Penguins of Madagascar: Benedict Cumberbatch Exclusive Movie Interview

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Hanna Lindqvist says:

Benedict are so incredibly hot, and his voice…

MagZness says:

why must he do the thing with the sparkly eyes and looking interested and
speaking thoughtfully

Vivienne Tan says:

He read the word wrongly in the movie too ;D ‘Penglings, Pengwings’!! :S

roxanne parker says:

thumbs up if you came here to watch benedict saying pengwings after
watching his recent graham norton interview

shambhavi kamat says:

LOL at 3:04 he says PENGWINGS again. :D :D

Dany Costa says:

Entrevista com *Benedict Cumberbatch*.
*Os Pinguins de Madagascar*, estreia no dia 14 de novembro nos Estados
Unidos. Ainda sem previsão de lançamento no Brasil. 

Claudia Underwood says:

I was waiting for him to say Pengwings! Haha oh bless, Benedict 

Spirited Away says:

oh Benny!!!!! you are soooooo beautiful the voice, the looks, the hair, the
hands, the eyes, the smile BYE BYE OVARIES!!!!!

Ilakshini Subasinghe says:

Benedict Interview Penguins of Madagascar

#BenedictCumberbatch #News1 #ComicCon 

Diding Diaz says:

“Looking for happiness is a sure way to sadness..” X’)

lulabellaify says:

Benedict, can you please take me to bed and read to me

EllaChina says:


CarazyGibbon says:

Is Penguings of Madagascar out yet?

lotrfrk16 says:

Did no one mic him?

Benedict Cumberbatch Blog. Official News says:

Benedict Interview Penguins of Madagascar

#BenedictCumberbatch #News1 #ComicCon 

eliana maria orlandini says:

Benedict Interview Penguins of Madagascar

#BenedictCumberbatch #News1 #ComicCon 

Janni Joe Thazhatha says:

Ben doesn’t likes to be called benny though XD

Chitra Sahai says:

What’s the color of his eyes?

Vivienne Tan says:


crickets1957 says:

He is a fox, but his character is a wolf!

Millie Dee says:

Benedict Interview Penguins of Madagascar

#BenedictCumberbatch #News1 #ComicCon 

ScreenSlam says:
Leia Branagh says:

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