Schmoes Know Movie Show #180: Katee Sackhoff returns!

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Tonight’s episode, we welcome back former co-host and Schmoeville favorite Katee Sackhoff as well as the return of Alicia Malone. We will talk Sundance, Star Wars and what trailers we hope to see at Superbowl! COMMENT AND ENJOY!


Gabriel Moors says:

Avenger movie is so overrated I feel … Maybe I have this perspective
because I’m from Europe,but comon, the movie itself wasn’t that good …

Caitlynn Bonds says:

So glad to see Alicia back!!

oisin mcmahon says:

I have a feeling F4 might be a GOOD movie, but not a good superhero movie

Weezing336 says:

True Lies beats the dog shit out of The Rock. The Rock’s action scenes are
so incompetently shot. 

foorocker says:

For what its worth I am not seeing Ant Man opening weekend. With so many
superhero films coming out I am going to have to start picking and choosing
what superhero movies I go to. Ant Man is not on my list of must sees. 

jigyoda says:

She wouldn’t make a good Captain Marvel.

Jack Brown says:

Think you should lay off the Superhero movie questions for Katee. Clearly
she’s annoyed as fuck and it’s like beating a dead horse.

Wulf says:

I’ve only seen Pratt be a clown. And from the scene in the Jurassic Park
trailer I didn’t buy him being a serious guy. I think he’s awesome, but
not for Indy. Indy is a bad ass, an academic, and he’s got an understated
charm and wit. Between the 2 I think Cooper pulls that off better.

IIKaiserII says:

Sorry to have this opinion but it’s just my opinion. This ‘Katee Sackhof
needs to be Captain Marvel’ thing is kinda awkward.

I don’t see why she should be Captain Marvel. Most of us only know her from
her decent role in the Scifi show Battlestar Galactica. It isn’t like she
gave a mindblowing performance. Yeah it was decent and Starbuck was a
badass but being a badass as a part of a larger cast in a tv show is
something different than leading a big blockbuster movie. She isn’t on that
Who also had Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo or Tom Hiddelston in their mind when
thinking about the casting of Captain America, The Hulk and Loki? Everybody
was also talking about Djimon Hounsou to play Black Panther. These fan
castings rarely come true. Just like the people who were calling for Bryan
Cranston to play Lex Luthor. Sure it could’ve been a great fit but fan
castings rarely come true like I said before.

More fan castings that didn’t happen:
Mark Strong as Lex Luthor.
The dude that played T-Bag in Prison Break as the Joker (Yeah a lot of
people wanted him).
Lupita Nyong’o as Storm.
Jamie Alexander as Wonder Woman. (Who only had a really small part in 2
Marvel movies and didn’t even had a lot to do and yet fans all wanted her
not even knowing she can act. Not that Gal Gadot can act for shit).
Ryan Gosling as The Flash.
The list goes on.

BlackRice19 says:

I feel like this entire year it will be the Star Wars vs. Avengers year.
Btw how dare Macuga say The Avengers is “Regular season” there’s only ever
been 1 Avengers movie before lol. This movie is huge. The MCU is a lot of
kids “Star Wars” now. 

The T-800 says:

Wouldn’t be surprised to get BVS Superbowl trailer . WB always releases
teasers a year before the film comes out . TDKR , MOS and The Hobbit all
had teasers a year before release .

kian mokler says:

Did you guys not see the Ted 2 trailer.

Gold Snake says:

The news that Sarah Silverman could do a dark, serious role does not come
as a surprise to me – simply because I happened to know that she has
struggled with clinical depression and does not wish to have biological
children lest they inherit her condition.

David Gunn says:

Chris Pratt as Indy is a great idea. If you’ve seen that picture he did of
him in costume, I feel like he has the look and the personality to really
pull it off.

Also, it was awesome to have Sackhoff back on the show, she just fits in so

BDWJ1986 says:

Did we talk about the Jetson’s movie this week. It wasn’t brought up on AMC
Movie Talk but the guy who’s writing the movie (Matt Lieberman) is a member
of the Afterbuzz crew which is pretty cool. He did hosting for Sleepy
Hollow, sons of Anarchy and other shows.

traydevon says:

No one cares about “a guy” with a name more than Harloff, lol. Who cares if
the studio had issues with “Trank.” The studio isn’t always right. 

SK Podcast says:
Kadafi69 says:

lol i wanna see wild man host. I’m gonna wait a week to see ant man lol..

Tanay Vaidya says:

Wildman is gonna lose the bet soooo bad !!!

TheGreatOne313 says:

My problem with Ghostbusters is that its a remake. I agree with Malone.
Make an original movie with those 4. I hate remaking classics

xoallieox07 says:

Are the Schmoes married to either of the girls?

infernaltim1 says:

I posted this in Schmoeville, but I feel it bears repeating since the
question was asked… I’d love to get some thoughts. On the Age of Ultron
VS Star Wars opening weekend:

Here’s how I see it. Age of Ultron will take the opening weekend box
office, Star Wars will get the overall domestic box office at the end of
their runs. My reasoning behind it is I think the demographic for a new
Avengers movie is bigger. I see all of us geeks going to see it with the
addition of the children of those geeks and other parents begging to go as
well. Star Wars is banking on the generations that grew up with it to go
see it. Subtract the people who have ‘grown out of that phase’ or what
nonsensical reason they use, and I don’t think as many kids will be begging
to go see it, so the opening weekend goes to Avengers. The overall domestic
box office goes to Star Wars because, let’s face it, all of us geeks are
going to see it multiple times and keep throwing money at Disney for that
movie. lol

Brett Stephen says:

Another great show Schmoes I love the somewhat unscripted style of the
show, Rough around the edges. SK and AMC are my 2 favorite Youtube
Channels, Don’t ever change.
As far as the topics of tonight’s show keep True Lies, Star Wars will beat
Avengers:AOU Yes Marvel and the comic book gnere is current in Geek culture
but Star Wars has been clever with its EU and especially its games in
staying within geek culture for nearly 40 years I will also like Mark Ellis
watch the movie 4 or 5 times opening weekend if its good and I hope the
second trilogy of movies will be based on Kotor The king is back!. FF4 ohh
I hope its good these rumors could hurt the movie but damn great director,
great cast, great writer, darker tone on the classic team pretty dope
trailer sign me up.
great to see Alicia and Katee back on the show.

X - Lair says:

What do ya’ll think about making Bradley Cooper the new Indy?

dave1555 says:

Star wars must be different in the states, I am in my 30’s and i dont know
anyone really interested in it. Most of my mates dont even know about this
new one.

Guy Turner says:

I love how the ‘Cool’ people like to say that the MCU movies are bad – it’s
so funny – go back to comic book movies like Judge Dredd, 90’s Batman,
Spawn etc – they were bad movies! The MCU movies have ups and downs and
they may not be to everyone’s tastes but there is no denying that none of
them have been ‘Bad’ movies (and yes, that even includes Iron Man 2). 

Ricky Longo says:

Avengers will for sure make more money. I have friends that had no idea
another Star Wars was coming out until I mentioned it but EVERYONES been
waiting for Avengers.

Kristian Zaccardo says:

Overall, I really like the casting news of the female cast of the
Ghostbusters film but Leslie Jones just doesn’t do it for me on SNL. It
seems like all she does is yell at the camera “hey look at me I’m this out
of place woman… it’s funny” like when she was “black Annie” although,
there have been a few things that do get me laughing so who knows. The same
can also be said for Melissa McCarthy in terms of how she is always doing
the same “schtick” in her movies. I just hope they can do something
different and not be themselves but hey I wont totally knock them down till
I see the movie.

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