Mortdecai movie review

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Watch Johnny Depp phone it in as another eccentric Deppified character that will earn him another shit-tillion dollars. Jeremy reviews the heist comedy “Mortdecai”

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Fritobandito858 says:

you should update your ranking pictures/clips

DarkGomuGamer says:

They should make a sequel to this, call it “Rigby”

schmoesknow says:

With you dude, Depp is so talented. Wish someone would just scream in his
face so he will go back to doing films like Blow, Donnie Brasco.

Jason Todd says:

it sucks to see actors that were great in the 90’s like Depp and Sandler
turn to shitty movies nowadays. did they just get bored or am i missing

Jevski7 says:

You should watch Hannibal, severely underwatched show. 2 seasons so far as
great, the second season is one of the best season of television recently.
Can’t praise it enough, so atmospheric, creepy, smart and cinematic. 

Blake F says:

Don’t insult cartoons by comparing them to Johnny Depp. Cartoons are good.

LukeNukem MovieReviews says:

That thumbnail is one of the most hilarious thumbnails of JeremyJahns
channel ever.

Pepsiman says:

So you skip Spare Parts, Imitation Game, and you watched Wild but didn’t
review it. Nice. 

kyroo1052 says:

The only eccentric crime heist movie I could think of is the Pink Panther.

Francisco Santiago says:

Jeremy, why aren’t you wearing a shirt? So unprofessional.

Mind Heist says:

Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Robert Brunner says:

Nothing good? What about Paddington, i mean i personally haven’t seen it
but the Schmoes seemed to enjoy it..also it’s gotten pretty good reviews.

Amanda Cirincione says:

Johnny depp has been my favorite actor since Edward scissorhand.. but its
really starting to piss me off that hes not doing better movies! I think he
typecasted himself..sighhhh

Interstellar robbed says:

Let’s face it Johnny Depp fantards, Depp has never been that good of an
actor. He realized years ago he was never a good dramatic actor so he
started doing these ‘wacky’ roles. And even they are getting boring now

Dawson Fox says:

I think it was great. I don’t regret paying for it, so I’m cool with it.

Captain James Tiberius Perfect says:

Jeremy do the Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Spoiler talk

Tissan Young says:

I thought he was going to bring up Hot Olivia Munn

fsfsfsfsfsfsg says:

You know, I find it really sad that before “Johnny Depp in Burtonland” (in
which he played that horrible mashup of Willy Wonka,Tim Burton and Jack
Sparrow, with a costume obviously made to make him the center of attention)
came out I used to watch a trailer or hear the news that Johnny Depp would
star in a new film I would get really excited and be like ” OMG, yes Johnny
Depp, this movie is going to be awesome and Depp is going to do an amazing
job at his role”. What I mean is that as soon as I found that Depp was
going to be in a movie I got my expectations and fait in the movie really

But now I start watching a movie trailer or hear about a movie and as soon
as I find that Johnny Depp is going to be in it I say “Nah, man, it’s going
to be the same roll he’s been doing this last 10 years and it’s going to be

The worst is that when he gets criticized he acts all childish and says “I
don’t care what anyone says the only opinion I care about is my kids”…
Really, Depp, really? I know some of you might think that is “sweet” but
considering kids will say that Batman & Robin is a good movie I should ask
you to reconsider. 

Bruce Simmons says:

Inception’s my favourite heist film.

TheNightshade43 says:

The only role I liked Depp in was in Sleepy Hollow. Quirky, but a more
subtle, adorable kind of weirdness. I feel like now days he just plays
variations of the same “weird guy”. At least in Edward Scissorhands he was
interesting and not too dramatic.
Now though?
I can’t bear watching him “act”. It’s like Jennifer Anniston playing
Rachael Green long after Friends got cancelled, at least until her most
recent work.
Depp just wants to be Jack Sparrow all the time, and it’s boring! I hate it
when actors play the same character all the time. I like variation.
Being the opinionated person that I am, I’ll have to check this movie out
before saying this movie is good or bad. Maybe his quirkiness will work in
this movie?

bettahthanyou says:

what’s the better rating, buying on blue ray or awesometacular? 

lizbennetgenova says:

I hope for Johhny Depp, who did beautiful things in the first stages of his
career, and for Benedict Cumberbatch, whom I really like, that Black Mass
turns out to be good.

