Mortal Kombat X game review

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Mortal Kombat is BACK! With more Fatalities, Brutalities, 3 fighting variations per character, and a story that takes the franchise to the next level. Jeremy gives you his review of “Mortal Kombat X”!

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KlaymenDel says:

You are so right about factions. I joined Special Forces, because I felt
like they were the ultra good guys and I just wanted to be on the side of
good guys, but I realise that they just don’t seem cool to a lot of other
players, so I just know, that less people are going to join this faction,
and therefore Special Forces be always in the bottom. I won’t change my
faction, though. If Special Forces will get to overcome the odds and get to
the second place at least, I’d be glad to feel that I was a part of it.

CourtCjbLand says:

I agree the story was cool but it was so rushed towards the end with the
main villain, the big danger and conflict was just ended with no real
consequence and it kind of killed the intensity of it all. Also I wish
there was more explained lore on some of the other new characters like
Kotal and Ferra/Torr I mean I know they have more backstory in the comics
but I wish some of it was in the games story as well. Other than that this
game is amazing, and hard as fuck I love it.

Jackendo says:

So… Is there a crypt jumpscare in this one?

jak2492 says:

I wish they tried a bit harder with the factions. Do you want to join Kano?
Quan-chi? Raiden? Sonya?
Or fucking Sub-zero, Smoke, and the sick ninjas?

If they made Scorpions clan, and Outworld with Kotal Khan, or Edenia with
Kitana then it would be more even. 

Luis Santiago says:

Can someone tell me how to leave a comment? 

Guinness says:

Lin Kuei is just wrecking everything out there…

Yellow Ninja says:

what system did you play on?

Shaquille Shaw says:

story wise mkx was alot more light hearted then MK9’s…and as a final boss

shao kahn>shinnok

NRS/Midway has no idea how to make shinnok scary…every time u see him its
like starscream waiting for megatron to flop just to take his place…only
to be worse

UnkeptMoss328 says:

Hey Jeremy, will you be reviewing Batman Arkham Knight when it comes out?

JeremyJahns says:
Delta Pad says:

Where are my Deception Hara-Kiri’s!!!!!!!

That Weird Ninja says:

I do have a question though. Why no Baraka?

wizardguide says:

First rule about under 301 club, don’t talk about 301 club.

TheLegobatman3609 says:

I hope you eventually review Daredevil season 1.

TheStealthPrince says:

Jeremy you can’t like this game! It depicts Women in a sexual manner in
which I can not conceive of. It also encourages abortion.
– R̶a̶d̶i̶c̶a̶l̶ Feminist
P.S. The violence is fine though.

Robert Vasquez says:

least favorite is the one Quan Chi does in i think deadly alliance or
deception where he turns you basically into a penis stretching your neck

Nico Reyes says:

Here’s my Mortal Kombat X review:
1. Goro locked behind pre-order paywall
2. Story pandering to SJW Fad.

The Ethereal Lord says:

Quan Chi got what he deserved…piece of shit. D’vorah is a huge bitch.
Shinnok was awesome.
Kotal Khan was my favourite in the game.

Marta Andrade says:

Cassie Cage selfie fatality is jaw-some ! ;D

ShadowsHeat says:

So…when is Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter going to happen already?

I’m surprised that the two longest running fighters in video gaming history
had never had any sort of crossover, can it even be done? 

Ethan Wendt says:

unfriended review?
Paul blart review? 

frankopan klaric says:

The faction I’m in is garbage. Special forces on PC. Like 4% or

Ereptile says:

MK X has a really great story! :) It is a worthy successor for the MK 2011
game! Also Reptile is my number one!!! :D Who is your favorite fighter?!

JollyManProductions says:

Jeremy didn’t mention how one of the characters: Goro is preorder
exclusive, which means anyone who didn’t want to drop $60 day one will be
missing out on content that’s already in the game.

I have nothing against extra content, even dlc if it doesn’t mean making
content exclusive. Like how ppl got upset about all the skins in evolve,
which I think is fine since skins aren’t really a huge deal, they don’t add
to the gameplay. However, something like locking away gameplay content
(like mass effect 3 and the prothean) is inexcusable. What if I don’t want
to buy a game before I hear a review for it? Fuck me, I don’t get the full

supermariofan03 says:

Review Paul Blart 2!!!

ConspiracyGamer says:

Really great review!!! I would also give it Awesometacular! Also the Cassie
Cage fatality is my favorite too, you can see for yourself on my channel
where you can find the Top 10 Mortal Kombat X Fatalities and you can watch
the whole game movie if you haven’t got the game! It really is worth it,
the game is just so awesome!

Emilie Rose says:

I wish I was good at fighting games, this game looks fun. ):

Gezere9 says:

MKX is good. However my problem with it is that I bought the disk had to
wait for it to install. Then had to wait for it to update. Then they want
me to pay for characters that are already on the disk. I hat this model
that is starting to become common place. I liked the time when everything
you needed to play the game was on the disk and you didn’t have to pay
extra to access it.

Steve -O says:

Insignificant speck of feculent scum!

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