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Universal has announced a sequel to the hit Seth Rogen-Zac Efron comedy NEIGHBORS is on the way. The sequel is slated to be released on May 13th 2016 with Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron and director Nicolas Stoller are all returning. The first Neighbors went on to make 269 worldwide.

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DEVRIMCI2007 says:

Tropic Thunder 2 is a movie we all need to see.

Coryo61827 says:

I heard the planned synopsis for the second one and I think it sounds like
a good idea. Basically, instead of a frat house, it’s a sorority that moves
in next door, so instead of dealing with a bunch of college guys, you’re
actually going to be dealing with college girls. And Seth Rogan will ask

Chris Li Loia says:

I believe the story of Neighbors 2 will be that a sorority moves in next
door to Seth Rogan n Rose Byrne’s characters n they enlist the help of
Efron’s character to help them get the sorority to move out or something
like that but yeah, I believe that will be the new premise for Neighbors 2.
If I turn out to be wrong I’m sorry but that’s what I heard. I totally
forget where I’ve heard it but I’m positive that I actually did hear it
somewhere lol.

Zelkrov says:

The first movie was indeed one of funniest movies I’ve ever seen, so I’ll
give the second one a try

Coryo61827 says:

Zach effrons help in defeating them since they’re friends now.

Stanley Kuo says:

I am with Miri and Mark buying Neighbors 2. Love the first one and the
second one will be just as funny.

SBTroll says:

Eh, Neighbors was a disappointment for me…. hopefully the second has more
natural humor in it.

Chris Reed says:

Give us a Pine Express 2 instead.

The Humanati says:

Hopefully it doesn’t suffer from Hangovers disease.
Hangover’s disease- When a movie has a certain unique premise that is a
part of the title of the movie and you can’t do a sequel without doing the
exact same premise again. 

blakethegamerguy says:

I don’t see a sequel 

Tari saher says:

i hated this movie soooooo much, i didn’t found anything funny in that crap

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