Original T-Rex Returns For JURASSIC WORLD – AMC Movie News

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When JURASSIC WORLD was announced many people speculated about which cast members of the original movie may return. Director Colin Trevorrow recently reveals 1 returning character from the first film when he said the following: “The T. Rex in this movie is the same T. Rex from Jurassic Park. … She’s been on the island for 22 years. She’s still alive. She’s a little older, and she’s angry.” JURASSIC WORLD hits AMC Theatres on June 12th. Buy or sell the return of the T-Rex for JURASSIC WORLD?

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TrinikidHBK says:

Rexy needs an OG hat with a Triple OG Cane to let this new
Frankensteinasaurus Rex know what’s up.

Jake Harries says:

I may shed a tear if our classic T-Rex comes out to fight the I-Rex and
defeats it, oh god I can imagine it now 

MyMike1100 says:

This actually makes me fearful that perhaps the original T-Rex saved the
day once again but this time dies from mortal wounds during the fight with
the new dinosaur.

Ryan Harris says:

Rexy is back and ready to stop the I-Rex !!!!!

Duy Nguyen says:

We kind of already know this when the T-Rex’s bio on the Jurassic World
website said that she’s been on the island for 22 years.

Nuclear Weasle says:

i think the T-Rex and Spinosaursus should team up against the new one, that
would be badass

Diego Hernandez says:

I’m a MotherFucking T-Rex!!!!

Mike Honcho says:

They should have the T-Rex taking out the new dinosaur. That would make
this movie even better. That would prove that human kind cannot make things
better than nature can.

TheAndredal says:

“Nature will find a way.”

Leila Smith says:

I loled when he said ‘megalosaurus’, because that is an acutal name for a
theropod dinosaur from England. Indominous Rex is the new monster on the

Mr. GMAN's Channel says:

I would love to also see a cameo from the Spinosaurus from Jurrasic Park 3,
which actually beat a T Rex in a fight. That would also be cool to see.

Michael Chase says:

This is the second time I have asked you guys to get the specifics right.
You get them all right when it is comic book films. You can do it for
Jurassic World. It is Called Indominus Rex. The New dino is called
Indominus Rex! The Mosasaur is the underwater dinosaur. The rest you
pretty much know or get a drift of.

Darnell Matthews says:

I know the other two weren’t perfect but I hope that they’re not going to
just ignore them. I hate series that pretend later movies didn’t happen
just because they weren’t that good. I can’t forget that they happened.

ultima0121 says:

I can’t wait for this movie. Boy, I hope I’m not disappointed.

Cyrus Guilani says:

There will be an epic fight between the T Rex and the Indominus Rex

themccman says:

The hybrid is called indominus Rex!

Brycenator100 says:

Yes the Trex will face off between the Indominus Rex at the very end. You
can see Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) luring Rexy out with the flare in the
trailers. It will be a great fight and I can’t wait to see her return! 

Joseph Davis says:

This was one of the biggest movie when I was young 

J C Bragging says:

You don’t know the role of the trex? Well jeez who else is going to stop
the indominus rex?

WrestlingReview Guy says:

The new dinosaurs called the I Rex 

Serkan Sahin says:

You guys disapoint me. This is really really old news. It has been
confirmed for months now that the T-Rex of the first movie was back, it was
on the web site. Plus you still don’t know that the new dinosaur is called
Indominus Rex. Isn’t this supposed to be a professional movie news chanel.

pandemonstrosity says:

T.Rex will kill the new hybrid dinosaur.

Eddie Hershey says:

It be awesome if the t-rex just comes out of nowhere and headbutts the
i-rex and they both roar back and forth so you know shit got too real

Epic Scarlet Devil Saiyan says:

I’m the motherfuckin’ T-rex.

KaneDesigns says:

I thought it was gonna be the original practical t rex :(

Alan Bilbao says:

My favorite name for the hybrid is the one that Jeremy Jahns came up with:
Holyshitasaurus. Like he said. It just gets right to the point.

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