Need for Speed movie review

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We have ourselves another movie adaptation of a video game….are those ever good? (Mortal Kombat aside) In any case, Jeremy reviews “Need for Speed”.

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JeremyJahns says:
TonyAvalosGTA says:

Awesome and amazing movie, everyone loved it and reviewers that rate it 5-
go suck a dick :)

Ninth Cinema Down says:

You’re watching a racing movie based off a video game. It was fast and fun
to watch. Of course you have to suspend disbelief to enjoy it.

Travis M says:

I just saw this the other day and I had no expectation that it would be
good. It was actually really good! I’d say a 7.5 at least, maybe even an
eight. Aaron paul was a really great actor and the racing scenes were
awesome and intense. As for the rest of the stuff you complained about, it
could all be said about any movie out there. Sure the story wasn’t the
greatest but compared to Fast and Furious it was way better. People go nuts
over how good the Fast and Furious movies are but in all honesty this was
more believable and entertaining. It wasn’t a perfect movie but it
deffinantly deserves a better score than that.

DiddyHopPC says:

Dude, Burnout 3 is soo much better than revenge! 

Vice Admiral Strawberry says:

no Midnight Club 3?? What’s wrong with you people?

daniel harman says:

did you watch the movie, the reason he got the car was because he said the
rich guy would get half the cars so 4mil cars worth 3mil and he knows the
kid can drive so he took the risk.
the reason he attracted attention to him self was the get into the race
3rd on the dirt road a mustang would not go anywhere near what it would on
roads and he wasn’t even driving she was.
4th its entirely possible to pick a car up with a chain linked through the
roof cars are made so that the centre of the hood and the 2 side pillars
can take the weight of the car in case of roll over…

Tra Realeco says:

Who the fuck expects reality in a fucking MOVIE ? God…. 

GCT10/31/1990 says:

I personally love the movie, it’s nice to see a racing movie that’s…
Actually about racing but above a low budget rice movie and isn’t about
pulling off a heist where everyone seems to make it out alive doing stunts
that would kill the normal person.. Yea I’m talking about you fast and
furious cut that shit out

The scene Jeremy was talking about the truckers trying to kill him keeping
up with the fastest car (mustang), you forgot one major fact of
Information… True the car is pretty fast… But you have to think, the
road is hard to drive on… There’s a lot of bends that could kill anyone,
the road looks like off road tires would be needed and Paul wasn’t
driving… She was so I do believe the hill Billie’s could keep up… But
the whole helicopter carrying the car with a chain is beyond impossible,
from the distance flown the chain would of either gave out and broke or did
damage to the cars roof backing and or crushed it there’s no way the shit

DigitalVideoFX says:

I actually really liked this movie. You have to just submit to the fact
that its super cheesy and chiche, and take it for the fact that its based
on a video game. I dont think its supposed to resemble real life

Kriston S says:

Need for Speed Underground 2. That one’s just a classic

Gent M says:

Really really good movie the best cars movie ever (for me ofc) ! :)

Tin_tin132 says:

Burnout 3 takedown is my favourite racing game ever, but my favourite mode
was the one where you race around and at the end of race the winner is
dictated by who killed the opposition the most, not who actually came
first, I think the mode was called road rage not certain though it’s been
along time since I’ve played so I’m unsure

arielatom03 says:

all you need to say is: this movie was terrible in every single way the

Jimmy Noonan says:

does Mario Kart count?

SpiderManFantastic4 says:

This is why I couldn’t be a movie critic. They just take everything too
seriously and ask for realistic things in a movie based on a video game.

jose flores says:

there is no movie that is realistic your fucking dumb

John says:

the mustang had a chasis am i right? & i liked split second bc a lot of

jesycomb says:

yup like in the The Crew video game, ATV vehicles are faster in the terrain
(obviously) than the sports car that runs faster on asphalt

KAarnagemAmolgada says:

gran turismo., 2 3 4 5 6 best racing simulator game ever …
ps… fuck Forza hihihihi

Fraser Souris says:

I would like a Need for Speed movie based on Need For Speed Most Wanted
(2005) and Need For Speed Carbon: Own the City (PSP)

Sri Sravan Gurajapu says:
Ethan Kimbell says:

The end race is very short, it$ stupid. My favorite racing game is the CREW

Pennywise TheClown says:

I wanted the chick in this movie to get run over

Emmanuel Ramirez says:

You will never understand this movie because you are not a gear head you
don’t get the back story about Carroll Shelby he is a legend and I’m not
trying to say you are wrong, it’s not your fault you just don’t have the
knowledge or understand cars. Either way I love your videos keep doing what
you do. 

Matthew Atmore says:

Need for speed most wanted on Xbox 360

sinester poisel says:

Need fore speed most wanted (the old one) not that new peace of shit…

Gerann Gerber says:

Hi Jeremy

I’m sorry to say this, but I completely disagree with your review. I really
enjoyed this movie, and the build up to the race with the race itself is
totally awesome.


Nico Brewster says:

This movie was SOOO good. I honestly do NOT, get the hate, at alll….Like
seriously…This movie was a really good, suspenseful, totally got into it.
After i saw that rotten tomatoes gave this 1 freaking star, i mean, i’m
like wtf?? What on earth do you people want in a movie?? I disagree
completely….This review is bullshit…

Perplexus 24 says:

Need for speed rivals


everything you saw racing wise , the car being carried it was real , there
was no cgi or special effects :)

RagingGumballMachine says:

F-Zero X and GX are my favorite racing games.

Ethan Bastone says:

Mine is forza motorsports and forza horizon and need for speed

AftyrLyfe Muzic says:

Nfs most wanted

jeffrey delai says:

Well I guess everyone has their own opinion huh bro. Cause I sure as hell
didn’t see any flaw in the movie, really enjoyed it. I would buy this again
in Blue Ray. 

kratoscallofduty says:

I liked the film. The girl was annoying, but the rest of the characters
were pretty good….especially Michael Keaton.

thedawsman1998 says:

Burnout Paradise!

TheTrophyMunchers says:

Imogen Poots in this movie was so god damn hot!

HyperSole says:

I feel that you were a little too harsh on the movie, of course they
created a special rig to carry the car for safety reasons. Every big action
movie ever made has stunts in it in which “the physics don’t make sense”
but are done to make cool scenes.

Hunter Huff says:

I don’t care, I really really enjoyed this movie

venktesh rao says:


jeffrey delai says:

Well I guess everyone has their own opinion huh bro. Cause I sure as hell
didn’t see any flaw in the movie, really enjoyed it. I would buy this again
in Blue Ray. 

lenton456 says:

Need for Speed Underground is my all time favorite

Josh redgrave says:

The ending is cool with the song

ScRiZy Weaver says:

Like I’ve always said movie reviewers are pointless. Idk why they even have
jobs. This movie tripled it’s budget. With bad reviews, so yeah pointless
to give movies reviews.

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