Robert Perez says:

This is a picture with a character I have seen before. This reminded me of
Austin Powers meets James Bond but kind of in a bad way. Here we have a
character who knows a lot about art and an intelligence agency going to him
for help. This is a great concept but I do not think it should have been
made into a comedy. There were some scenes I did laugh at and some which
got my attention. I loved the fact he was sent to Los Angeles and
complaining about everything. Even meeting Americans and seeing the
difference the way he saw things and the way we see things. They should
have continued the film this way. Like why not have the art thief be an
American and having the English do their investigation in America. Having
the authorities in America working with authorities from England would have
been perfect. We might have even seen more entertaining scenes like when
Depp’s character goes to LA. Instead we see them go back to England and we
see the same characters over and over again. On a grading scale I gave
this picture a C, only because I did laugh at some scenes and did enjoy the
scenes which took place in Los Angeles.

JeremyJahns says:
Jane Beanette says:

I think “Mortdecai” so desperately wants to be like The Grand Hotel
Budapest…….but fails tragically.

iHatebologna59 says:

Come back to us Johnny…

Singularity Bound says:

These kind of movies (comedy) just doesn’t work anymore :/ Was like nooo
when I saw him in it. (cuz why did he take this crap role.)

JHillLife says:

Snatch with a painting ? you mean Rock and Rolla’ the other film Guy Richie
did ?

TDSnozzle says:

Johnny Depp is just that kind of guy who only fits in these types of goofy

DarkSpore Entertainment says:

I honestly tought that this is a Regular Show live-action show.
wtf is wrong with me?

aa brown says:

Depp as Mortdecai is very memorable. He hasn’t played a character as
strange as this one. I’m just wondering why it was Rated R????

Big Badger says:

Poor review, he just jumped on the anti JD band wagon as many film critics
love to do. The film in my opinion was consistently funny and at times
laugh out loud funny. All performances including JD’s were strong, how the
critic believes JD ‘phoned in’ his performance is beyond me. He compared
the film to ‘Snatch’ in his review, ‘Snatch’!!! come on really? Snatch is
in the IMDB’s top 250 films of all time! (currently number 92). I don’t
think the intention was to make a ‘Snatch’ type film….. it is perhaps
more reminiscent of The Austin Powers films – although probably not as
good. So, is the film ground breaking – no, is it one of the top 100 films
ever made – no. But is it funny with good performances and a good film – I
believe YES, YES YES!!!

Paul Rippcord says:

I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop giggling when you said, “it’s twice as crazy as
Snatch, but not as interesting as Snatch.”

Nick F says:

Sweet first comment… First time for everything 

Lew Archer 1949 says:

Johnny Depp is following the path of his idol Marlon Brando into the morass
of lazy, self indulgent complacency. I half expect to him to disappear only
to come backa couple years later, a 300 pound Jabba lookalike.

Jasmine blake says:

Love the stubble, do more sound effects and whatnot!

Ryoji Kitomi says:

I wish Depp would just STOP. He hasnt made a good movie in years. Sad he
was one of my favorites and now he is completely unwatchable

Bobby Tawil says:

The Usual Suspects, that movie was just mind blowing 

MrZackavelli says:

I think Jeremy messed up in this one. He insulted his audience.

Jack Daniels says:

Is this a cultural thing? Cos I’m british and what I have seen so far of
the movie I actually find hilarious but if Americans don’t see the funny
side could it just be a cultural thing or is it really just a bad movie
anyway I will make my own mind up when it comes out on DVD

Becky Maria says:

I fucking love Johnny Depp. I mean I’m a damn 16 year old girl who obsesses
over an overly wealthy 51 year old actor & like if he told me to go jump
off a 30ft high building, I would do that shit lol &I get pissed whenever
anyone puts him down BUT ……….

I’ve got 2 agree with your opinion on Johnny & that shitted out piece of
work you call a fuqqin movie Jeremy! You should be a professional movie
reviewer. You’d be great @ it:) !

Paul Breslin says:

It seems they were going for “High Camp” and while Johnny Depp is carrying
the can for this debacle, it probably isn’t his fault.
The plot was good, the story was tight, the characterization was good. So
what was wrong? The way Depp played the main character was wrong and it
should have been obvious to the Director and Producer immediately. They
could have changed it early on and made a success of the film but they
failed to do it.

JustifiedMayhem32 says:

Can’t help but notice you’re growing your beard a bit more. Go all out,
man; become the lumberjack you were destined to be!

Obsidian Moon says:

Not sure about favorite but I liked Blue Streak

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