Machete Kills Lady Gaga “Aura” Trailer (2013) – Danny Trejo Movie HD

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Machete Kills Lady Gaga “Aura” Trailer (2013) – Danny Trejo Movie HD

The U.S. government recruits Machete to battle his way through Mexico in order to take down an arms dealer who looks to launch a weapon into space.

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Billy Lenz says:

This was exactly what I was expecting the first movie to be like. I don’t
get why nobody liked it. It was so much better than the first one!

tavern2468 says:

this looks beyond idiotic

Tyus Leon says:

Machete Kills Lady Gaga “Aura” Trailer (2013) – Danny Trejo Movie HD

OMG NEW FILM +Lady Gaga is in! MACHETE KILLS ;D someone watch it with me
when it comes out?!?! xx ;)

Michael Carter says:

~ William O Conner

ar B gor says:

the 1st film of +Lady Gaga . #machetekills #ladygaga 

Calo Mavi says:

#MacheteKills wanna see it

lipsticky123 says:

This looks like a joke

Andrew Evdokimov says:


Julien Cigna says:
Elaine Barlow says:

*Oh Yeah! **#MacheteKills* *#LadyGaga** Trailer*

*Oddly absent from many of the film’s trailer cuts for television, Lady
Gaga figures front and center in the latest trailer for Robert Ridriguez’s
Machete Kills. Set to the ARTPOP track “Aura” – due out today as the
album’s second single – the new trailer highlights the singer’s La
Chameleón character alongside the rest of the satirical exploitation action
film’s ensemble cast as Danny Trejo returns as the Mexican
detective-turned-spy title character. Stay tuned for a full listen to
“Aura,” as well as its impending visual accompaniment. Machete Kills hits
theaters this Friday, October 11*.

Rodrigo Albornoz says:
Евгения Ларионова says:
Михаил Волков says:
morbidbushido says:

I bet this trailer is way more fun than the actual movie :)

Алексей Смолянов says:

Новый трейлер фильма *Мачете убивает / Machete Kills*. Пожалуй намечается
самый трешовый фильм этого года… а может и не только года.

Agung Rizky Wijaya says:

I can’t patient to watch it :3

Justine Kwiecinski says:

This looks awesome

Stefesson Cardoso says:

Primeiro filme da minha diva

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Lady Gaga’s new song ‘Aura’ rocks this latest #MacheteKills Trailer!

Вадим Домбровский says:
Вадим Домбровский says:
Anderson Gama says:

Machete Kills Lady Gaga

Julia Arveteg says:

Badass Gaga I love it❤️

Mohammed Rizvi says:

Can anybody get back to me on this one…

the name of the Mexican track playing behind the end credits ?? Thank you!

Robin Lyn Drennen Brown Drennen Brown says:
Optional xxx says:

Lady Gaga !!! ♥ ♥

Victor Rodriguez Merino says:

Nuevo y descontrolante trailer de “Machete Kills”.

Andrey S says:

Супер! Жду!

Henry Johnson says:

Lady Gaga Kills

Donatella Versace says:

Yes ^-^ btw. It’s “Lady Gaga” not “lady-attention-whore” :3

Tarik Hassan says:

yeah! she got high degree of gang bang LOL

julio lino says:


Lewis Ingram says:

the song makes the trailer!!! goosebumps man

guy ekono says:

iiiiiiiiii cried, OMG lady gaga is the best now and forever

Sarah Heart says:

charile sheen and lady gaga in the same movie hell yah im gunna watch this

Robbie Gorman says:

Charlie sheen or carlos

Jared Williams says:

Classy gaga

lucidodreams says:

“I try to sell myself, but I am really laughing Because I just love the
music not the bling Music not the bling” -Lady Gaga

mikelonrocks says:


Andrew de Sa says:

And introducing Carlos Estevez, hahaha

amy sonica says:

Little Monsters Here ?! =D

James ßootywolfe says:

This movie was actually pretty awful.

aasaamd says:


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