Pompeii movie review

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The story of Pompeii comes to the big screen!….which means we have another disaster movie. Jeremy reviews “Pompeii”!

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JeremyJahns says:
GetScaredGaming says:

Guess im the only one who liked it. I thought it would have been incredibly
cheesy if they somehow survived haha

ND7652 says:

Ag-Ba-Je The e is silent NOT DIFFICULT at all

ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ says:

I don’t know why people hate this movie so much? It was so romantic and a
very beautiful movie with a very heartbreaking ending.
This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, and why is it one of the
best movies I’ve ever seen? It symbolizes true love and it makes you cry
(if you are a man, maybe not, but as a woman…tears will flow.).
Very beautiful movie.

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

Adewale? He’s still alive!? DAMN!! But wait, where’s Bastienne? Or the
Experto Crede? Adewale, where’s your hidden blade!?

Indonesian Brony says:

Sorry, i pronounced your name wrong XD

Emerald Alien says:

No way the guy who plays Eko from Lost’s real name is Adewale? I always
thought Adewale from Assassin’s creed sounded just like him. COINCIDENCE!

jvinson says:

I wouldn’t see it in the theater but if there was nothing else on and I
could get up to find the remote I’d watch.

Aries Benson says:

Nobody survived WHAT! The ending was bad did everyone die?

Brandon Wells says:

It was meh. It’s the movie gladiator but instead of the dude dying from a
dick king there is a dick volcano

vladi569 says:

This is Gladiator with a volcano. Fuck this movie… fuck it!!! The writers
should be thrown in Vesuv and burn in hell together with this god awful
movie that was easily my nr. 1 worst movie of 2014

Jason Johnson says:

LOL MR Echo. I knew he would say that :)

Eric Naylor says:

Okay – can we have a movie about a disaster or catastrophie from actual
history (like the destruction of Pompeii, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or
the sinking of the Titanic) WITHOUT making the focus on some cheesy
fictional love story. I mean I think there’s enough material from what
actually happened to make a dramatic story without throwing in this “doomed
romance” stuff.

GladX says:

Haha i completely agree biggest dog shit of that year , i was hoping they
would all die except for the black guy, and i’m white irl…

Keir Tanaka says:

1:44 – He looks like if Michael Jai White dressed(for whatever reason)like
The Joker in The Dark Knight!

Gabriele Riva says:

I thought it was… surprisingly decent! I’m Italian and I visited Pompeii,
so I was impressed by the location reconstruction, which was top-notch. The
buildings, the aerial map, all was spot-on.
Th elove-story was… at leats not offensive. No stupid funny scene ° la
Roland Emmerich. This alone should make a watchable and enjoyable movie.
Not enough to pay a ticket or a DVD, I watched it on television.

André Rosenlund says:

Nope, I watched it drunk. Still hated it. 

clarity2199 says:

that’s not entirely true on the drunk part. I mean if you grabbed it on
Netflix, or happened to be close enough to a theater to walk then
no…..you don’t need a designated driver. Infact, something like Pompeii
will probably be an HBO special in a month. :P

sjchun79 says:

No Jeremy, this movie SUCKS.

DragonWorldProducts says:

I kinda new what kind of movie it was the moment i saw the trailer.. No
surprises for this film sadly 

Enrique Mejia says:

You should review the 1994 Street Fighter as it is your guilty pleasure

Alexandre Boucher says:

It’s the perfect movie to see with your gf. There are plenty of cheesy love
moments and oiled abs shots that she will enjoy, there is also really cool
destruction scenes for your pleasure, not to mention some gladiators
fighting for a bit.

Arijan Mihajlović says:

you do relise that volcano actually erupted on Pompeii? mean movie is shit
but just in case you think that was invented part about volcano

JOR VIll says:

Gladiator + Titanic + shitty director who likes to ripoff stuff = Pompeii

Andre Giannone says:

Totally agree. Terrible. Boring. 

Anthony Tanza says:

I thought Kiefer Sutherland was Awesome as the Villain in “POMPEII”.

Ron Mighty says:

To me if you see big fire falling from the sky that means it time to go.
Not continue fighting to see who’s the best worrier. That part was kind of
over the top. 

manofknowledge1000 says:

This movie was one of the few that is so bad I couldn’t watch it through to
the finish. 

Rob Lorenz says:

So the Tsunami-Scene was the best in the movie .. but the real Pompeii
never was hit by a Tsunami. Gosh, how fucked up this film is .. 

Liz Evans says:

Every single thing you liked never happened. The reason we have the remains
is because the people didn’t leave, and then were suffocated and buried in
ash. After their bodies decomposed, it left a hole where they had been,
which was later filled with concrete to give the impressions of what they
were doing when they died (and why they have no faces or other specific
characteristics). Those casts were not created by a giant super-hot fire
cloud that burned everyone and everything up. There were no people
standing, because again they were suffocated, THEN they were buried by ash.
There was no giant tsunami wave. How do we know that? Because some people
got scared enough to go down to the harbor, where they waited for a boat
(which couldn’t get to them because of the ash falling), and they died
there. We have their bones, and the accounts of what was seen from towns
overlooking Pompeii, who tried to help but couldn’t get close enough.
There was a genuine story they could have used. One of the casts we have is
of a woman, believed to be noble, who died in a room of a brothel with a
man believed to be a gladiator. And for a while it looked that that was
where the movie was going, that the mom was going to buy her a night with
him, and they’d die in each other’s arms. But no, there had to be giant
earthquakes, the amphitheater had to collapse, molten lava had to spew and
everyone had to freak out and run towards a harbor where a freakin’ tsunami
I’ve always hated how inaccurate Braveheart was (um, they didn’t wear kilts
in battle for another 300 years, and the wife was killed AFTER he rebelled,
not before), but this seriously took the cake. I guess if you knew nothing
of what happened there before you saw it, it was great. And you still know
nothing of what happened there. Other than a volcano was near it.

Alfie Eagleton says:

Adewale? Assassin’s Creed, anyone? lol

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