

We live in a weird world don’t we. Like I’m not trying to throw fire at you
guys or anything, I respect you guys completely, I’m awake at 4.00am in
Ireland listening to you guys, but I find it weird that you guys gave a
mostly negative response to the Poltergeist getting a
remake/reboot/reimagining, yet Beauty and the Beast gets a pass.

I’ll admit, the second half of that trailer was jump scares left, right and
centre, but for the most part it looks good. As someone who does well with
horror movies (I cheer mostly and fist pump), this creeped me out a bit.

And Reily’s comments about how it’s going over the same waters (which kind
is the point of a remake), is another thing. Like it might be an unfair
thing to say since, well he saw the original. Had they changed too much,
people would complain, and if they changed too little people would still

A Yap says:

Kristian , I saw you on movie fights on Screen Junkies, Dude I know your
emotional and it’s your personality but after your yelling at a troll and
nick mundy, you’re going to get a heart attack, or high blood pressure that
will mess up your kidneys. I am not saying you’re old but just a concerned

SK Podcast says:
LeIllKid says:

Chappie = Short Circuit and Robocop

foorocker says:

Once again another great episode. Love seeing my favorite movie reviewers
team up. Jeremy and the Schmoes are the best combo. The Schmoes Know Movie
Show is constantly every week my favorite online show. And freaking MARK
HAMILL next week. So excited

Joey Henderson says:

1:12:55 best moment in this episode IT’S FUCKING LUKE SKYWALKER

MrDman21 says:

Spielberg may have “produced” POLTERGEIST but true horror fans know that
Tobe Hooper left his mark on that film. Today’s horror movie directors have
no imagination. All they see are trends, these REBOOTS are nothing but
trends and that is why Hollywood sucks.

Jonathan Ellison says:

this week’s show was awesome THE HARLOFF LUKE RANT WAS AWESOME

TheUhOhOreo says:

Requiem For A Dream is in my top 3 for sure it’s incredible 

Bobbin -C says:

Kingsman is like a weird remake of spy kids with off putting ultra violence
and terribly misjudged bad language.


Enough with the fucking reboots and long overdue sequels. I used to not
mind but they are multiplying exponentially. Reboots are the parasites of

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