Muppets Most Wanted movie review

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An evil Kermit look alike uses the Muppets to his own ends while Kermit rots away in a Russian prison! The Muppets are back once again so Jeremy reviews “Muppets Most Wanted”!

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NoahSmarts says:

I personally like Muppet Treasure Island (please don’t kill me).

Shadowkirby says:

Favorite Muppets movie: Muppets Treasure Island.

Jer D says:

I felt this was a horrible movie with Tina Fay (who should have been in it
more) was its only saving grace. And the only real joke that holds up is
the Josh Groban joke

Xavier Krantz says:

This is ain’t enjoyable as muppets from space. 

Joshua Finlayson says:

1 the muppets
2 the great muppet caper
3 the muppet movie

Jacob Richards says:

I thought it was a bit of a let down

Game2TheMax says:

“I get back to Washington tonight. Then….Noah, TMNT trailer, X-Men: DOFP
trailer, and Cap 2. Vids for days!!!” He tweeted this. Hype :D

Josh Sharpe says:

Turles trailer review!

Caleb Goodson says:

I love this movie. Constantine rocks. Here’s my top three favorite Muppet

1. The Muppet Movie
2.The Muppets Take Mannhatten
3.Muppets Most Wanted

LesAndTristanVideos says:

Hands down Muppet’s Treasure Island! Tim Curry played an awesome Long John
Silver, and I actually looked to his portrayal of the character when I had
to be Long John Silver in a musical production of Treasure Island. The
music was fantastic, the Acting was pretty good, aside from Jim Hawkins who
wasn’t very good. It’s worth buying on Blue-Ray. :)

thomas the tank engine says:

Do WHITE HOUSE DOWN… is it DIE HARD but in the white house?

GameStudio says:


Mike Pisacano says:

I completely disagree with you on the idea that this is more for kids.
There is no way that a single child will actually like this movie. There’s
nothing for them to gravitate towards other than the fact that there’s
Muppets in it. They’re not going to get any of the jokes, all of the
celebrity cameos are people that kids wouldn’t know. This is more for
adults who love the Muppets. 

Jer D says:

My favorite muppet movie is DEFINTALY A Muppet Christmas Carol

CrazyStuffedKitties says:

All the Muppet movies are awesome, never say no to Kermit

urquijom1 says:

Jeremy where the frack r u? There r all these trailers coming out & u yet
to review any. U need to review TMNT & new Days of Future Past trailer!

TheSignifyyy says:

I just mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen.

hidefanlovely says:

Simple it’s Muppet Treasure Island.

The Armoured Alchemist says:

Hey Jeremy please do the teaser trailer review for the Turtles movie cant
wait to see your opinion!

Evilnor7 says:

I never saw any of the early Muppets movies all the way through. I was
more into the TV show :P But then there were their versions of A Christmas
Carol and Treasure Island! I think Treasure Island is my favorite still.

DisneyGirl says:

Im a HUGE Muppet fan. Favorite Muppet Movie: The Muppet Movie (the old one
where they all meet eachother and go to Hollywood)

Cody Harris says:

The Muppets (with Jason Seagel).

MessengerOfHell says:

I saw it and I liked it but I’d say for an audience that’s somewhere around
14+ or 15+. The movie is something for a bit older audience that are
familiar with the Muppets, I don’t exactly think a little kid would like. 

TheBanannaPanda says:

You remind me of Bebopvox

FromMeToWhoever4 says:

none of them are as good as Muppets in Space

Ali Abubakar says:

I for some reason loved it. Ty Burell stole the show

Crio Max says:

I can’t wait until he drops the shit bomb on the TMNT movie because of
Michael Bay >.>

GamerXPER says:

Muppets from space is the best movie, 2nd being muppets Christmas carol,
and 3rd is the Disney muppets 

Jacob Michael Dallas says:

can u make a video about therecent godzilla tv spots, there are 7 in
total,so far and can uh make a video after that about the,extended look at
godzilla thats going to happen today :) 

keepmeposted25 says:

This review is basically exactly how I felt about the movie, word for word.
This movie felt more like an original Muppet movie to me.

As for my favorite Muppet movie, it would be the last one. :]

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