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The found footage genre takes us time traveling! Jeremy reviews “Project Almanac”!…then talks about time travel plot inconsistencies for longer than initially intended…oh well. Enjoy.

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Udit Singh says:

+JeremyJahns , you should totally watch Steins;Gate if you haven’t
already.. the best and most consistently put together take on time travel

charlestwoo says:

Favorite time travel stories:

101-Back to the future series

Nothing comes close to Steins;Gate… pun lol.

watvid1 says:

Hollywood has this obsession with wanting to put romance in pretty much
every film and it’s annoying as fuck

Its_only_martin says:

Best. Thumbnail. Ever.

bgm1975 says:

I remember that scene in Back to the Future 2 when Biff return to the
future (present) after giving his past self the Almanac. What I thought was
weird was he seemed hurt or injured after getting out of the car. Turns
out, in a very important cutscene, he was fading out of existence, because
his 1984 alternate version was killed by his wife Lorraine.

Anthony Marcus Schuin says:

I don’t even read read reviews anymore. Between you and Chris stuckmann
I’ll never have to. Thanks for being awesome. 

Retsu Ichijouji says:

Time travel is IMPOSSIBLE, keep dreaming scientists !

Yugi Muto says:

Schmoes said it’s kinda like Butterfly Effect meets Chronicle.

Timber Humphrey says:

this is a sci-fi movie produced by Michael Bay and gets the “good time, no
alcohol required” award. why does that sound so weird to me?

David Soule says:

Spoiler : The time travel laws were very inconsistent. Like when they first
started jumping back, and that one kid went to go retake his test, they had
to get rid of the past version of himself by telling him the class was
cancelled so his future self could go into class for him. But when David
went back to get Jesse the girl, the past David just didn’t exist. It
doesn’t make sense. I liked the movie but it was just very confusing and
inconsistent at times

charon7111 says:

Dont forget in BttF 3 there is a MAJOR time travel messup. When Marty and
Doc in the 50’s find Doc’s grave that said he had been shot over money and
the grave was dedicated by his “beloved Clara”.

Clara and Doc only met because he was there to help rescue her when him and
Marty were scoping out the reveen that the train ended at. Past Doc that
got killed would have never been there to rescue her without Marty and she
would have sailed over the cliff and died like was explained earlier in the
movie when they were talking about the name of the bridge that was named
after her. If she died DAYS before that event and had never met Doc and was
dead before he was than how did she dedicate the grave to him and how was
she his “beloved”?

IveGotToast says:

I’ll just stay home and watch Primer again. 

droppingmyopinioninyourcommentsection says:

fuck time travel, i just want the ability to pause time, the you could
really do pretty much anything, it’d be lonely but at least you could take
your time doing shit you have to or want to do

but then there’s the problem with how you aging while everyone is stuck
frozen in time thing,

Dangelo Smith says:

Looper was awesome ! Favorite time travel movie ! Sadly , I’ve never seen
the Back to the Future movies … 

STG says:

based on the critic ratings I went into this movie with low expectations, I
was so happy to see this movie because it was amazing! It brought out every
single one of my emotions! AMAZING MOVIE MAN 

LewToons says:

your 1 hang up with the film actually sounds quite egregious – – seems like
“time travel 101″ that they shoulda nailed down!

UncleMilo says:

OK… here’s the explanation I’ll give for Biff, but this is just me trying
to make it work.

In Back to the Future 1, Marty prevents his parents from meeting, but he
didn’t instantly disappear. We saw his life SLOWLY coming apart. Therefore,
when Biff gave himself the almanac, the time stream was slowly changing
into the new one, but he was able to come back to the Future he left… but
that timeline would soon be gone and replaced with the new one. Marty and
Doc leave before this happens and therefore jump from Timeline A to
Timeline B. One would imagine that given time, Marty and Doc on screen
would vanish to become the versions of themselves in Timeline B.

OK… I tried.

MacKaili says:

I actually really want to see this movie. I thought it would be like
Chronical but yeah, I think I’m still pretty excited about it haha >.<

Loventures says:

SPOILER ALERT!! heyy soo +JeremyJahns …or anyone, can you explain the
ending? as in…how did the footage he found let him know about the future
or time traveling if the machine had been destroyed by himself in an
alternate timeline? 

