Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game review

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With “Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes” right around the corner, Jeremy reviews the PSP precursor and thus completes his reviews of all existing Metal Gear Solid games. Jeremy reviews “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker”!

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JeremyJahns says:
chattingbout says:

Is it bad I’ve got the legacy collection and played every other game to
100% but I havnt even started this one

Flandre Scarlet says:

Portable Ops is officially canon but it’s sorta like “lore” kind of canon.
From what I can tell, Kojima doesn’t expect you to play Portable Ops, just
to know the general goings-on. The important parts are that it provides the
first appearance of Frank Jaeger and that it shows where Big Boss got the
basis for what would eventually become Outer Heaven. Oh, and it more or
less shows the original split between THE LALILULELO and Big Boss. I get
the feeling all of these things will be touched upon at least once
throughout Phantom Pain. I mean, that game is going to be HUGE.

Sandro Algra Barradas says:

I actually think Peace Walker is better better than MGS4. MGS4 had quite
some flaws regarding the plot and cutscenes. Peace Walker seemed to learn
from those mistakes, I enjoyed the cutscenes a lot more.

I think you’re misinterpreting the story a bit about Big Boss coming to
terms with The Boss’ defection. It is not implied that he doesn’t already
know why she defected. What he wants to know is two things: Her underlying
reason for carrying out her last mission and whether the AI truly contains
the Boss’ personality. He then asks the AI why she defected and it doesn’t
seem to know the answer, so he figures it’s just a copy of The Boss.
Strangelove is the one who wants to know what really happened because she
can’t picture The Boss as a traitor.

I do agree with some parts of your review. I didn’t like the Snake-Emmerich
coincidence either.

UnkeptMoss328 says:

Do you need to have played Portable Ops to understand and appreciate Peace

Mad Max Rockatansky says:

Am I the only one that LOVED Portable Ops?

Rexinexus says:

I REALLY fucking hated the bullet-sponge boss battles in this game. That’s
the only thing I didn’t like about the game. 

Dejan Aleksić says:



Jake the thief says:

So phantom pain is about big boss?…

korruption says:

Being able to drag people would’ve been game-breakingly kickass in those
miniboss missions where you fight tanks, APCs etc. I’d just knock out 6
soldiers and drag them into the vehicle’s path and watch them get mashed.

Hmm, maybe that’s why the dragging was excluded… Either way, what a
drag… >.>

Darkstar says:

I don’t think you got the whole Boss thing in PW.
Big Boss was explicitly told not to reveal the information about the Boss’
mission to anyone, in PW he’s just sticking to his guns.

paradisecityX0 says:

When Hideo said it’d take hundreds of hours to complete, he wasn’t kidding.
My compulsive ass has to do EVERY single mission, (including the
repetitive extra ops). But a helluva an experience.

Big Boss battles against…10-20 armored vehicles, tanks & hinds (As, Bs,
Cs and Ds) of various types. Solid Snake battles against…1 tank and 1
hind. Hmm…

FandeJay says:

I’m a huge MGS fan, but I’ll be frank: aside from the Mother Base
management, I really didn’t like Peace Walker.
Didn’t like the story, didn’t like the gameplay (not being able to crawl in
an MGS game is heresy), I didn’t like the characters…didn’t like it.
That’s all.

Talibanana says:

my favorite solid games go in the order of
6.) Portable ops
5.) Peace Walker
4.) Guns of the Patriots
3.) Sons of Liberty
2.) Snake Eater
1.) Original (PS1)

ZioGamers says:

I had mgs peace walker when it came out, I bought the green psp version for
it, and later on I heard mgs hd was coming to vita and as a pc gamer whom
likes to be mobile for many games outside of the pc area I just bought the
vita. I am a MGS fan by heart heck I even payed for the MGS GZ PC demo
couch(ripoff)cough just to play and figure out what happened to PAZ and

star child says:

Peace Walker is the best PSP game ever!
And maybe even the best MG game too!

BaneDain says:

He does know she (The Boss) wasn’t a traitor he BTW. He’s lying when he
says he doesn’t as its whilst he is being tortured/interrogated. They show
the flashback of her saying this right before the torture scene to imply
this, but it was confusing and I totally understand the confusion.

Trenton Richmond says:

Jeremy or anyone who is a metal gear fan here is me with the series

I am a new fan, I have recently gotten on a MGS kick, for MGS 1 on the PS
network, got the HD Collection, and got MGS 4 (Haven’t gotten Ground Zeroes
yet) and so far 3 is my favorite (haven’t beaten it yet)

Now in this review Jeremy you say they “jump on an AI train” at the end of
MGS 2 you get all this exposition about these AI “people” who pretend to be
the colonel and Rose and they say they were in control of everything: they
controlled the events of MGS 2 to mimic Shadow Moses. I understand this
becomes more explained in MGS 4, I’m wondering if they also explain this in
Peace Walker. Cuz even today all that info that is just shoved down your
throat at the end of 2 is kind of overkill.

So was just wondering.

