Penguins of Madagascar: the Voice Recording of the Peguin Voices

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Jennifer T says:

Lol!..this is so entertaining. These guys are great!

HolandaChiquita says:

I’ve had the feeling that Kowalski sounded different, like they used
another actor. But he’s still the same…

Miss Lily says:

Haha this is awesome

Abdullah Zaghloul says:

Amazing just amazing! You guys are so professional….Skipper: I love the
way you talk don’t think anyone in the world would make a better attitude
for skipper like you did…high one

Noelia Bazan says:

Do Tom Mcgrath the skipper’s voice un spanish?

kowalskyish says:

The guy who voices Rico does the easier job than the others

dwedegw says:

someday ill form my own elite fbi agent
.. like skipper

Mohamed Shawky says:


tony macintosh says:

:’) thank u!

Ann Tabigne says:


michael wijaya says:


Bryan Fajardo says:

love this

ScreenSlam says:
Rishian Nicodemus says:


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