LIVE Reactions to the Oscar Nominations

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Chris Stuckmann reacts to the 2015 Oscar announcements.


Gamerul Plictisit says:

Brokeback Mountain, Source Code, End of Watch, Prisoners, Nightcrawler WHAT

stolenbaby2008 says:

Why the fuck is American Sniper nominated for ANYTHING? Bradley Cooper put
in a good performance, but he was nowhere NEAR as enthralling as Jake
Gyllenhaal. Hell, Miles Teller put in a better performance! Whiplash
outshines American Sniper in every way. It’s not a BAD movie, there were a
couple of intense moments, and I know it’s about a real person, but in
terms of a movie about the war and a decorated war hero, it brings
absolutely nothing new to the table, and the ending was extremely
underwhelming. I’m glad Selma and Whiplash got something, and I’m happy
that Birdman got a lot of noms, but American Sniper does not belong on that
list with the other films, ESPECIALLY over freaking Nightcrawler. Then
again the academy is made up of old white dudes, so it doesn’t surprise me
that they’re so gung-ho over an average movie. 

Carthsgtr says:

Your Two Days one Night comment when they gave Marianne Cotillard’s
nomination was fucking cringeworthy. Nothing marks a bad critic more than
linking the amount of people who saw something and its mainstream appeal to
its quality. Was far more deserved of a nomination than Streep in the
supporting category or anyone in her own category aside from Pike. Your
comments about Moore being in “the club” were almost equally bad,
completely disregarding her countless amount of incredible roles from Vanya
on 42nd Street to Boogie Nights. Still, can’t disagree that it should
probably go to Pike.

Cynima Rapscallion says:

Soooooooooooooooooo stupid. So pissed Gyllenhal didn’t get nominated. Way
better than Keaton or ANYONE this year… IN ENEMY EVEN. 

Matthew Forbes says:

My three major problems:
1. The Lego Movie not being nominated for Best Animated
Feature….seriously why?
2. Gone Girl’s lack of nominations. I mean the score was brilliant, the
screenplay was brilliant, the directing was brilliant, THE FILM WAS
3. Jake Gyllenhaal not being nominated.
Dear Academy, stop choosing the same people/films every year. We’re
catching on.
Smart moviegoers.
P.S. Thanks for the Whiplash nominations though.

nerdsman567 says:

I’m disappointed that Godzilla 2014 didn’t get nominated for best visual
effects. I thought the effects and sound design were really good in that
movie :(

Calum. says:

Does Meryl Streep just have to be in a film during the year to get
nominated or something?

ZeppelinBigFan says:

Ida is excellent by the way. Polish film that looks like it could’ve been
directed by someone like Ingmar Bergmann in the early 60’s, the black/white
cinematography in it is spectacularly good. Great surprise to see it get
not only one nomination for best foreign language film, but also the best
cinematography nod. Highly recommended, although I guess someone might
write it off as slow and boring.

Cassandra says:


Daryl Mitchell says:

Fuck American Sniper, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything and fuck
the Academy. This year has been too good for forgettable and safe ass films
like these to get any sort of love. So sick of this self important, short
sighted circle jerk of rich white assholes selecting the same fucking
cliche ridden dross we’ve seen (and completely erased from memory a month
later) time and time again.

banny guy says:

What the fuck?! Gone Girl wasnt nominated for best score?!

PMRants says:

Was the Babadook released in L.A.? Because that’s the main requirement for
a film to be considered for nominations. Something about how the film is
supposed to show at some sort of specific theater in the Los Angeles area.

Jarieus Wolf-Brooke says:

They need to make a ‘Best fight Choreography’ category so The Raid 2 can
get some well deserved Oscar love.

_mrsmoovemoves17_ says:

Best Actor (for me):
Matthew McConaughey
Jake Gyllenhaal
Ben Affleck (c’mon no love for BatFleck)
Miles Teller

Osvaldo Hernandez says:

Gone girl snubbed for director, adapted screenplay, and best score

Johnny Boy says:

Am I the only one that think Boyhood was just a okay movie?

Phil Hubbs says:

Dude Bradly Cooper is in the Hollywood sweetheart club along with Jennifer
Lawrence (I can’t stand either of them!), that’s why ‘American Sniper’ is

Streep could take a dump in a plastic bag and get nominated.

Zen Razor says:

I didn’t watch Whiplash, Birdman or Nightcrawler. But I can say for a fact
American Sniper is one of the best movies this year’s it’s a perfect
example of a well done war film. It was absolutely emotional and well told
story. American Sniper is more than a movie. 

Mr. Fleck says:

Fuck The Theory of Everything for getting nominated for shit including best
actor, I hope the director gets kidney stones for directing a film that
shoved Gyllenhaal out for best actor. And why the fuck is it nominated for
more glad that American Sniper got nominated for best picture than this
shit film. Fuck Theory of Everything, fuck it to hell, and get dominated by
Chris Kyle, bitches.

I like Stephen Hawking and all, but the Academy is just full of nerds. 

TheLogicalElf says:

I think Left Behind was really snubbed for best picture, as well as Adam
Sandler for Blended. 

Colin Buckley says:

The one thing that frustrated me about the nominations this year was the
fact that Captain America The Winter Soldier only got best visual effects.
I mean it was genuinely, in my opinion one of the best films of last year
and one of, if not the best comic book movies ever, yes even better that
The Dark Knight and yet, just a cursory best effects nod, no best adapted
screenplay, hell I even think it should have been nominated for best film.
I also have think Scarlet Johannson should have been nominated for Under
The Skin.

Amazing Amy says:

Jake Gyllenhaal is always snubbed by the Oscar’s. I seriously am
considering these award ceremonies a joke, EVEN tho many actors deserve and
win the Oscar..more actors are blatantly ignored by the Academy ESPECIALLY
when they don’t even get nominated. Let’s plan a boycott lol!

Keith H says:

I agree with Jake Gyllenhaal. Absolutely should have been nominated AT
LEAST, and I would think he should WIN. I’ve yet to be so captivated,
scared, excited, or curious about a character as I was with Lou Bloom.
Perfect performance for a stellar dark comedy.

Estivel Garcia says:

Did anybody watch The Drop??? I think Tom Hardy’s performance was Oscar

Revanaught says:

Dick Poop. I’m still laughing. I’m tearing up. It’s too funny.

kellenabner says:

I agree that they should’ve nominated Gyllenhaal. What they should’ve done
was remove Duvall from the nominations, move Carrel down to supporting in
Duvall’s place, and then put Gyllenhaal in the leading actor nominations.

Chris Stuckmann says:
Furkan Ocak says:

Best actors should’ve been like this:
Michael Keaton
Jake Gyllenhaal
David Oyelowo
Ralph Fiennes
Eddie Redmayne

Gamerforever says:

Has Christopher Nolan ever won an Oscar? 

Samuel Cantin says:

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were fucking snubbed…

zooey bloom says:

Meryl deserves to be nominated. She’s that GOOD.
And your reaction to Ida getting nominated (and it is a terrific piece of
work) makes me dismiss a lot of your reactions. 

farfangled says:

Damien Chazelle should have gotten a nomination.

johnnyfirecloud says:

Chris, are you a fan of Paul Thomas Anderson? I’ve never heard you mention
him in any of your videos (and you didn’t have any reaction when his name
was announced for Best Adapted Screenplay for Inherent Vice). Check out his
oeuvre if you haven’t, he’s the greatest director of his generation. Make
sure you check out Inherent Vice if it’s playing in your area.

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