LIVE VIEWER QUESTIONS – February 17, 2015 – AMC Movie News

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Live Viewer Questions – February 17, 2015

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CIarKent says:

why is the thumbnail from “deep impact” ?

Iron McMuffin says:

At the comic book level Marvel & DC get along because they both pull from a
relatively small pool of comic writers and artists in that small industry.
Very rarely will you see a writer or artist who will only work for 1
company and not the other sometime in their careers. Plus you also have
the other small fry indie publishers like Image and Dark Horse out there as
well who also share the same pool of talent. It’s a small, rather chummy
and cozy little industry they have with a culture that goes back 75 years
or more. You get multiple generations working in the same field(eg, John
Romita Sr. & Jr., etc.). So why wouldn’t they all be amicable? It’s the
fans that like to duke it out verbally on the internet and what not.

Beast Lee says:

its funny that Marvel and DC are just friendly rivals while the fans spew
venom at each other constantly

Jd cusic says:

I Would Like To Have Matthew Vaughn To Direct A Epic Bio Pic About Me

movieman82us says:

As far as good guys are concerned, David Palmer is my favorite GOOD US
President of all time, Harrison Ford in Air Force One being a close second
though. My favorite EVIL President is Charles Logan.

Courtney Durham says:

I want to know what you guys thought of the Crimson Peak Trailer! 

headmase says:

Schnep!! Please do the “hey everyone if you like this video…” part!

Joseph Johnny Hartwell Albertoo Heisenberg says:

I’d rather Vaughn do Kingsman 2

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