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Two siblings return home to prove that an old evil mirror was the cause of their childhood horror….What they get is another big dose of evil mirror activity! Jeremy reviews “Oculus”!

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Jackson Wheeler says:

The fact that this movie has such a low rating on IMDb proves to me that
Chris Stuckmann’s video about the current state of horror movies is
absolutely on point. This movie was a psychological thrill ride, it earned
all of its scares, and kept me completely engaged with the characters and
the story for the duration of the film. For the sheer fact that ignorant
people collectively scream “IT WASN’T THAT SCARY!!!!” only seems to prove
his point. Appreciate movies for their quality guys, not just for the
number of times something inconsequential jumps out at the audience.

Lloyd Pagett says:

A wwe movie that was half decent?!?! WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelby Taylor says:

I’m sorry. I know a lot of people liked it. Hell, it’s even certified fresh
on rottentomatoes, but I hated it. I hated this movie so much. I thought
everything about it was disorganized and terrible. 

failingtobeoriginal says:

You should review Agent Carter.

Eunoiia Lyfe says:

Absolutely loved the movie, probable the greatest horror flick i’ve seen in
a long time. Not to mention one with a plot i didn’t laugh at like most
horror films.
P.S. if you’re going to go see annabelle, don’t. See this movie instead so
much better.

RickinHK says:

That Fu***ng apple scene. F***.

zaynab khan says:

why bother going back to the mirror- you have established you cant destroy
it. It can obviously control your mind, so theres no point with all the
technology and crap, and secondly you just told the mirror your plan from
the beginning and it can probably read your mind = you have no moves
against the supernatural. I found it funny from the start how she was like
‘ohh yeah itll just take a couple of days and then we’ll be back to normal.
just going off to fight the supernatural. yup.- and also youre fucking up
your brothers psychological state even more by getting back into it. Just
go live somewhere happily and try to forget. but maybe because the mirror
cant personally attack anyone, when the redhead goes into the mirror with
the mother, it took a stronger hold on her mind, which is what made her so
focused on returning with her brother so that the mirror could kill some
more and fuck with their lives. Because judging from the apple incident and
everything else, it just simply likes toying with people. nothing more.
which is why the white eyed people are always smiling and are used as pawns
to scare them into the right directions and making history repeat itself.

Anya says:

I really loved the movie. I thought it was more psychological in the sense
that it messes with your mind and it gives you a sense of paranoia. I think
it is not for everyone but to each their own I guess. I do not like gore. I
like old school horror movies with a plot and I think lately the best
horror movies in cinema were this one, Insidious and The Conjuring. Also I
don’t understand why some people thought it was confusing. It all seemed
pretty clear to me.

nicodimus2222 says:

The ending was bullshit. The failsafe may have killed her, but trust me,
that much weight traveling that fast applied to that small a surface area
is not going to be stopped by a fleshy neck. The mirror would have been
destroyed too.

JeremyJahns says:
Travis Lee says:

The mirror set Tim up for the death of his parents, now it set him up again
for the death of his sister. The ending was in my opinion, interesting, but
i’d like to see the mirror get destroyed. 

Evan Rangel says:

So I just got done watching this movie on Netflix five minutes ago. I liked
this movie, thought it was very cool. My only complaint is that it kind of
jumped all over the place and got confusing. Some movies pull that off very
well because its meant to confuse the audience, this movie didn’t feel like
it was supposed to do that, but it did. Nonetheless, overall, it is a good
movie. If anything its really depressing. Not giving anything away but that
was my take of it. I was more sad than scared at the end of the movie.
Which is an odd feeling to have at the end of a “horror” movie. Definitely
a psychological thriller. This is a movie that you watch, and then you
watch the movie with your friends already knowing the outcome so you can
get their opinion afterwards. Worth a watch on Netflix though, without a

ZanathKariashi says:

I like that they left it open to the interpretation of the viewer…hence
the name.

There’s 3 main theories for the real story.

The obvious one, Evil Demonic Artifact that likes messing with people and
feeding on their suffering, the old school style where good doesn’t always
win or even get a bittersweet ending.

The slightly less obvious one, with the brother and sister being heavily
mentally disturbed due to childhood trauma and are trying to make sense of

And the counseling theory where the future timeline doesn’t actually exist
as we see it and is instead a dream the boy is having and telling his
therapist, as he tries to cope with his repressed memories and guilt over
killing their father, even if it was in self-defense.

