Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb movie review

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The magic that makes the Night at the Museum possible is fading, so Ben Stiller and his crew of historical icons must save the day….and night. Jeremy reviews “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”!

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Ezra Schwartz says:

Has Jeremy ever rated a kids’ movie “Good time if you’re drunk” ?

Generic Jacksfilms Goon says:

I’m still waiting for Super Mario Bros 2.
Haven’t left the house in 21 years

Izayic Raccoon says:

Hello Jeremy. I am here to inform you that as you may already know, there
will be a “Spidey Summit” meeting in which Marvel and Sony will discuss the
future Spider-man trilogy that will be created by Marvel with a different
actor and all that jazz. I strongly encourage you to view this meeting and
record yourself talking about your thoughts and post it on your channel for
all to see. The world needs to know the truth. That is all.

That’s me tryin to talk fancy

MarutoFighter says:

Jeremy, in waiting for your The Interview review.

fviannotta says:

Epic Rap Battles of History takes place in the night at the museum universe

andvas1994 says:

I’m just unable to see any Robin Williams movies for the time being… No
not because i’m sad. Well, sad in some way i suppose. But not sad like in
”Buhu he dead”. No sad like i’m ”Disappointed in humanity” sad… I
lost all respect for the guy the very second he decided to take hes own
life. So might check out this movie as soon as Robin Williams has been
forgoten like he should. And i’ll buy the version of the movies that
doesn’t have the ”Dedicated to a cowardly man” thing at the end. Had it
been a honorable death or natural i wouldn’t mind. But shit, i ain’t
honoring cowards that went out in a dishonorable way. But i’ve been meaning
to see these movies so i’ll check them out one day for sure.

Scilacticon Galaxy says:

Loved the part where Lancelot ran into Hugh Jackman!

Wildgamer C says:

Hope this will be a good end for Robin Williams in the movies

Matthew Price says:

Chambers have their secrets…

Rodrigo B. says:

Robin Williams isnt dead guys!!!!!
It was a hoax made by the goverment!!!!!

Chance Ondriezek says:

What? No Hobbit spoiler talk video?

Kyle Pickens says:

“Smile my boy. It’s sunrise.” Last line from robin Williams. 

kush smoker says:

oh no robin williams died…big fuckin boo hoo…never liked his movies so
i dont see why people cry…not like they were all best friends with the

CurtisAlfeld says:

I’m cautious about seeing this one. I really liked the first one, and I
didn’t like the second one that much. I liked it even less after I actually
was at the Mall (it’s where all the Smithsonian museums are, in case you
thought I was talking about a shopping mall), at midnight (coming home from
a concert), and there were people everywhere. It made some of the scenes
impossible, because they were running around the Mall in the movie, and if
that happened in real life, a ton of people would see it, and the cops
would be there in minutes.

Gregory Noonan says:

I’m just saying, for the Top 10 Movies of 2014 (Which i predict comes out
next week, if he’s on par with last year) should have Winter Soldier, and
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes… why? MACHINIMA DIDN’t PUT THEM ON THEIR
TOP 10

Fjolltzu says:

You fixed your hair, NICE LOOKING SLICK AS A MOFO !!!!

anakinfan12002 says:

I would have preferred if it had stayed in the direction it was going and
not that ending. Just my thoughts though.

Jack Hussey says:

Night at the Museum: Awesometacular
Night at the Museum 2: Not going to remember it in t-minus one day.
Night at the Museum 3: Good time no alcahol required.

TheRecreator says:

If the egyptian thingy ended up in the Doctor Who Experience…. yeah.

Kollin Pork Chop says:

Great way to end a movie the way they did with Robin Williams. I enjoyed
the movie, and it was a great Trilogy.

MJHGaming UK says:

Nearly at 7m subscribers Jeremy!! :D

zombiesnyder13 says:

I am 21, and I just came because of Robin Williams, the rest of the
movie… Not so much.

But I got Robin’s final message.

R. Downgrade says:

There is a difference between stupid and simple. The world does not benefit
from treating children as stupid, and we can see clear reactions from this
sort of action, if not then Jersey Shore and Honey BooBoo wouldn’t have
ever gotten aired to begin with.

GrayTimber says:

Not going to lie, I was one of those who cried when Robin said goodbye.

Seph Sheren says:

When you realize that majority of the conflict in this movie could have
been avoided if Larry just walked outside with the artifact at night xD

Benny Majestic says:

This just showed up on my feed and I was about to comment “Jesus, Jeremy,
took you long enough”…but then I noticed it’s from 3 weeks ago. 

Calvin F says:

This movie seriously is too short and very dumb straight forward. No twist.
The trip to British Museum only need two guy, the rest of the cast are
useless to follow along and doesn’t help anything at all and just giving

jfnoxus says:

Found it quite a fun movie. Had a nice time watching it :)

Luke Jolly says:


I thought the movie was overall pretty good. It had some pacing issues and
it was decently written. The only thing that felt really out of place was
the Hugh Jackman cameo, what was up with that?

Tyler McGee says:

I liked how Huge Jackman is about to pull the wolverine against the night
but it doesn’t work and the xmen theme plays 

Kick Butt says:

I thought the ending was perfect and at the same time ironic for Robin

I absolutely loved it.
Sad what happened to him, but he said to keep smiling; the sun is around
the corner. (:

Antonio Miguel says:

It’s hard to be happy watching this movie when you miss Robin Williams, RIP

Jonathan Harvey says:

I liked that Spike Spiegel hair you had going.

Samm21 says:

Why on earth has Jeremy not done a review on into the woods????? 

TheMasterAssasinBen says:

Man, this movie really was worth seeing just for honoring Robin Williams
now that really hit me in the hearth

Beath7AJ says:

I saw it and omg the end of the movie broke my heart

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