Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation teaser trailer review

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Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue nation”. The trailer has hit the internet, and Jeremy gives you his thoughts!

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sjolander says:

Dude is 52 years old and hangs outside of an airplane. For real. Hell yeah
I’m excited for this movie.

Harrison Goertz says:

In Mission Impossible 1: Ethan fought on top of a bullet train. They had to
top it somehow.

In Mission Impossible 2: Ethan climbed a giant rock face, with no ropes or
harness. They had to top it somehow.

In Mission Impossible 3: Ethan swung across one giant building to the next.
They had to top it somehow

Mission Impossible 4 : Ethan scaled the Dubai Tower. They had to top it

In Mission Impossible 5: Ethan will hang on to a Plane for dear life. The
next one they will top it somehow.

In Mission Impossible 6: Ethan will have to steal a space shuttle and blast
off to the moon…with no space suit or way of oxygen. They’re going to top
it somehow.

In Mission Impossible 7: Ethan will go full Interstellar and travel through
a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy….with two broken arms.

Ninaofthe90s says:

Don’t care how you feel about it…but I freaking LOVE Tom Cruise!!!
This guy is a great actor and he ALWAYS gives 100%. I admire that sooo

JeremyJahns says:
keven pumarejo says:

I’m starting think Tom Cruise is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, considering
that plane shot was NOT cgi, and he did his own stunts 

Jack Meza says:

Did anyone else see his camera?! #AWESOMETACULAR

LittleBigMen Productions says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Mission Impossible 3 is the best of the
series so far?

Dominic Malone says:

You make it seem like Mission Impossible and Mission Impossible 3 are
bullshit, when they’re both amazing movies. Ghost Protocol didn’t “save”
anything. I thought De Palma’s direction in the first was fucking
incredible, and it was like a stepping stone for the other films, and JJ
with 3, really grounded the series in a way, shit felt real as fuck. What
Brad Bird did in 4 was turn it into some mainstream bullshit, even though
it was good, it wasn’t as good as 3 or 1, and we’re not gonna discuss the
2nd one that never happened. Another a downside to the 4th, is no Ving

Arrownoir says:

Skyfall sucks, so this will easily top it…way too overrated.

Esteban Santos says:

Skyfall bored the shit out of me, I remember watching it with my dad and
falling asleep twice 


I wouldn’t say Ghost Protocol saved Mission Impossible. M:I 3 was awesome. 

GhostRpg says:

i hate how i catch stuff in the trailer, but seeing Simon pegg pull off a
mask off his face similar to the one Ethan used in mission impossible 3,
isn’t gonna surprise me in the movie cause i’ve seen it in the trailer..

mangaas says:

*MI 1* was a really good entry into the series as a film franchise
*MI 2* was awesome (yes, I know a lot of people didn’t like it, but fuck
*MI 3* was the first misstep in the series for me, Philip Seymour was a
horrible *horrible* villain. The movie seemed like an HBO series, as
opposed to a full fledged blockbuster film
*MI4* was awesome, again.

And now this… the trailer looks really promising. I’m now really
anticipating it after watching the trailer; I approve.

mariongnd says:

How about this: When we talk about Mission Impossible we sometimes refer to
it as “MI3″ or “MI4″, right? Imagine if there were to be another Mission
Impossible movie, it would be “MI6″. MI6? Then how cool would it be to have
a Mission Impossible / James Bond cross over?

dean2663 says:

Skyfall sucked. This is going to blow it away.

Awkwardtunity says:

Ahem….k bye.

watvid1 says:

Ghost Protocol was amazing! And that plane shot wasn’t cgi? I thought it
wasn’t just cause of the length of time they focused on it but… Wtf Tom
you’re crazy 

Billie4Mozzarella says:

I just got less excited because Brad Bird isn’t directing ;3; because
between Ghost Protocol and Disney’s The Incredibles, Brad Bird is the god
of fun, well-directed action movies. BUT I’m still excited because the
characters from two of my favorite MI movies are there, so… yay!

Dan Smoke says:

Yall need to remember that scene where he’s on the side of the
plane…yeah, thats NOT greenscreen…How the fk man.

mark12033 says:

This video was really funny. Thanks

Sharath SH says:

I absolutely enjoyed Jack Reacher to its fullest. If this movie has the
same tone as Jack Reacher with the humor I found in MI and MI:4, I’m all up
for this movie.

Hi I'm Peter Parker says:


Seracen says:

No problem with MI: RN becoming the American version of Bond vs Spectre
(ironic, considering that’s what Bond is doing in the next film as well).
After all, these agents have all sorts of crazy missions to accomplish!
As long as there’s a solid plot, good action, and serviceable intrigue,
I’m okay with it.

Besides, unless they decide to do more Bourne flicks, Bond and MI are
pretty much the big spy films. Although it’d be funny to see Renner going
up against himself if he becomes the new face of the Bourne AND MI

VirgateSpy says:

Mission impossible usually has a lot more “futuristic” cool tech stuff than
james bond movies.

Michael.YouTube says:

When are you reviewing the new picture of Lex Luthor????

Luke M says:

You misunderstood Jack Reacher. It’s actually a very well-made movie. It
has great story and character cohesion… unlike Ghost Protocol.

Extended Trailer Music says:

*1:35* *OH MY GOSH*

The nicest guy in the Youtube comments section says:

Mission impossible is a giant ripoff of James Bond films

Vincent Knight says:

If you say every Harry Potter movie is the same, compare the first two to
the movie Cuaron directed

RADubs says:

Probably not first.

antromy says:

Are you reviewing the Maggie trailer next? Please do.

Gato Negro says:

Hey, c’mon. Mission: Impossible didn’t need saving, the first one was a
bomb, the second was okay and the third one was even better. Admittedly —
Ghost Protocol was better; but really, the worst movie in the series (M:I2,
I’m looking at you) was average at worst. It just keeps getting better and
better, and Rogue Nation seems a step ahead in that direction!

toonamioncrack says:

My mind is just puzzled why this series is getting another sequel when it’s
really never been that good. I am begging for a sequel that’s actually been
anticipated soon……… Where the hell is the next Incredibles? 

Charlie Hinkley says:

I’m guessing you like lootcrate

postle4 says:

Get to talkin’ about Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor!!!

KOB O says:

Thanks Jeremy, I’m actually stalking you and now I know where you will be

SerialQiller says:

Everything should look James Bondish..

Abhinav Y. Reddy says:

dude my friend has that watch

Izcalli Hernandez says:

Ghost Protocol was the worst Mission Impossible! This one looks like it’s
going to be better. I kind of got a MI2 vibe watching the trailer! :) 

MisterLegendary says:

I don’t know, I’m excited for this movie, but really worried that it won’t
be as good as it looks. What does everyone think?

Joe Woodyard says:

‘Mission: Impossible’ has too much excess baggage in its cast of characters
now. I was kind of hoping that Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg would be in
their own IMF team and maybe be put in a series of video games, or
something like that.

Cobalt Falcon says:

It’s directed by the same guy who wrote The Usual Suspects

troyrunstings says:

Never seen any o the Mi movies but I can’t help miring your hairline.
you’ve got the best hairline I’ve ever seen and you’re probably like 36.
No homo. 

Tyler Ceciree says:


Ryan Taylor says:

Can’t wait to see it

RealAzK says:

wait, skyfall was good?
did we watch the same movie?

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