Mondo Connie says:

The scene where she printed out the pictures of corpses for her video, my
printer went crazy. I couldn’t turn it off. I had to unplug it from the
wall. I honestly don’t know if the movie was scary, or not, because that
shit happened. In my mind this will always be the scariest movie in the
world, because it came into my room with me.


The movie had so many parts that was just kinda


Andy Montanez says:

The ending was brilliant in my eyes. It leaves the door open for sequels
(should they decide to make any, the probably will) and creates possible
theories on the events that occurred. And well it’s breath if fresh air
having the bad guys win for once. Seeing the generic good guy wins all the
time ending Hollywood has spat out all this time was getting really stale.
The ending kicked ass.

Zioncreed clan says:

At the end the brother accidentaly kills the sister and gets arrested
again. (Let the argument start.)

Mimi Lee says:

What I hated about this movie was the girl!! SHE SCREWED HER BROTHER’S LIFE
boring and not scary at all and we laughed a lot about their mother (we
couldn’t help it lol).
Anyways, me and my sibilings kicked our cousin’s ass for buying the DVD, it
was a waste of time.

Pasic TP says:

A boring, unscary and confusing movie. I didn’t like it one bit.

Zachary Wattus says:

I did not mind this movie at all, some parts certainly creeped me out. I
did find the story a little hard to follow, like, they were young kids,
then adults, I will have to watch it again and see if I can get my head
around it. The ending though! Didn’t see it coming.

Icyahappyface says:

I actually like the movie

James Banker says:

The ending of that movie surprised me!

gmanist1000 says:

Didn’t like it

Centri says:

I loved the movie mostly for the fact that it made you think a lot about
what was happening and did it extremely well. They could have done more
with the ending though.

Sarah Jane Schofield says:

I just got done watching the movie, and I sort of enjoyed it. It didn’t
scare me, but it did creep me out, especially at the end. I also liked that
a) it wasn’t bloody – there was a little blood, but nothing compared to
what is in some movies these days, and b) it didn’t rely on jump scares or
cliches – at least, not too much. 

Doctor says:

why are people saying the ending was shit. I thought it was perfect. It
showed how this mirror is able to do exactly the same thing, but still
trick everybody. Like the mythology that Karen Gillan’s character explains
at the beginning, it’s the same story every time and the mirror always
wins. It’s also really annoying that so many people are like why would she
kill her fiance if she obviously knew the evil lady thing wasn’t real. To
which I respond FUCK YOU!!! There is no circumstance in which you wouldn’t
have a knee jerk reaction and stab the lady in the throat. I know there are
some things that don’t quite make sense about this movie, but it seems like
everyone that’s hating is making completely terrible points and acting all
arrogant about it. Anyways, I’m done with my rant. Bye

Jay StCloud says:

all I could say about this film is two words: “Mind” Rape”

Logan W says:

I haven’t seen it but the only thing that’s bugging me is that this movie
was sponsored by WWE

Mr Professional says:

2:16 (Somewhat of a spoiler) when she ate the apple and it was actually the
light bulb

Brook J says:

Karen gillian

Winterfang says:

I just saw the movie. It made me really sad :(

Red Vice says:

Done the “bloody mary” thing.
After turning the lights on – I felt a strange feeling…
Someone whispered in my ear:
“You’re a fucking idiot. Stop embarrassing yourself.”

KnockknockJ says:

Loved the movie, thought the ending should have been different. But stil
don’t know if she did or diddnt kill her fiance? 

svik71 says:

This, As Above So Below, and Deliver Us From Evil were possibly the best
horror movies this year, but Annabelle, Ouija, Paranormal Activity: The
Marked Ones were complete shit

Steve Rogers says:

I was so drunk when i watched this and at the end i was like what? I never
saw it again

YOU! Entertaining & NonsenseTv says:

my father said that this movie is boring…or he just dont get it?

Kyle Walsh says:

11 years ago* 

Ghost of April says:

Within Jeremy’s rating scale, I would say this movie is, AT BEST, “A good
time no alcohol required”, I just don’t think this is worth getting the
rating of “Buying on blu ray”, hell no. It’s an Alright movie. nothing that
will stay with me for days weeks or months. The Conjuring stayed with me
for months.

Knight Artorias says:

Awesome originally ment scary or horrifying

bunny boo says:

i hated the movie it wasnt even scary .

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