Messing With JTE (Behind-the-Scenes)

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The crew can’t help but make JTE slip with his pronunciations.

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SK Podcast says:

@schmoesknow crew messes with @schmoesjte

Tyler Myers says:

Lol Chewbacca Okafor

Tyler Scott says:


gabrieldelossantos3 says:

I don’t know how can someone be so bad at pronouncing names

John Wong says:

So freakin’ hilarious!!!!! Chewbacca Okafor? bwahahahhahahha!!

Logan Hedrich says:

Vintage JTE

Colin Littlewood says:

Poor JTE. Yes he’s the worst offender, but all of the team (and all of us
who watch) regularly pronounce names wrong. Almost all of the team fail to
pronounce Daniel Craig correctly, and Denis Villeneuve is another one which
is rarely pronounced accurately.

daniel delgado says:

give us Tiffany Smith kicking Kristian’s butt next!

AP Studios says:

Is that a house-turned studio?

Captain Bravo says:

Thanks JTE for being a good sport

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