Project Almanac – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Project Almanac, starring Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Sam Lerner, Allen Evangelista, Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner, Ginny Gardner. Directed by Dean Israelite.


XRJ92 says:

Let’s go back in time and stop found-footage films from coming out. 

Jim Stewart Cohen says:

“..produced by Michael Bay.” *AND CLICK!* We ain’t gonna watch that.

Spike Spiegel says:

I would like to see a found footage movie stop acting like it’s found
footage, just act like it’s in second person, like we’re seeing it through
the dude’s eyes. Have a shot in the mirror where you see no camera so you
know the movie is just treating you as that active participant, and
everything is good. 

StupidWizardFilms says:

Why haven’t you review There Will Be Blood?

Conor McCluskey says:

Review Primer!

gaaraanime5 says:

Considering the subject matter of the movie and the transition to the
announcement of an upcoming anime review, I could have sworn you were going
to say Steins;Gate lol.

BDizzle709 says:

So you rather have the movie look and sound like shit? That’s a strange

Calosaurus says:

Come on Chris, you know teenagers don’t know who George Washington is.

Bradley Condon says:

This is how you do ads, all you tubers should take note. Put them at the
end of the video and offer something to fans that relates to your channel
and make it clear it is an ad, don’t try to hide it, don’t pretend you just
happened to want to talk about some thing, just tell us, hey here’s a
promotion for another thing, like it give it a try

Drake Santiago says:

Whenever I hear that a film is going to use the found footage gimmick, I am
immediately dissuaded from seeing the picture. You go to a movie theater,
in part, so as to see professional filming and amazing cinematography. To
spend your hard earned money to go see a movie in a theater, that tries to
mimic the amateurish quality of home video footage, makes about as much
sense as spending money for front row seats at a Lakers game, so as to
watch professional basketball players deliberately play like amateurs. It
just doesn’t make any sense. 

FlickFanatics says:

There’s a film called “Infliction” I’d recommend to you chris. It has an
interesting premise, and rather than found footage.. it’s more of an
assembled footage idea, where there is more than one camera, and the video
files have been compiled as a final result. The premise is unique for what
we’ve been getting recently. We have an interview with the director on our
channel. It might be something you admire. Good review as always. didn’t
really have any interest for this. Instead, we saw The Loft and it was
kinda hit or miss. Some weird twists and turns that are sort of not
possible to see coming. Anyway, keep up the good work! 

Chris Stuckmann says:
Shacoy King says:

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I think you just don’t like found footage

ChanCeNecK says:

A while ago I swore to never watch any more Michael Bay production! EVER!!!

Crazygirlcentral says:

You know what that pisses me off too about found footage films, like with
Blair witch it was so obvious it was three people with a camera that’s how
it was made but my god these new ones are so poor and I don’t mean poorly
made I mean they were made to look like it’s actual movie. Blair witch and
cannibal holocaust you believed those people are real, you believed they
went missing. But in Paranormal activity, Project Almanac , Chronicle,
Earth to Echo, and so many more we know those are actors, we know it’s not
real, so we can’t be scared or worried what might happen to them because we
know it’s not real. With Blair Witch and CH if someone told it really
happened you’d believe them because the footage is so good. If these people
wanted to make a movie that’d be cheap then do that, it’s not hard! If
people back in the 80’s and 90’s could make me think there’s a 7 foot tall
man named jason without using cgi so can film people of today. Sorry for
the rant.

Insanity Man says:

produced by micheal bay? yeah no not watching it…

Dombowerphoto says:

Bay. And “found footage”.
Never going to bother watching. 

thabg007 says:

My main question is if he went to his birthday party to destroy the time
machine, how would he have gone back in time in the first place to destroy

Thrillseeker8922 says:

I thought ‘Kids on the Slope’ was very meh. Same with ‘Terror in
Resonance’, Watanabe’s latest work.

Ash Williams says:

I’m not sure if ull read this Chris but you should seriously check out a
show called danger 5. It’s an Australian TV series that is really weird and
they use really bad effects in the show to make it look like some 70’s
show, but that’s what makes it entertaining. It is probably the most random
tv show I have ever seen

Alex Lemonds says:

What can I say. Bay is the most potent of poisons. Once he’s attached to a
project any hope of it being excellent instantly drops to the ground,
deader than kirk camerons career.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

I’m skipping this one as found footage movies don’t interest in in the

Greg Salcedo says:

So it is called found footage! I didn’t know it has a name but I usually
avoid this kind of movies because the camera is intentionally shaky. I
always thought directors who uses this method have ran out of ideas. I have
just watched this movie and was thinking I would have enjoyed this much
more if it was than the regular way.

