Mr. Nobody Official US Release Trailer #1 (2013) – Jared Leto, Diane Kruger Movie HD

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Mr. Nobody Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Jared Leto, Diane Kruger Movie HD

A tale that spans different time zones of the 20th and 21st centuries.

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MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Stunning close-ups in the ‘Mr. Nobody’ Trailer which tells “a tale that
spans different time zones.”

Homemadegameguru says:

I saw this movie years ago and I LOVE IT! It’s too slow for many people,
but if you see the narrative for what it is, the movie is quite deep and
prophetic. The basic point expressed (as I have seen it) is that our lives
have different ‘major’ points where if you go one way or the other – your
life circumstances change, yet you relatively stay the same person. Mr.
Nobody is telling every possible important choice he made in life – as if
he can see every possible variation of his life. Imagine being able to see
every major choice you made in life and how those choices changed the way
you live, your family dynamic, your career and even how people die.

It reminded me when my parents got divorced when I was six and they asked
me who I wanted to live with (just like in the movie). I chose my father
instead of my mother. There are times I wondered how my life would have
been different if I chose to live with my mother instead. You just never
know how your life will be – either better, worse or the same.


Am i the only one who was thinking about finding nemo when the dad yelled
his name

Domo Girl says:

His name is Nemo?

Max Moran says:

This movie. THIS fuckin’ movie. 

Hazard says:

This is possibly one of the greatest movies of all time. And to all the
dipshits saying the characters drop accents for no reason, there is a
reason. Nemo either stays in the UK or moves to Canada with his mother,
when he stays in the UK he keeps his accent, when he goes to Canada he
loses his accent. This movie is perfect. 

Brian DelGiudice says:

This is the movie iv’e wanted to make since I was a kid. I’m so happy and
very sad that it is actually a movie. I love the concept so much.

Nacho773 says:

I wasted 2hrs expecting a badass ending but it ended with no meaning.

Summer Farley says:

Such a good movie. It’s slow starting and some find it hard to get into,
but once you do it is worth it. I absolutely love this movie! In my top 10

Sam Thomas says:

These guys obviously know nothing practical about string or M-Theory.

I love how bad popular science gets skewed… it’s truly unbearable. 

Opa Luci says:

I am so confused. Does he have multiple personalities or something?

Lord Slime says:

Such metaphysics
Much wow

Chris CD Thomas says:

It’s about string theory… 

MuskratandRatman says:

I find it humorous that so many people think this film is ABOUT string
theory, quantum jumping, or multiverse theory; It’s not. All the events you
see take place in the mind of a child who has yet to make a choice; the
choice to stay with his father or go with his mother. All the events are
possible but don’t and can’t exist until the child makes the choice.

mark schas says:

Worst. Movie. Ever.

Angel B says:


Chris Christenson says:

We project the possibilities we envision… remember, what we envision
turns into some sort of art (literature, music, math, etc). That art is
essentially our vision, but we can make that vision come alive if we
understand it’s perspective.

When you come to complete relaxation, time arrives in an abrupt halt. When
you practice mindfulness meditation (sam harris) out of it’s religious
context, there is many psychological benefits. 

Michael Underwood says:

Watched this last night… I really like it…

sonofspaceghost o says:

Personally I’d rather watch mayonaise go bad then ever watch this preview
again… that was a rough 2 minutes

PsychoStreet13 says:

Definitely one of my favorite films, I loved it, had to watch it again and
again. Before I knew it I was spewing out lines to the movies as the scenes
were going along. It was simply beautiful

hiddenninjashadow says:

What is that piano music 36 seconds

Bruce Banner says:

This movie basically demonstrates that your life is a completely pointless
set of random events based on decisions, or lack of decisions, and events
that determine your future, until you get old and die. The love of your
life could have very well been one of a multitude of people, thus proving
that “true love” is bullshit, and every single possible outcome exists in
some alternate universe where you went left instead of right, etc. etc.
etc. Your very existence and perception of reality is dependent upon what
you can recollect from your slowly decaying aging memories which will
inevitably whither away into nothingness, along with your dying brain and
rotting corpse. Your children might remember you, and your grandchildren
might remember you, possibly even your great-grandchildren might remember
you, but eventually everyone will forget you ever walked the Earth decades
later, just like every other human being who came before you for thousands
and thousands of meaningless, virtual years of subjective non-existent

Rooben daniali says:

One of the best movie I had ever seen 

Jurij Fedorov says:

Damn… this looks bad.

voltgamer1 says:

This looks like a horrible movie. Maybe it’s just the trailer.

DontQuitYourDayDreams says:

Had to watch this movie over & over. So many interesting points &

eldon498 says:

So is this supped to be quantum mechanics the movie?

Jordana Vasquez says:

Best decision of the night

Roca Bibaby says:

Love Jared Leto but this looks uber confusing!!

TheLazyPianist says:

I feel like my life is of the undecided, the un-acting, the difference
between the suppositional state and the collapse.

No choices have I made, other than the act of deciding not to act. The
decline of will itself. Although, as much as I want, I feel like I have no
say in my life.

Watching through the twin glass doors, as I stay the same and the reality
around me amalgamates into a nebulous cloud of information. Racing by.

I have never been so depressed, and the neutrality of my life is ever
present, and un yielding. I am my own deterrent.

Me, who I am,

Sephy Callum says:

Just when they ran out of ideas…they brought out a film to confuse
us…one point for originality lol

Grant Tanis says:

Nemo is omen backwards, and an omen is the foretelling of the future, so it
explains a lot.

Christopher Benson says:

So we’re Finding Nemo’s memory?

nikkie scott says:

This movie is insane

bloodscul says:

leto!!!!!!!!!! god i love that man

Hesed Payocong says:

I really don’t know what I felt about this. 

Cammie G says:

I saw this movie awhile ago! It was really confusing but really good! <3

nashrox61 says:

first off let me say what a great movie this is.
but honestly i’m confused about one part; how come as teenagers the kids
spoke in a british accent but then when they grew up the accent went away?
does it have to do with there being an american and a European version?

nailz420 says:

Because you can’t kill a man with no body…

snocap393G says:

Please, Please..Go see” Dallas Buyers Club”. You won’t regret it. Jared
Leto and Matthew McConaughey give two of the best performances of
all-time…I’m not kidding. Both have been nominated for Oscars. And for
those of you who have been asking, Jared Leto IS the lead singer of 30
Seconds to Mars. He was an actor long before the band became famous.

Sanjana Sarker says:

this is one of my favorite movies ever

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