Oscars: Patricia Arquette Backstage Interview 2015

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TMac473 says:

1:28 The entire fallacy is imagined and complete BS. Tell me oh wise
feminists… why would corporations pay more to a group of people who
clearly spend less (males) than to women (who consume more) for the EXACT
SAME WORK! Why would they? Go ahead… take time and explain to me why
every last corporation in any capitalistic society has chosen to ignore the
22% profit that hiring only females would bring. By this half retarded
logic…. why the f*^k wouldn’t cunning cutthroat companies like Wal mart
or GM or AT&T hire only women from floor to CEO level? WHY? BECAUSE ITS
COMPLETE AND UTTER BULLSHIT. Go buy a clue with your 78 cents.

MrOoogly says:

“People of color we fought for”? ……politically trying to be correct by
speaking for black people who fought for there (own rights)! I know you
just won an oscar so naturally your gonna be hyped, but calm down your too

Necole Col'on says:

She’s blew me away! Seriously she’s incredible on my list of people I

ScreenSlam says:

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