Daniel Matias says:

Just have one thing to point out. Big boss didn’t forget the boss was a
hero, but he lost respect for her and “got mad at her” because he believed
in the end she put down her weapon and let him kill her, betraying
everything she had taught him… (When he says “she betrayed me” he’s
talking about her giving up in the end and not about her defecting to the
soviets). It’s a warrior pride thing. So in fact it all makes sense, Big
boss needed closure. Also, the boss wasn’t the AI. The AI was built to be
simillar to the boss (same morals, same beliefs, etc). Great review anyway

Robbie Howlett says:

LOVE your stuff………………..especially on Metal Gear……..Top

super00141 says:

Thank you so much for the spoiler alert!

Blunderbuss Reviews says:

No Snake knows what happened. The point is that he wants to know the Boss
more and her final motivations and feelings. When he finds out her actual
motivation at the end he feels betrayed by her attitude and finally moves
on and takes off her bandanna.

This pushes him into being Big Boss totally and creating Outer Heaven, this
leads into the plot of the earlier games. Why was this so hard to

Kuan Lee says:

Peace Walker would be my favorite MGS game if the enemy soldiers weren’t
dumber than a sack of rocks. I could literally run up to a guy and slam
him to the ground and his partner ten feet away from him wouldn’t suspect a

Mike Nepo says:

Couple of complaints about the review:
1) Portable Ops IS cannon, and if you had played it, then the art style of
the cutscenes would have been no shock (I personally liked them a lot, plus
the last cutscenes are in the 3D graphics), and the plot IS important in
how BB used Gene’s Army’s Heaven to establish MSF.
2) Snake isn’t trying to convince himself that Boss defected, he knew she
was acting for the US, but he wondered WHY she would sacrifice her life and
legacy for a country that would remember her as a traitor. He realizes that
she died for the America she had fought for in the past, but the US had
changed with the times, and the age of combat heroes was over. This is why
he created Outer Heaven, to revitalize the age of combative heroics and
give mercenaries a nation-state.
3) Minus the Japanese pop music (seriously, wtf was that), the Zeke fight
was still enjoyable, just not as spectacularly amazing as Peace Walker.
4) The PSP controls were really not that awful, and one gets used to them
after like the first two missions, you are over-blowing it.
favorite boss, hard as hell the first time, but still kicks ass.
6) I know most people probably didn’t play co-op due to it requiring a PS3
too, but my God, it’s fun. The co-op link system and the co-op weapons
alone were worth it, and boss fights were even better. Lvl 5 Railgun was
WAAAAY to OP though, it dealt 20% damage to PW Custom (Hardest boss
possible, it’s PW with boosted stats) in one shot (fully charged, but not
too hard to do when PW is the only enemy on screen)..

Jacob Steinbrook says:

Coolest part of the game was unlocking the hidden Chapter 5 and secret True
Ending. That gave me goosebumps.

Blarg42 says:

Great review. All the main criticisms you had of the plot were basically
exactly the things that bugged me the most, along with the waaay too long
boss fights against the MGs, where you have to pepper them endlessly with
rockets whenever their repetitive attack cycles pause for a few moments.
Still a pretty impressive game considering the hardware it was made for,
and very interesting backstory/characters

kazuma kennway says:

i laughed my ass out at this moment

BILL WU says:

Wait… can Boss be recruited ? Because The game force u to kill her. So how
to do that if this is true ?

sirenbassist7854 says:

When i heard about this game i bought the deluxe psp with the camo body and
a military style carrying case. Played it for like 2 years trying to
perfect my base, and replayed it several times. Seriously the best portable
game i ever played. Amazing story, great gameplay, and loads of replay
value. Really got me into the big boss story line. 

MrDostoeyevsky says:

For those asking, no you don’t need to play portable ops to understand
peace walker but it is preferred, if you are a fan it is recommended
because you learn a little more about Big Boss’ origins, and you meet some
characters that become important in the Solid Snake series 

Njit Nenark says:

You actually made me understand the story of Metal Gear. Thats impressive!

JReed1985 says:

I have this game to play for the first time tonight, this will get my ready
for Phantom Pain which I hope the release date is confirmed sooner or

AA99Fuck says:

I just saw a video were Kojima answers the never ending question “IS
PORTABLE OPS CANNON?”. He said that the main story IS cannon (Big Boss
being trapped in San Hyeronimo, forming FOXHOUND with Campbell), but that
some of the little details (the inclusion of Gray Fox and Sokolov) are not.
So he said that he kind of separates the games where he was a producer, or
a designer (like PO and MG Rising) from the ones that say “A Hideo Kojima

Veepee33 says:

Peace walker controls on psp were very good! with sensibility at maximum it
felt totally playable. I’ve spent over 120 hours on the psp version, great

Shabir Ali says:

One problem I had was him saying Portable Ops is not important, Kojima
himself said the game is canon, PO is where he gets his massive cache of
funds, inherits the idea of Armys Heaven which Big Boss turns to Outer
Heaven all at the same time having a small private army of his own.

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