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Joseph Meldrum writes:

Hello AMC. My question is about when an actor becomes a known entity. I can remember a time when I was the only one who knew who Scarlett Johansson was. Nobody knew who I was talking about when I was referencing Lost in Translation. For a while she became “that one girl from The Island.” And her appearance in superhero movies has greatly increased the spread of Scarlett fever. Do you have to be well known and well liked to be considered an A list actor? Thanks.

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Blu-Ray King says:

A-list to me means someone knows them immediately whether it be by name or
seeing their face. That’s when you are more than just a household name.
People skate by without talent in every profession, and some of the most
talented in professions can sometimes go underutilized, so talent isn’t a
factor in being A-List, it’s all about the popularity. 

Muoyrico9 says:

I knew Scarlett Johansen since home alone 3 straight to vhs hahaha. 

Capt. Steve Rogers™ says:

Daniel Day Lewis is not an A-list but he certainly surpasses lightyears of
levels in talent than any hollywood actor today

Reticent Man says:

They picked my question! Yay!

mali mall says:

There are actors with A-List talent but an A-lIst actor, to me, is someone
you know by name instantly that has A-List talent; like Denzel, Jamie Foxx,
Tom Cruise, Leo Dicaprio etc 

Revolucas says:

A-list goes by how many fake photoshop nudes exist of the actor on google

enemay says:

I want to click on the list on the right but there is no anotation link

John Q. says:

Scarlett is an actress who’s worked her way up and earned A-list
recognition. She’s not some anorexic underwear model who was in Fast n
furious 5 or whatevershit.

Ivan Flores says:

The cool people are the ones who remember johansson in home alone 3 lol

Patrick Laceholder says:

A-List actor doesn’t necessarily mean the actor in question is
exceptionally talented, because I seem to think it’s also something to do
with how beautiful they are. Take Brad Pitt-he had proven himself to be a
very capable actor, but he receives a crazy amount of coverage not just
because of his looks, but also because he’s with Jolie, and the media swarm
to them and try to make them (And others) out to be something great.

There are many actors who are under-appreciated, and deserve more
recognition than Johansson. Looking at her, it’s pretty obvious her looks
sent her to the A-list because I’ve never been impressed by her acting
abilities in the past. I hear she’s been improving, and I enjoyed her as
Black Widow and as the disembodied voice in Her.

All I’d like is for the talented actors to be valued above those are

chrisdavidi says:

she was in eight legged freaks!

Thiiings and says:

yes she is A list ever since avengers. the same with jeremy renner. (blah
blah blah about previous films) 

Jerryfromtheblock says:

Black Widow is the most badass superheroine of the last decade. That
doesn’t hurt.

Bigga Numba Six says:

Scarlett Johansen has the acting ability of a porn star. 

So Jin Choi says:

Dat von Trier shirt

Movielover123451 says:

I love Alicia!

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