LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS – February 9, 2015 – AMC Movie News

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Live Viewer Questions – February 9, 2015

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Chris Li Loia says:

Mr. Harloff, ….. Are u telling mange that Eminen was supposed to be the
lead in Elysium??? Like he would’ve played Matt Damon’s role??? I think
Eminen’s inclusion in that movie would’ve made it much better, at least in
my opinion… and you said that he was up for some other roles too. You
probably don’t know he didn’t take any off those but if you had to guess,
what would your answer be? I would either say he wanted to concentrate on
his music, he really didn’t want to be an actor other than in his own
movie; 8 Mile (which was an awesome movie btw), or he was beginning/in the
middle of (depending on the time that he was offered whatever role) dealing
with his own personal demons. I didn’t know that Mr. Marshall Mathers was
offered any roles whatsoever so could you imagine how much bigger his
career would’ve been if he kept on killing it, just like he did in “8
Mike”, in every role he might done. I can’t even imagine how much literally
everything would’ve changed if he actually did accept at least 2 or 3
rules, like you previously mentioned with Elysium. If I had a time machine
I’d DEFINITELY tell him to accept a couple roles bc I personally think he’d
be amazing in them. Sorry for typing out/making you read this friggin I
just wrote here lol. It’s called “Not Knowing When To Stop Talking” lmao!

Chris Li Loia says:

Right around the 4:15 area she says that somebody was having trouble
posting their rent but I couldn’t make out the name of the actor/actress
she said. Anybody wanna help me out and lmk what she said???

Riley Grandson says:

Dianne Wiest. She won oscars for Bullets over Broadway and Hannah and her

Joseph Johnny Hartwell Albertoo Heisenberg says:

My name is in this video and that makes me happy

Chafic Itani says:

Gilligan’s island still airs reruns on METV

mzkillerbit89 says:

lol that action lmao xD

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