Lost River – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Lost River, starring Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Iain De Caestecker, Matt Smith, Eva Mendes, Ben Mendelsohn. Directed by Ryan Gosling.


Chris Stuckmann says:
UR BONED says:

I love films that are style over substance, so i have a pretty good feeling
I will love this film, purely for the cinematography. Is anyone else like
me and could watch a film purely for cinematography even if the story is
like… non existent or completely metaphorical/surreal etc?c

Mindy's Hit-cave says:

Ill watch anything that has saoirse ronan in it.

progste says:

Booing or cheering at movies is so stupid

Jamie Chipper says:

Hey Chris, you probably won’t read this, but it’s worth a try :P

If you’re thinking of reviewing more anime, I would HIGHLY recommend Nagi
No Asukara, I recently watched it and it was one of the best experiences
I’ve had for quite some time.

KiddCrowley says:

I take it Matt Smith is looking for his Lost River….Song? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Just Saying says:

Matt Smith should have been the joker why I’m I the only one who sees this

Adrian Meza says:

I’m one of those people who enjoy watching people review movies (giving
their own subjective thoughts) then actually watching the film.

Jacob Reviews Movies says:

I’ll be waiting for an Analyzed Movie Review on this one! I loved Drive,
Only God Forgives, Irreversible, Enter the Void, Under the Skin, and Enemy
is one of my favorite films of all time. So despite the controversy this
film is getting, I have a feeling I might like this one. I have a weird
thing for arthouse movies, and this certainly seems to be right right up
that alley. Great review Mr. Stuckmann.

Mau Jo says:

“Fictional version of Detroit where a neighborhood is decaying”? What’s
fictional on that?

Manuel Alejandro Núñez Gajardo says:

A great Tom Cruise movie is “Going Clear”. You should review it

Benjamin Gentile says:

well, i wouldn’t call it brave of Gosling to do this movie because he knows
that it’s something the arthouse world will say is interesting and divisive
for him to do and that’s where he wants praise from because that’s where
he’s chosen to be based on what kind of projects he’s chosen. Playcating
to the people in your own spheres is not brave. what would be brave would
be making an arthouse movie that somehow attracted the B-Movie audience,
like Refn’s movie Drive… starring Gosling.

Miguel Gomez says:

Thanks for the animal torture warning chris!

Eastyy's blogspot says:

i watch films and if people die i do not bat a eyelid….but when it is a
animal i get really annoyed 

poontang3zizo says:

Wait. I thought Chris gave Only God Forgives a C rating. Glad to hear it
grew on him likes it now.

That being said where the hell was an animal tortured in Lost River? If
Chris is referring to the ‘rat scene’ that was like 3 seconds long.

FIFAFever says:

Oh it’s Directed By Ryan Gosling. Let’s see if it’s good

Matt B Drawings says:

What’s with all the people in the comment section saying they won’t see
this film now because there’s an animal torture scene and it appears like
it’s more style over substance? Why don’t you go watch the film for
yourself and make up your own opinion? I knew that once I saw the trailer
for “Get Hard” with will ferrel I knew that it wasn’t the style of comedy I
like. But I’m assuming that most of you guys saw the trailer for lost
river, but now because you heard there’s animal torture and it’s more style
of substance, your ready to dismiss it. I think this film deserves your
viewing more then any other movie coming out right now ( okay maybe it
follows) and I have yet to watch lost river. But like chris said this movie
had some balls to be so different. Cause guess what no one will ever
remember trash films like transformers and now you see me. Don’t get me
started on kids movies, frozen just recited the same story that’s been told
for thousands of years. Where as Ryan gosling made a movie that will stand
the test of time more then some action movie with no big point to it all.
Lost river deserves your viewing please go see it. 

JohnFelipo says:

For some reason I thought I would hate this movie, but I just watched it
and loved it. It has a real story and real characters, even being stylized
it’s still very grounded in reality and drew me in till the end. I don’t
know why you call it a “stylized version of Detroit”, last time I was in
Detroit that’s exactly how it was, so really this movie is a lot more
realistic than I was expecting. and less “trippy” than Only God Forgives.

Faye Dolan says:

Shearhsa? Why must irish names be so hard to pronounce it’s sear-sha

midnight15086 says:

David Lynch. Hmm. I’ve only seen 1 movie ever that was said to be “like”
a David Lynch movie and actually was.

JWUniverse says:

How funny is it the trailer for this movie was attached to your review lol.
Great review Chris. I’ll check this out. Awesome shirt as well very retro

tsturtz82 says:

This is movie is great! My favorite of 2015 so far for sure.

Poppy M says:

If you love art and visually interesting movies, you really, really should
get over not wanting to read subtitles and explore some more non-American
cinema. There’s TONS of stunning looking and refreshingly original arthouse
movies out there.

David LQ says:

It’s nice to hear someone who liked the movie and that doesn’t stick to the
‘artistic theft’ angle most critics have been using. I really liked it
despite its incoherence. It is visually a pastiche of Argento/Refn, but
still there you can see Gosling’s hand and Debie’s (Spring Breakers, Enter
the Void, Irreversible) images are gorgeous as always, but thematically the
movie is really original, a coming of age drama about individuals who
refuse to move on set on a neo-gothic landscape with fairy tale-esque
mythology, simbolism and archetypes it’s not something you see too often.
B+ for me, Ian, Hendricks and Ronan were perfect and the music was just on
another level.

Jim Stewart Cohen says:

“Torturing animals” Aaaaaaand I’m out. Not gonna watch it.

Badger With A Troubled Past And Nothing To Lose says:

really looking forward to this film, but i’m really not looking forward to
the animal torture scene…

Jordan Gavin says:

They make detroit like the worst and ugliest place in the world i live in
michigan and i go through or go to detroit and its not as bad as the media
portrays it

Alan Bilbao says:

You know what would be nice? An arthouse movie that actually makes some
fucking sense. Imagine if you will, a movie that had the beautiful
cinematography and lighting of movies like Drive, Only God Forgives, and
Lost River, but also, and I know this odd but bear with me, had a good plot
and fleshed out memorable characters with personalities? Wouldn’t that be
something? *cricket* So I’m completely alone on this? Okay. One can hope
though, right?

Alexis Lopez says:

Wow your about to hit 300,000 sub’s good job man keep it up

adi pramana says:

So that’s how you pronounce Saoirse…

Clockwork Carlos says:

Not gonna lie Chris, you’re kind of giving people the wrong impression when
you mention “things not making sense” and “animal torture”. The rat killing
sequence lasted like 1 second.. And I can’t think of any scene in the film
that had me confused and asking “why is this here”? I loved this Gorgeous
film and I can’t think of any scene that is unwarranted. 

My Profile Picture is by Hatomame, will all you perverts stop asking says:

Aw fuck, animal torture? That’s right up there with graphic rape in “Things
I don’t want to see in movies”

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