NinjaSkills says:

“Spoilers” it’s true that it shouldn’t be found footage… But it starts
making sense at the end of the movie where the past self finds the video of
the future past self.

samandwhatnot says:

They explain that the time machine can’t go back further than like 10 years

Estivel Garcia says:

Perfect focus?? I though the focus on this movie was the worst one. Wait…
If it was bad, then it means it was good? because it was realistic cam
shots of normal people?

Gabriel Moors says:

Love the review, way more subtle than most of the things out there.

anakinfan12002 says:

Chronicle was really enjoyable and fun. I enjoyed this movie but there were
a few inconsistent things.

Katahn Hardy says:

I’m still waiting for your ‘mission impossible 4′ review 

garowice says:

I’m still curious about your thoughts on the more recent popular animes
like Attack On Titan and Psycho Pass.



moneyhustlebizniz916 says:

Oh and just so you fucking know crunchy roll is free for 30 day. It’s not
free because we used your name. Stop fucking bull shitting you fag!! Jeremy
does NOT lie what so ever like you do. Way better channel then this shit. A
real movie review

Baron Warden says:

You gave this a better review than Jupiter Ascending. Get. Out.

fickdiebiaatch says:

I also don’t like the concept of found footage films and I really feel you
with the found footage looking professional point, problem is: if the DOP
would do that, he wouldn’t get any more jobs in the industry. Same with all
other departments: if you couldn’t understand the dialogue, audiences would
be pissed at the PSM or the RRM – and they could fear to get no jobs later
(->the interstellar mix). On the other hand, aside from the storytelling
issue, making a foundfootage movie work in terms of perfect lighting and
sound (if it’s not ADRed) is huge work.

metalgrinch says:

Tho I disagree with some of Chris’s taste (particularly those of the Young
Adult movie/novel persuasion), I do love how he is virtually the only
reviewer to recognize and speak out against so many mainstream/Hollywood
movie fallacies and hypocrisy, such as lame trends like this “found
footage” crap, junk cheap modern horror, and substandard action films. He
knows the deal when it comes to still recognizing and making aware 80s and
90s gold in film, not to be forgotten as many of these drone young adults
are doing these days, and how they are far too easily impressed with lots
of these new trends. 

MegaAchilles23 says:

Want a real challenge Mr. Stuckmann?
Make an Explained video for Primer

Brendon Kivell says:

The perfect audio just bugged me about this film and is the one big thing
that takes me out of found footage films in general. Especially in the
concert scene where they are literally in a crowd of thousands and yet can
get perfect recording of a conversation from 40 metres away!!! While not as
bad as that pile of shit Into the Storm last year, still a really average

Digital Storm says:

Cloverfield was a good found footage movie

Vincent Cassello says:

Chris, can you review The Loft? Many thanks!

fraud1980 says:

Have you seen Primer? One of the best time travel movie in my opinion.

airman1nyc says:

Bro its a fucking movie theyre not going to fucking make a movie with
shitty gear, are you stupid!? You dont know shit about movies dumb ass!
Found-footage movies are the best! I give the movie an A+ or another way to
rate it 5 stars or 10/10

garner montgomery says:

I don’t know why, but I’m am heavily anticipating your review of The Loft. 

Justice Hunter says:


wait…is that a nipple?

sacane9 says:

There was a reason for this movie to be found footage. Spoilers: everything
that was recorded on the camera was an archive of their time travel. It
showed the pros and cons of what they were doing and all the mistakes they
learned. At the end when he goes back to his 7th birthday party and
destroys the time machine to save the future he leaves the camera there.
This is the camera he found in the start of the movie. So the movie goes
back to the start except this time theres 2 cameras the one he found with
nothing on it that he used to record everything, and the one he left behind
when destorying the documents. So now that they have a guide to time travel
aka the camera with all their mistakes they can perfect time travel without
being as stupid as they first were. Without found footage it just wouldnt
of been the same movie. 

LaAttiDah says:

What about the found footage Movie “Lunopolis”?

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