JeremyJahns says:
Titus Orelius says:

The Biff contradiction is explained but alternate timelines. When he gave
the Almanac to his younger self he created a new timeline separate from his

pedro luis nick says:

Wasnt this movie normally called Welcome to yesterday or something?

thabg007 says:

My main question is if he went back to his birthday party to destroy the
time machine, how would he have gone back in time to destroy it

shakaama says:

uh Jeremy, no offense, but are you high or getting old? you’re super slow,
and nowhere near as energetic as when I first saw you. What’s going on?

Daniel Howarth says:

*SPOLIER ALERT* For watching this movie I really thought about this the
whole time I was watching it. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING! David is a big
fat pussy all the time and thinks he can do everything by himself! When he
freaking can’t. Yeah in the end he does get the girl. But he doesn’t decide
to win the lottery again? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM! But, they do
explain the plane crash. But, ONLY THE PLANE CRASH. I mean some of the
events could’ve been the results for it, but the amount of what the hell is
going on in this movie is just plain crazy. I mean yeah I does suck that
they totally could’ve made this movie way better and knowing that David
could’ve saved his Dad was even dumber. But, I would give this movie 2
stars. Fuck you Michael Bay. Fuck you

Joshua DeSola says:

I actually really enjoyed it. I got past the inconsistencies. I’m a fan
of the found footage genre myself, again I really enjoyed this.. Can’t get
past the ending though…left a lot of questions and honestly (and I don’t
know why but) I feel really depressed about the ending, like putting myself
in his shoes. I hope there is an alternate ending on the DVD/Blu-Ray/4K
Blu-Ray release.

DontJudgeMeRS says:

This movie confused me at the end … I dont know if im stupid but can
someone help i dint get the last words “were about to change the world” if
he destroyed it how were they

Ryan Woodward says:

The funny thing about this movie is they made the time machine out of an
Xbox 360.

SurrealKeenan says:

time travel movies all have stupid inconsistencies. for example in T2, why
did the future human leader send a robot into the past to protect himself?
he already knew he wasn’t going to die because he remembered that he
didn’t die. would he just suddenly die if he decided NOT to send the
robot? and for that matter, why did skynet send terminators? they knew
they were going to fail.

Boltaan'jistman says:

ok, so i’m probably going to get shit on for this, but i can pretty much
say that time travel is impossible without the infinite worlds theory, and
even with that, we can’t change things in our own universe. in order to go
forward in “time”, that would entail that the future has already happened.
for example, the lottery theory. if we go forward 20 years, and find out
the lottery numbers, then go back and use them, this would entail that the
lottery numbers tomorrow were already predestined, therefore they already
happened, but according to science, they are supposedly random, therefore
we run into a sort of halfway bootstrap paradox, where the numbers came
from nothing.

In order for there to be a “future” to come from, (ie: now), that means
that we had to have already happened in the past for us to travel there. i
will use this video for example, if jeremy from the future is in the video
in the past, that means that when jeremy from the past records the video,
future jeremy would have already traveled back to be in it, meaning the
future must have already happened, before it happened, entailing that all
time has therefore already happened. meaning time as we know it does not

I can say that time as we know it does in fact not exist. “time” is simply
a way for us people to track events, and measure our lives. when we say “it
happened yesterday”, we are simply saying that one earth cycle ago,
something happened. Time is not a stream, or a wave or whatever someone may
theorize it is, it is simply a mark on a calendar, not something we can
travel through.

Jason Bramlette says:

The inconsistent timeline thing is why I can’t watch Terminator movies.
If any part of any plans put forth in any of the movies were to work,
it would or at least should Fast Rewind to Sara Getting ready to go out in
the first movie.
And then she goes out and gets drunk…Roll Credits.
I hate time travel movies.

gsimon123 says:

Haha that replaying the review from earlier was fantastic…

darthbriboy says:

I want to watch some time travel two words… DOCTOR WHO!

Vilhelm3989 says:

+JeremyJahns I just came back from seeing “Kingsman The Secret Service” You
should definitely watch it, and make a review, It was very good. Trust me,
you will laugh :D

Aldo Perez says:

This movie was really entertaining and i had a lot of fun watching it.
Although, there’s a few things that bugged me about it. The first being
that this movie had WAY more potential than being just a “boy gets the
girl” type movie. Like, the entire movie ends up being about him ending up
with Jes. There’s nothing wrong with romance but it turns into a found
footage chkck flick if u think about it.
They could have even made the movie a little more about the dad. That would
have been Interesting

2nd is that they didnt really change much while traveling. They did some
fun kid stuff and that’s about it.

