Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – Trailer Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews the trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation!


xisumavoid says:

There was a TV Show??? :-o

The Dashboard says:

When does Jeremy Renner sleep? The Avengers, Mission Impossible, The Bourne
series, Captain America: Civil War…sheesh, this guy apparently doesn’t
get actioned out.

Adrian Gofredo says:

Why cant we get a Tom Cruise/Keanu Reeves movie? These guys are 50 years
old and still down to tumble and smash their heads to the ground. I really
wanna see a fight scene between the two of them.

Smirk And Destroy says:

Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves just wont age. They have looked (pretty much)
the same for the last 20 odd years.

Jun Lagda says:

Hey, fatso. You kind of look like Tom Cruise but funnier and without

Tristan Hartup says:

With the plane thing, it really makes me wonder what is he gonna do in the
next one?

The Unusual Suspect says:

You’re totally right Chris about the slower versions of songs used in
trailers. Age of Ultron slowed down ‘I’ve got no strings’. 50 Shades slowed
down ‘Crazy in Love’, Birdman slowed down ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley. It’s
becoming the next big trailer cliche.

Jogwheel says:

Great point about the slow-mo cover… “The Purge: Anarchy” used this
technique as well with “America The Beautiful”. Again, none of this ever
makes it into the film itself, but it’s definitely a recent trend. Just
like Don LaFontaine’s “In a world…” was a trend for trailer back when we
were kids :)

Totally agree about everything else: MI4 was best one yet, and this looks
just as good, if not better. Tom Cruise is a dedicated guy!

Alex Sc says:

think you’ll do what you did for gone girl where u reviewed all of David
Fincher’s films, instead you review all of the Mission Impossible films?
cuz thatd be cool

deusredeemer says:


Shurue says:

Part of me still wishes that the movie was coming out on Christmas Day
still but it is awesome that we get to see it beforehand. My only real
concern is that Paula Patton isn’t reprising her role. Hopefully they
acknowledge that she’s moved on and give a brief line explaining why she
left instead of ignoring her absence. The last movie helped to establish
that this isn’t just Ethan Hunt’s franchise and that the team as a whole is
important. Most of the team came back, which is good, but if the series
wants to maintain the stride that it hit with Ghost Protocol they’re going
to have to keep the team as consistent as possible for the sake of
character investment.

Chris Stuckmann says:
swissmrkc says:

I just looked through you videos and seems as you have not done a review of
“Outlander” I remember buying the bluray a few years ago as a sleeper
gem….and it is quite that, haven’t seen another movie quite like it. A
Sliders episode, meets game of thrones, meets alien. :)

kpac F says:

Wow what propaganda that a rogue nation is anti imf when that institution
rapes developing countries of their resources and cuts terrible deals. Go
figure, a cheap shot at the BRIC nations which will likely give the
developing countries a much better deal…sigh

XRJ92 says:

I actually think the 3rd M:I is better than Ghost Protocol, and it may be
my favorite one of the series (haven’t seen all of the first) but that’s no
takeaway from that one or even M:I 2. I get why people don’t like that one

ShamanGrayson says:

Should we talk about the fact that he actually strapped himself on the side
of that plane?

lucas maglio says:

chris i cant find your review of mission impossible ghost protocol!! where
is it?

dyingfoetus says:

I pretty much agree with you almost all the time.Its always nice to find
someone who thinks the way you do. But Jack Reacher?? That movie was so
thematically empty and pointless, it made me angry because it was so well
shot and directed.

Blaze The Movie Fan says:

Yeah I’m excited for it as well.

Phil Hubbs says:

I don’t get the hype here, its looks like yet another one trick stunt pony,
same spiel all over again.

So next movie Cruise will be hanging off the side of a space rocket as it
launches huh.

555 Gear says:

I’m hoping that this ends up being a crossover with the X-Files with the
mention of “the syndicate.” lol 

CinematicGalaxy says:

Chris, I have you to thank for getting me into the M:I movies back when you
first did your reviews of them. I love them in this order, 4, 3, 1, 2 (2 is
a guilty pleasure). It’s a very fun series, and I also love what I’ve
watched of the old show (I watched only the first half of season 1). This
looks like it could be the best yet.

spaceodds says:

Firstly, I’m glad we only had to wait three and a half years instead of the
six in between M:I-2 and 3. I can’t believe its been nearly two decades
since the first Mission:Impossible film premiered. I still consider it the
best one yet, because it was fun and it had that post Cold War cynicism on
display. M:I-2, I hated it; it became an action fest with Tom Cruise doing
the stunts, and Dougray Scott playing the bad guy…. badly. M:I-3, was a
welcome return to form, and Ghost Protocol was even better.

Even though I am looking forward to see this film, there’s only one spy
film I’m waiting for and that’s SPECTRE!

Jack says:

my favourite was the 3rd but i liked the last one if they can have more of
an intriguing story line like the third then i think this could be the
best yet but i dont think it will be sadly 

underwaterlady says:

i think it looks terrible. as someone that watched (and loved) the original
show, this to me isn’t mission impossible. this is more like EVERY OTHER
SPY MOVIE made. practically every actor who was in the original show said
the tom cruise films GET EVERYTHING WRONG and mission impossible.

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