Noah movie review

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Darren Aronofsky takes on the story of Noah’s Ark in a bold re-telling that is sure to raise more than a few protests. But such a mind bending director taking on such an iconic Biblical story might just be the recipe for greatness. Jeremy reviews “Noah”!

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JeremyJahns says:
DarkMatter2525 says:

Ironic that religious people are mad about liberties being taken with the
biblical Noah’s Ark story when the biblical Noah’s Ark story was stolen
straight out of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Bernhardina Hörnstein says:

Noah was a great film. Aronofsky really made it feel like an ancient world
and I hated Noah because he was a dick to everyone including his own
family. But in the end he realized that love is stronger than any god.

Szayel Aporro Granz says:

There hasnt been a good movie rendition of a bible story since the Prince
of Egypt

Courtez Wallace says:

They Had These Whack “Fallen” Angels (Rock Giants) That Supposedly Went
Against GOD To Protect The Human Race, Ultimately Making “The Creator” Look
Like The Bad Guy; When It Was The Human Race Who Turned Their back On GOD,
Oh Excuse Me…THE CREATOR smh
Not Going To Lie, Adding A Evil Village King Who Sneaks on the Boat n Blah
Blah Was A Good Little Twist. The Animation and Design Of The Movie Was
Just Stick To The Book (Bible) It Has Just Enough Action, The Plot And
Story Line is Deep Enough, And Its Just As Good Considering IT ACTUALLY
HAPPENED!! No Need To Change Anything.

The 10 Commandments
The Prince Of Egypt

Alex Cavendish says:

This movie was epic. Yes, epic.
The hair all over my body including my balls had goosebumps when Noah tells
the story on how God created the world.
“Let there be light” BOOM (it was so epic I have to watch it many times.)

Eric Naylor says:

Okay, a minute and twenty seconds in, I gotta say this:

I am religious. I have read the Bible (more than once). And yes, license
was taken with this movie. However, it also had some interesting
interpretations, it stayed with the general spirit of the story, and, most
importantly especially for a Bible movie, it was thought provoking.

In other words, you’ve got at least one religious guy here who was not
ticked off by this movie.

TommoHawkeye says:

Another film that misses out the real details and is a poor shadow of the
Bible facts. No mention of fallen angels having sex with humans and
producing Nephilim (giants)..There is so much more to the Noah story than
just the boat and the flood! It’s like someone making a Harry potter film
about a boy who does 1 card trick at school and that’s the whole film. The
Harry potter novels obviously have a lot more in them and this would be an
injustice. Same here! The Bible is always dealt an injustice as Hollywood
either makes it too soft and nice or just adds so much nonsense it makes
the Bible look lame, which it isn’t (for those who have actually read it

TheUnstoppableScythe says:

I would give it a good time if you are REALLY drunk

PurpleHelmetAvenger says:

Here is my problem with the movie. Noah’s wife wore skinny jeans (80’s
style), the evil men used corrugated tin roof panels as shields, they had
iron and serrated knives and if that wasn’t enough, there was a Bazooka. I
don’t remember any of this from the bible.

Aleksander pheilps says:

I have a weird feeling this movie takes place in the future…I don’t
know why

newagepeople says:

the actors-great,the camera-great,the world-great,the movie-SHIT!

hunterkiller1440 says:

I just realized Emma Watson looks like a younger version of Sigourney

anthony kent says:

I’m glad the YouTube reviewers seem to have liked the movie. I watched it
thinking it would be terrible. But I was also pleasantly surprised. Not a
great movie, but I had a good time.

Ike Evans says:

I’m a fairly Bible-thumping religious person on a certain level, and I read
the story in the Bible a few times. Here’s the thing about the Bible
story: there’s not a lot of detail for what was very likely a very complex
event. Therefore I have absolutely no problem with the director/screen
writers/producers taking on some creative license. 

Jonny Lupus says:

Jeremy, i thought you disliked stories that ruined the source material.
Sure, disney takes a lot of creative license for stories, but they misled a
lot of people! And the story of Noah isn’t cut and dry, there’s so much
more to it.
Plus, to basically butcher the story and make it different, they stole from
multiple others to make something so stupid and cliched (¬_¬)
And bluray Jeremy?? Really?! C’mon…

WESTERN308 says:

IMHO this is an anti-christian, anti-God, pro-satan, lord of the rings
ripoff extravaganza…..just saying :-)…

mama tranks says:

This movie sucks ass, not because Is different from the bible story ( which
is 100%?uninspired , they only got the name Noah right) is because it’s
just Boring. There’s no music, Russell doesn’t talk he whispers, the
nefilim are giant rocks, ( so stupid) the nefilim took interest in the
women and possessed men not rocks) I ain’t gonna get technical about it,
it’s just bad bad bad boring boring Boring to watch….just go do something

tim drake says:

I am a Christian and i really liked it ,and i thought that it was awesome.
So seriously people *Calm your tits*

Heather Keene says:

I hated (and cried…but we’re not going to talk about that) when the goat
died. That part for some reason messed me up. Idk why tho… 

Purple Jay says:

Religion is fiction and should be interpreted as such. If people read book
that is fiction and then watch the movies afterwards, they almost always
hate the movies. This is no exception, the so-called “controversy”
surrounding this movie is just a religious version of the same thing. ^^

Gabriele Riva says:

Catholic here. Movie is good. Loved the rock monsters.

