Nebraska Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Alexander Payne Movie HD

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Nebraska Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Alexander Payne Movie HD

An aging, booze-addled father makes the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.

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MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:
AZ GMB says:

Not a bad movie. Slow, but likable and relatable. Parts of it was pretty
funny. Didn’t care that it was in black and white at all, didn’t notice
after a bit. The whole vulture reference once the Town of Hawthorne found
out he won a million is actually quite realistic. Real lottery winners have
confirmed this actually happening. A lot of old people in this movie
acting, well….old. I hang out with my grandma every week, along with
other people over 70 and I can tell you that the way they move, talk and
act; is just like this. Oh and how the circus ensues or it’s just a snooze
fest when there’s a family reunion with a boat load of old folks. I really
took away from this movie that sometimes us younger generations need to
just relax and humor the older generation. They fall, can’t drive, and may
not have the same thought processes they use to. One day, we will be them
and it’s best we remember that.

Captain Jugular says:

Some people are honestly complaining about it being shot in black and
white? That’s enough to deter you from watching the film? Jesus Christ

oded fried-gaon says:

Beautiful little film.

$@LiX says:

can’t believe i stayed till 5 am to watch this movie damn boring movie with
annoying characters absloutly shit

Nature's Call Dota 2 says:

The photography, music and protagonistas are splendid.

roque furtado says:

…assista por ae…

TheNemesis332 says:

This is a cute little film

fred miller says:

Great movie about an Older aging man grasping for his last straw.

Cecilia Bates says:

In the movie The Cowboys Bruce played an evil man and from then on I never
liked him. I guess he is a super actor for the roles he takes on. I loved
this movie. The black and white film was a true art. Its playing on Netflix
now and its a must see. Bruce my hat off to you. You are one heck of an

Ernest Vaudry says:
Eleven Ocean says:

did he got the one million dollar?

Bruce Cunningham says:

Absolutely fantastic trip through the dynamics and proclivities of a
realistic American Midwest family as they interact with others. The film
can move rather slow, and not everyone is going to “get it”. Yet I was
moved by the portrayal of sinners such as I being brought to a place of
reconciliation with each other. I was so impressed with the portrayal of
the younger son as he learned about his dad and mom’s younger days, and
with how he courageously showed grace to his dad, and stood up for his
family. I felt great as it ended.

Vikram Singh says:

This movie was the best and after watching all the Oscar nominee movies i
think that this movie should have won it. The concept of black and white
was great and the acting was awesome. I love my dad and if anyone think
that other movies like wolf of wall streets should have won I’ll say no
because this movie taught me much thing than others. For others please love
your family and there is no love stronger than your love towards your
family. I cried in the end when woody son bought him a truck and a new air
compressor just as he dream about and although woody seems hard he was
actually a sensitive man and want to win million dollars so that he could
leave something for his sons.

kounterfeet says:

I didn’t know what to expect at first but it ended up being such a
brilliant movie. I watch lots of movies and this one is definitely special.
Congratulations to all involved.

Hank Stone says:

An ad for a trailer? “The Signal” right to DVD because it was so bad.

William C. says:

Great movie, great story, great acting. Should have won the Oscars.

Steven Manning says:

I like how this movie was shot in black and white. It gives the plot of the
movie a perfect feel, and helps portray the isolation and loneliness that
you get in that area of the country. 

Anton Alexandra says:

wonderful movie!!! one of the best i have seen…

MrPMS86 says:

One of the most beautiful movie of the year ;)

Kevin Nicklen says:

“C’mon, have a beer with you’re old man. Be some body…”

Abu AbdelRahim says:

Those who love their fathers must this movie. Very touchy and intelligent.
One of the best movies that i enjoyed all the way from start to end. Full
of love and fun.

TheSebasdesign says:


Manan Sharma says:

For all the Dads out there wanting to leave a legacy for their kids…and
for all the kids out there wanting to be the best kids ever… this one is
a must watch….

Scott Williams says:

Such a sweet and loving film. with some comedy on the side. Who else cried?

Adam Vertue says:

This is a film for people like Woodie; honest, goodhearted and who naively
believes that others will respect that. The reason many dislike the film is
because rather than relating to him, they are likely closer to some of the
characters surrounding him. Also for those of you struggling to understand
why it is in black and white, my guess is that it is to reinforce how dull
the lifestyle of the characters are and I loved it.

Nibbler says:

great movie

Adan Garcia says:

I had a hard time watching black and white. I get what they are trying to
do, but times are different and my eyes had a hard time trying to see this
movie. Aside from being in black and white, I thought it was a good movie,
but due to it being in black and white, I will not be adding this to my
huge movie collection. In the future, don’t do black and white again, it’s
hard on these eyes. Plus, tell me how this makes sense; they chose to film
in the most beautiful, and untouched parts of our country, then they take
all those natural and vibrant colors out……….?
The director is just as crazy as the old man in the film. 

இளவஞ்சி iLaVAnJi says:

ஆறு ஆஸ்கரும் அள்ளனும்னு ஆசையா இருக்கு!


6 Nominations

Actor in a Leading Role
Actress in a Supporting Role
Best Picture
Writing (Original Screenplay)

Oscar Doel says:

Muy buena

Diego Martín Amutio says:

Excelente peli:

Jerome John Ortega Castro says:

brilliant movie… guess not everyone will be able to appreciate it
though… :)

andresgv10 says:


Kino Millennium says:

Dzisiaj jest pojedynczy pokaz filmu nominowanego do Oscarów – NEBRASKA. O

Nebraska Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Alexander Payne Movie HD

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