3rd; David freaks out when things kinda mess up and he wants to change them
but doesnt want to un-do too much because it’ll ruin his relationship with
Jes. Psychologically, the movie – at this point – is entertaining. Why?
Because it’s relatable. So cudos on that, film. Buuuut what i have an issue
with is he thinks he screwed up sooo badly that it makes him Question the
entire thing. He begins to think the experiment was a big mistake and yata
yata yata… like NO, dude. YOU screwed up, no one else did. The machine is
Still amazing at this point – your actions aren’t.

I guess my forth piece of criticism would be what Jeremy pointed out, about
what happened at Lalapalooza and how it doesnt make complete sense.

Anyway, i think the movie did a good job at the END to make up for all the
small defects. How he finds the camera and will re-do the experiment. Kinda
makes u think there’ll be a second part (which i HIGHLY doubt). Or actually
it leaves it up to ur imagination how they will redo the experiment and
actually do something amazing this time; especially since they have all the
evidence, steps on how to build the machine, and tons of guidance this time

Overall i thought the movie was great and i wiuld recommend it to anyone
trying to have some fun on a day with not much to do. It does inspire
creativity, thought and romance of course – mostly for teens and young

7/10. IMO

Matt Blaze says:

I thought the same thing when he went back in time to get the girl to like
him, there would have been 2 of him there. Same thing with the scene when
they kept going back for the other guy to ace his test, they went back like
4 times, every time they would have gone back they all would have been
there 4 times. Also the scene when they go back and he draws on the back of
his past self’s neck and you see it forming at the same time on his neck,
it wouldn’t have to form, it would have already been there because it
happened the night before. 

DonMezzo says:

My favorite part was probably “I’m everywhere bitch”.

savagenature1 says:

I think movies that want to be “found footage” should take a hint from the
movie “Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesile Vernon.”
In that film it is only part “found footage”: The documentary crew turns on
the camera and you get that hand-held found footage and when they turn off
the camera the film keeps going but it is no longer filmed like a found
footage film; it’s filmed like a “regular film.” So you get two different
types of filming in one and it transitions very well because you see what
goes on with the characters both when they’re on camera and off camera.
Plus it’s just more realistic. 

Jeremy David says:

I’d like to go back in time before I paid for this film and see something

Aiden V. says:

The movie was good to watch but I felt smarter in so many ways than the
characters. In these movies (probably just me) I want to feel like they are
more knowledgeable than me. But no, just for example:
When they finally meet the girl after the first (second after the first
failed attempt) test she says they shouldn’t test it with other bacteria
and animals but just to go straight into it. And they agreed. I would call
her stupid and not know what she is getting into. It could’ve killed them!
But nope they listened to a girl with a very uneducated guess and it did,
by chance, work. There are a ton of things like these that happen through
out the movie, especially near the end when they find the tape and before
that when he goes to fulfill his fate.
The movie on its own was good but could have been better if I was there and
some critical thinkers were there to say “Stop being stupid, we all know
that this wouldn’t happen if someone was in this position.”

Jason Grace says:

I stuck around for the end credits of this movie and I think they saved the
movie’s biggest plot twist for last. Me and my friends had just decided to
watch this movie with no prior knowledge so when the words “Produced by
Micheal Bay” flashed across the screen, my jaw dropped. I legitimately
enjoyed this movie and this is probably the best this Bay’s been involved
with in years. From the crap we’ve seen him come up with, this is
Oscar-worthy by those standards.

I was the target audience for this movie so I won’t deny I had a lot of fun
with it. I mean it’s nothing compared to a lot of other time travel movies
I’ve seen but still, I’ll have fond memories about this one.

P.S. This had Bay’s other fingerprints all over it. Exluding excessive
explosions, it had a pinch too much TnA and some exaggerated product
placement. Red Bull flying in the air in slow-motion? Seriously?

Zsavage1 says:

This movie sucked .. the cam shake BS didn’t work before and sure as shit
didn’t work here.. this was just as bad as Cloverfield and blair witch
if you do watch it.. make sure you have a puke bag handy.. because if the
cam shake doesn’t get you, The acting will… 0/5

Nuntius O says:

This actually looks interesting IMO.

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