Wacey Preston says:

I thought I was watching some kind of spin off from lords of the rings 

TheNew Pav says:

Everyone is really missing the point of the ending for this movie. Gods
messages to Noah are very vague and it’s just his interpretation that
Humanity has to die. The point is: No matter what he chose to do, he was
right. If he decided to kill the babies, then he has shown Humanity is
irredeemable and should and will die, if he spares them with mercy, he has
shown Humanity deserves another chance and it gets one.

pvtrichardsonbr says:

As long as the message is still there I dont think god punishes anyone for
making a movie about a story from the bible and making it more interesting
to watch. Cuz lets face it todays audience would yarn at the cut and dry
noah story

crodo123 says:

noah may not be a judaism movie.. but it’s most definitely religious

SpajN3434 says:

shut up you are not funny

ethan anderton says:

I went into the movie knowing it wasn’t going to be accurate, but a prophet
trying to kill babies? No thats when I leave

forgothispassword says:

It would’ve been better if I started with the half demon half human
nephilim giants, AS GIANTS not rock people. The bible said that they were
heroes of old, so show them that way? Then tell the story of Noah
afterwards without the whole bullshit “emma watson’s child must die” fiasco
and whala, you have a great movie about giants and holy men. Instead we
have this abomination. 

jinsay2 says:

They shouldn’t have named it Noah, but rather…. I don’t know… Broah? It
is marketed as an adaptation of the story of Noah from the Bible, when it
is not. Instead of expanding to the story and add details to help with the
flow and stay with the main message, they changed so much stuff that were
clearly written down (for example in the book, Noah brought his wife, three
sons and their wives).

Those are details that a non-christian can overlook, because it is non
something they hold near their heart. Imagine that you are a Harry Potter
Fan, and the movies comes out, and they changed a lot of things. Would you
be fine with it? I say, if you do not intend to stay true to the original
material, then you are not an adaptation, you are a fanfiction, and
therefore market as such and change the name.

Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey are similar in style and essence, but
they are still two different stories. You don’t go to Fifty Shades of Grey
expecting to see Bella.

So that movie would make more sense as the story of Broah.

Frieza1500 says:

I wanted to enjoy this movie, but having he knowledge of the Bible, and the
fact that I do believe in God, was really distracting when I was watching
this movie and I lost hope for the movie halfway through. This might have
even been the first movie I would have walked out on of I saw it in the
cinema. My stepdad put it best: “The best part of the movie was the end

UsonoHoushi says:

I thought it was awesome. I thought some of the tools they use at the movie
were interesting. Especially the way they explained how the animals stayed
in boat without eating each other. It was fascinating. It’s definitely a
fun watch. 

GladX says:

Biggest piece of shit i ever seen in my life , i been watching movies every
2 days now in last few months and honestly this is the worst one yet
1/00,pure shit the creater of this movie needs to get punched in the face
that’s how bad this movie is.

Lan Nguyen says:

This is a movie for independent thinkers

Camejko says:

You seem like the type of asshole to like every movie and give the film a
positive review. Just saying

Kain Fegelein says:

I always thought that Bible was a good book, not just a Holy (for some)
book but also a good book on it’s own.
So when you make a movie about the Bible (mainly the Old Testament) it
should be badass. Some of the stuff in there makes Platinium Games shy.

Gábor Molnár says:

I am a christian and I loved Noha.
So I don’t think religion matters in this one, the thing that matters is
how open the viewers are for these ideas.
(btw. I also liked Exodus. Hate me all you want)

kraigthorne says:

1:04 The Passion of the Christ made HALF A BILLION and it was closer to the
Bible than any movie even made. They even used the languages that people
spoke back then. Not to mention not a single living persons native
language was one of the three languages spoken in Passion of the Christ. 

Regan D says:

Please don’t compare this to walking dead..

Tony Amott says:

U guys do realize this movie’s story, as far as the beginning with the
watchers aka Fallen Angels are actually taken from the book of Enoch, not
in the bible but a book separate from the bible, which is an account of
Enoch, which would be Noahs Great Grandfather about his unveiling of the
watchers(fallen angels) who abandon heaven to consummate with the daughters
of men on earth. They to give birth to the giants of old and begin to teach
humanity some of the forbidden secrets of heaven and cause chaos and
corrupt the earth,in the days of Noah. which ends up giving us our plot for
the story of Noah…. I liked this movie alott, i just wish they would’ve
mentioned more and put the Giants in the movie. would’ve been pretty badass

David Theriault says:

Um… It was too demented for me.
Noah is a psycho who wants to kill his ugly CG granddaughter babies?
Rock Monsters? WTF?

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