Man Of Tai Chi Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Keanu Reeves Movie HD

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Man Of Tai Chi Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Keanu Reeves Movie HD

A young martial artist’s unparalleled Tai Chi skills land him in a highly lucrative underworld fight club.

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MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

1st Man Of Tai Chi trailer. (Keanu Reeves OTHER martial arts film)
#Not47Ronin #LotsofKeanu

Maru Miller says:

Киану, втф?

Josefinchen Wong says:
Pete Simpson says:

This is the second Keanu Reeves martial arts film this year, I think…

Daemon247 says:

Man Of Tai Chi=Shit

Vinícius Candeia Todescatto says:
Turke Al Dhahrani says:
許建偉 says:


基努李維,Tiger-Chen,莫文蔚:太極俠 九月二十七日上映!!

Zach Jones says:

And yes, I am intrigued by this. Martial arts and directed by Keane Reeves?

Abraham Ramirez says:
Malcolm Hill says:
Ed Johnson says:

1st Man Of Tai Chi trailer. (Keanu Reeves OTHER martial arts film)
#Not47Ronin #LotsofKeanu

lilylessons says:

Let’s start online Chinese lesson with me

T Thomas Knight Vitae Libero says:

MOTC: “…we want to see a pure hearted man of Tai Chi become a killer…”

Adan Sheneider says:
Zhili Chen says:


ularlaut says:
Antonio Tarantino says:
Jaime Salame says:

Man Of Tai Chi – Trailer 1 #keanureeves #movietrailers 

Harry Zet says:
Videoware Automação Residencial says:

▶ Man Of Tai Chi Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Keanu Reeves Movie HD

C. David says:
MrAlopex112 says:

*FINISH HIM !!!!*…how i love this words :3

Gabriel M says:


Buenomars says:

In every office/workplace, there is always an employee who has mastered the
art of deflecting assignments and, thus, reducing his workload
dramatically, often at the expense of his colleagues. This man, from where
I come from, is called a Man of Tai Chi.

Rasit Polat says:

I wil learn that technic too so fcking nice.

Matthew Rodriguez says:

said the same thing when keanu said finish him

Myrwok says:

keanu reeves, ya la vi la pelicula.

loic MABILAT says:

eatching ?? du verbe eat … omg movie -18 with lot of men eat something
… no this not the same movie bro ..and “saw ” how possible ?


YEY Keanu a Villain

SonySteals says:

What’s next? Nicolas Cage?

PopeOnDope says:

i agree – plus: he doesnt have to make an effort to try and change his
facial expression. =)

Martin Jablonski says:

I always thought Tai Chi is what old people do in the park on sundays at 6

Viccy Quadrilio says:

Bad Neo!

Desire123ification says:

Seems good… Hope it will be!

lMlIlKlE8D says:

@1:21 Yoo Seung Jun!

Jonny Questo says:

Honestly, am i the only one that thinks Tiger Chen’s forehead makes him
look like an alien.

Chelsea Riordan says:

Sooo is this guy Jackie Chan son or am I just racist??

henry king says:

never Muay Thai is for pussies.

jonap1st says:

are we supposed to watch a fight in the movie or in the comment section?

IamLEGENDkb24 says:

trailer a 10… movie a 6… the ending was stupppppppiddd also….

Lokim23 says:

Keanu… the next morpheus…

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