Neighbors movie review

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Seth Rogen fights the good fight to take down a frat house led by Zac Efron disturbing the peace in his quiet neighborhood. Jeremy reviews “Neighbors”!
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Justin Williams says:

0:01-0:03, I am too, Jeremy. She’s ridiculously hot.

Fly says:

Still waiting on Pineapple Express 2. I really hope that happens.
And Bad Boys 3. 

Gent M says:

One of the worst movies of the year just terrible.

EllioSam says:

Why is this movie called ‘Neighbours’ and ‘Bad Neighbours’. Seriously look
it up.

IBGSuperior says:

Zac Efron for Nightwing in Batman vs Superman

i-JAV Animation says:

all right but TAS 2 deserves the same rating!

MarkDeMort says:

No Jeremy, Rose Byrne is not hot. 

TheRiisingSun says:

Do we really love Seth Rogan for just being the same guy every time?
I’m getting bored of him. Would love for him to get a challenge some time

ShootStyleZombie says:

I wonder if Jeremy is aware he has his own Wikipedia page now

TJ Binks says:

Oh come on jeremy. The movie wasnt anything special. Just a quick
moneymaking piece of crap. The only thing decent was zac efrons pecks 

TheSaucySauce says:

Review new planet of the apes trailer. Shit is awesome. 

JohnC546 says:

I’d give it a good time no alcohol required. I don’t feel like I want to
see it over and over again, it’s not gonna be a movie that I remember for
the rest of my life, but I had fun with it and it’s short and sweet. 

Godson - Clash of Clans says:

The ingredients for comedies now a days. Parties, drugs and half naked
girls. No thanks. This is just another garbage movie.

twilightchic143 says:

Great review Jeremy!!! Gonna watch it with the fam for Mother’s Day

Kittywarrior says:

Show horn in Green Goblin with heart?

jackygomes says:

Good review, Jer. It’s nice to see that Zac Efron found his way on movies.
He was trying and failing to be good on shitty movies. Apart from Neighbors
the only movie I tought he was cool was 17 Again. I’m hoping he does good
with his career from now on. 

Eric Young says:

Really wasent a good movie only good parts were dave franco and zac efron

Method775 says:

ive seen porn with more story than this shit 

Amos Persad says:

Out of all the Disney Kids I think only two is making something of

1. Zac Efron
and the other I can’t believe I’m saying this…BUT
2. Nick Jonas

Believe me he was good in Kingdom, If you have not seen that show go watch
it NOW

stripgaga says:

This movie was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time by far. I was
pleasantly surprised. When it came out in theaters, I didn’t have any
desire to see it. But this movie was fucking hilarious and it was charming
at the same time. All the characters had unique qualities, the bromances
were on point, the adult humor and jokes were awesome, and that baby, jesus
christ. Cutest fucking baby ever.

Chris Griffen says:

Rose Byrn was one of the worst parts–SO miscast. How can people say this
movie is so good? I really don’t get it. 

MrNQR says:

In Australia it’s actually titles ‘Bad Neighbors’ because we have a REALLY
shitty T.V series called Neighbors and it’s just a horrible show. I
literally forgot it existed until I heard about this movie.

Nerdword Entertainment says:

JEREMY!! Why did you talk about the Goblin?! I’m seeing THAT movie

Callum Mason says:

Jeremy you really need to watch The Place Beyond the Pines. It has Rose

Christopher De Freitas says:

Besides the lunch bag antics, shia labeouf is disneys best creation in the
past decade, that became huge, critically aclaimed, and was all around
respected, untill that ofc

Usman Dar says:

would be good if you could stick in a rating out of 10 at the end of your

Joshua Barron says:

I think Efron is a good actor now and he can really make something of

Lutez! says:

3:10 u obviously havent seen grand hotel budapest

Japheth19 says:

I know I’m totally in the minority here, but I just don’t like the humor in
any of Seth Rogen’s movies, or any movies like them. From Superbad to
Pinapple Express, I just don’t find them entertaining. 50/50 was the only
decent movie that I’ve seen him in, and he was the worst thing about the

BasketCase995 says:

Zac Efron is the only old Disney star that’s actually pretty decent (at
least the ones I remember).

AtariMaxiToriyama says:

I’m gonna have to disagree with you regarding her being out of his league.
Seth Rogan is overweight, but I cannot be the only person who thinks he
looks absolutely charming.

Scott Robinson says:

This movie insists upon itself. 

Seosamh Wray says:

I don’t get why this film’s so popular. It may be a comedy but from what
I’ve seen in the trailers some of the stuff is potentially life-threatening
and they have every right to call the police.

Garrett Bonnin says:

I am the same as fly

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