Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Horror Movie HD

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Horror Movie HD

This spin-off from the “Paranormal Activity” series focuses on a Latino family.

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Doperwtje81 says:

Alternate Title:
Paranormal 5: Toby in the Hood.

Terry. A. says:

Whats the old lady about that pops up at you like she’s having a seizure is
she like the head demon or some shit

HatTrikd Yah says:

This movie was terrible, don’t watch it.

darko grimes says:

the best P.A. so far, the only good one IHO. i wonder why people hate
movies like this and the last exorcism 1&2… rly great also ^^

TacoLoco1000 says:

gangbangers vs. witches, this crap movie wasn’t even funny, completely
boring until the mexican with the shotgun started wasting witches

Andrick Madrid Urcino says:

se ve orrible !!
ya es pura actuacion las antiguas son mejores !!

justine4791 says:

I don’t get why alotof people hates this movie… Its actually pretty

XShadowCatX says:

I still cannot see how some people are afraid of those, though I have to
say that one probably had the best potential to scare the VERY skittish
The 4th one was really bad, so bad, that I couldn’t even laugh at it, like
at the other three XD.

People should watch all those ghost hunting shows, like the proven fake
“Most Haunted” and “Ghost Hunters / TAPS” is also starting to fake stuff
since uuuh season 2 or 3 (sadly)…. no idea, if Ghost Adventures is fake
yet, I hope not lol.
But yeah, you get more spooked out of those three shows, than those movies
Destination Truth is another one, but they don’t focus on ghosts alone and
sometimes they just run around in the wilderness, looking for something –
but still more entertaining XD.

So yeah … don’t feel bad, if those movies scare you, but they
shouldn’t… they aren’t made good enough, imo at least.
They could have done so much more with the movies.
Okay, we could have let the first one slide, but then they should have put
the whole marked thing with more and more clues and hints on the origins
and all that into the 2nd one already.
This just screams to me, that they had a “scary movie” in their mind, so
they made the 1st … then they made another, because people liked it and
tried to come around with a half-assed, quickly written, backstory.

Leah Sy says:

is this some parody or?? 

XxBADMAN88xX says:

looks like a fan made film very low budget


in the beginning of this film = the year 2012 !
but the ending = 2006.
strange strange !
the first PA plays in the year 2006 !!

TheOkwaCraft says:

Yah don’t think I’m ever watching this at night

bejaises1 says:

Awful ball of shite excuse for a movie.

Michele Murino says:

Ahahhah the beginning looks like “Paranormal in the hood” (there are three
guys looking like Cypress Hill

Lamija Skye says:

I saw the first 4 there great

Marina M says:

its really good i like it my favorite movie 

ifeelawful Falafel says:

Wow, truly an amazing watch. :)

I like how they showing different ways our mito can change us… not to
mention putting them in this form lol just funny to see. Still only half
way done watching this one and can’t wait to see more.

You’ll see a lot more movies [horror Movies that is] go in this general

As long as people fear what they don’t understand and yeah duh that’s human
nature if you don’t know what “it” is or does course you’ll fear it .. who
wouldn’t.. well besides those who do know what is going on. That is what is
known as self awareness… not something many people possess these days.
LOL now that .. that is scary haha.

anth7rax says:

i really hate this movie series.

Dani Mendez says:


Michel Whissell says:

I was really surprise how good this one was. I love the way they wrote
the story line in The Marked Ones. I don’t want to give any spoilers away
but if your a real P.A. fan, you have to watch this, it ties in with the
whole P.A story

Lukazoid18 says:

If none of the PA movies scared you, you’re not prone to fright. If some of
the latest ones didn’t scare you, that’s just normal. This one…. this one
looks scary though.

Pavel Kucera says:

this is fake or fact?

Basil Ali says:

The Demon Haunting thing…
Thats one thing. But the whole possession thing has been done almost as
much as zombies, and like so many horror species out there in the night is
getting out of hand.

Aracely Pineda says:

All you haters stop because you wish you can make a movie so good and scary
like that you guys should freaken be amassed that they could do that with
paranormal activity 1 I found the movie entertaining scary fun life
teaching and thriling and the reason why i think it,s life teaching is
because it showes how evil the devil is and how we can survive if that were
to happen to us.

W Leon says:

Horror, I feel, has lost its way in a big way. Hollywood is just trying to
cash in, yet again, by rehashing the first Paranormal Activity film.

Oliver Lumapat says:


brenden718 says:

I liked this one! I like how they didn’t use dates like in the prior movies
and at the end it all came back to that first girl and Micah ….I was just
confused about their house being connected to the wtiches house

Jade jone says:

my dad told me a story about kids coming to they house and eyes was like
what are they called

timeknowsfilms says:

FIRE Christopher Landon. He’s to blame. I mean really. What the HELL is
scary about Witches? Answer. NOTHING. 


Did anyone else notice the illuminati?

JulietHasAGun89 says:

I won’t say my favorite Paranormal Activity cause I liked all of them. This
was one is awesome though. There were some funny moments and creepy moments
I remember the part when Jessie was locked in the basement and you could
see the demon running towards him to possess him. That scared the shit out
of me! Omg
The parts when they were trying to communicate with the demon were creepy
af too

AnchoredRoots says:

Not going to lie. These are getting more worse as they try for new and
better ones.

Leeny53369 says:

I was scared watching the firt on but this one just looks shite

Griffin Mallett says:

they should change it up and have them haunt the ghost

Esmeralda Diosdado says:

This movie was more funny than scary just because I’m mexican

Josi Dakota says:
Can Gürgül says:

i lold

TheHolyReality says:

is this the shittiest movie franchise in human history or is it twilight,
or harry potter or lord of the rings?

Fox Top Gamer says:

I saw this! One of the best Paranormal’s

wim marien says:

man man man wat een slechte film.ik was blij dat die film gedaan was

John Tsiros says:


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